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    12 Hours Exploring The Most Quintessential Halong Bay Menu

    12 Hours Exploring The Most Quintessential Halong Bay Menu

    • Phuong Ha
    Halong Bay in Vietnam is not only famous for majestic landscapes but also the diverse Halong Bay menu. Coming to this UNESCO World Heritage destination, tourists simply should not miss out on delicious specialties that will blow you away. In this article, Sdisco will guide you through the most ideal options from breakfast to dinner for your 12-hour Halong Bay food exploration. Let’s get started!


    A satisfying breakfast will give tourists enough energy for the whole morning. Halong Bay features a wide selection of breakfast dishes that can cater to all types of tourists. So, wake up early and quickly stop at local Halong Bay restaurants to enjoy those top dishes right away!

    Stuffed pancake with grilled squid

    Any tourist should add this famous local dish to your Halong Bay menu! Halong’s stuffed pancake with grilled squid brings a distinctive mark thanks to the special hand-grinded cuttlefish rolls. The grilled squids are molded and fried at a sufficient temperature to remain crispy in taste and golden in color. Hot and smooth rolled pancakes also contribute greatly to this dish. Stuffed pancake with grilled squid dish tastes best when served with coriander and chili garlic fish sauce.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Mantis shrimp rice noodle

    Mantis shrimp rice noodle is a popular breakfast and lunch dish in Quang Ninh, especially in Halong city. Each bowl has 3 - 5 flavorsome and nutritious mantis shrimps, along with other ingredients such as fried tofu, tomato, dried onion, herbs,... The broth is also a key factor, which must have a strong, sour, sweet taste to make the dish successful. In Halong, diners can enjoy mantis shrimp rice noodles in the Northeast (Hong Hai ward), on the way to Halong - Van Don, Mong Cai, or at the White Bridge area (Ha Tu ward).
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Thunder crab rice noodle

    Thunder crab rice noodle is Quang Ninh’s signature dish and only available here. A thunder crab’s body is just as mall as that of a stone crab, but it has bigger meaty pair of legs. Therefore, its legs meat is the main ingredient for the dish, cooked with onion and garlic to create a mesmerizing flavor. Some restaurants even serve both mantis shrimp and thunder crab in a noodle bowl to make it more attractive. Like the above two dishes, you can also have thunder crab rice noodles for both breakfast and lunch.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    “Nodding” cake

    This type of cake is closely related to the noodle cake, pancake rolls and is a specialty in Tien Yen - Halong. It has a soft, long body and often served together with steamed bacon, shrimp paste, and herbs. When you pick a nodding cake up, it just nods up and down without breaking. The sauce is the secret to create an outstanding flavor. It is carefully distilled with chicken fat, fresh chili, onions, and sometimes minced meat.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu


    For lunch, it is most ideal to eat just enough, so that you can save your stomach for a seafood dinner. But having seafood is actually not a bad idea either, since you can combine lunch with a visit to a fishing village and admire the scenery while eating. Other than that, tourists can also opt for the following dishes:

    Tien Yen hill chicken

    Every day, Tien Yen chicken is allowed to walk around to feed themselves with insects, crickets, ants, termites. In the afternoon, they come back to the garden and fly up on branches to sleep. Because of their active habit and special prey, Tien Yen chicken is famous for the firm and creamy meat that can satisfy the hardest diner. Tourists can choose between simple boiled chicken served with rice and traditional sauce or a more flavorsome roasted chicken. Sticky rice or “nodding” cake is also an excellent addition to a dish of Tien Yen chicken.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Mud clam stir-fried rice noodles

    According to many Halong Bay tourists who have had the opportunity to experience this dish, mud clam stir-fried rice noodles is one of the most unforgettable features. The most important ingredient is the fresh local mud clam. This Halong Bay’s iconic sea creature can also be processed in many other ways such as grill, steam, porridge,...
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Afternoon snacks

    Halong Bay is definitely the paradise of snacks and light meals! Below are some most outstanding afternoon dishes that you must add to your bucket list.


    It is impossible to miss out on snail dishes on a beach vacation. Especially with the cool weather of mid-autumn, what is more satisfying than enjoying fresh Halong Bay snails with hot special sauce? Snail dishes come at very affordable prices and diverse selections such as boiled snails, fried snails, soy sauce, tamarind sauce, coconut sauce,... The spicy taste of chili mixed with the enchanting aroma of ginger, lemongrass constantly attracts any Halong Bay traveler.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Baby quail eggs with tamarind sauce

    Baby quail eggs with tamarind sauce is officially the most popular dish among teenagers. Easy-to-eat soft quail eggs are dipped in spicy tamarind sauce, sprinkled with a few roasted peanuts, fragrant onions, and leaves, creating a unique sweet and sour flavor.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu

    Boba yogurt

    Boba yogurt has appeared and been famous in Halong Bay for about 10 years now. Shop owners brew the yogurt into a smooth mixture like ice scream but softer and free of ice. The chewy boba pearls are also hand-made, cut into small pieces, and served in coconut milk. To enjoy this dish, you pour the warm boba and coconut milk mixture into a cup of yogurt to create a cool and sweet flavor.
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu


    It’s time for dinner hours! Depending on your budget and liking, you can opt for dining near a fishing village, at a local diner, seafood garden, or a fancy restaurant. The best Halong Bay menu for the evening is definitely seafood. Either a seafood hot pot or a barbecue feast can take you up to nine clouds!
    Most delicious and famous Halong Bay seafood dishes
    Specialties made from: mangrove horseshoe crab (“sam”), small octopus, sim squid, grouper fish,...
    More costly but totally worthy dishes: roasted dried peanut worms, grilled geoduck, mantis shrimp,...
    Other tasty seafood dishes: grilled thunder crab, steamed mud clams, oysters, codfish, plaice fish,...

    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu
    exploring the most quintessential Halong Bay menu