The best Asian restaurants for travelers in Halong Bay –
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    The best Asian restaurants for travelers in Halong Bay

    The best Asian restaurants for travelers in Halong Bay

    • Phuong Ha
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    Ha Long is a popular travel destination in Vietnam with diversified cuisine. With numerous Asian restaurants in Halong Bay, choosing the best restaurant is a challenge for tourists coming here at the first time. Today, I will give you top 8 highly recommended restaurants that everyone should try when travelling Halong Bay.

    Tip to choose the most suitable restaurant in Ha Long

    A restaurant near the beach

    If you want to eat fresh and quality sea foods, you may be interested in a restaurant near the beach. Moreover, it is the best option when you travel with your family included children who can not go too far. Make sure that you knew price of foods and read comments about the eating place if you don’t want to be cheated.

    1958 Restaurant

    Location: E19 – E20, Nam Tuan Chau New Urban Area, Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

    Phone: 098 971 11 02

    Cuisines: Northern traditional cuisine, Seafood, Asian

    Prices: $5-$50

    Open Now: 10:00 am – 2pm & 5:30pm – 10:00pm


    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    If the budget is not a problem with, it will be no doubt that 1958 restaurant is your best choice when visiting Halong Bay. This Asia restaurant has not only cozy friendly but also luxurious setting.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Because 1958 is very near the sea, most of their food is “ the gift of sea” especially grilled calamari hand pounding – the flavor of Halong that you should try. Come to the 1958 Restaurant and enjoy eating Northern traditional food and tasty, signature seafood dishes under a lot of colorful lanterns in the evening. Moreover, the service is quick and pleasant. With the help of waiters, 1958 has been crafted to take you on a gastronomic journey of discovery.

    Phuong Nam restaurant - Paradise In The Heart of Ha Long

     Asian restaurants in Halong Bay


    Location: Do Si Hoa, Bai Chay, Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Phone: + 84 90 159 95 98                                              

    Cuisines: Deli, Seafood, Asian

    Prices: $4-$430

    Open Now:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM




    As a paradise for tourists, Phuong Nam gives the great facility for the needs of relaxation, cuisine, seminars and entertainment. Coming to the restaurant, you will be completely convinced and satisfied with the spacious, luxurious and classy space with the professional service staff. Additionally, all tables have views overlooking the sea so that visitors can enjoy the whole sea view and immerse in the charming water, drop soul in the melodious waves. Nature design in every angle and the full and thoughtful facilities make Phuong Nam a great choice for conferences, seminars, customer appreciation parties, family parties, birth parties.

    Diverse menu with all the most natural fresh seafood bringing the flavor of the sea swirled into the heart of each traveller to Ha Long.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Do not hesitate any more, schedule to come and enjoy the infatuated values at Phuong Nam Restaurant – one of the top restaurants in Halong Bay today!


    Linh Dan restaurant



    Location: Bai Chay, Ha Long Bay 200000, Viet Nam


    Phone: +84 91 463 45 98



    Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, Asian, European

    Prices: $6-$40

    Open Now:8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


    If you are a vegetarian, you might come to Linh Dan restaurant which is a paradise for vegetarian. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Halong Bay.  Sit down at a table in the building's large foodhall and choose from an extensive menu of varied seafood delicacies including crab, lobster and prawns.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    There are a plenty of other options which are suitable for any foreigner so you don’t have to worry about the flavors. Besides, this restaurant has modern and luxurious style that offers over 200 guests with the convenient wide parking. Enter Linh Dan and you will be impressed by the perfect well-maintained setting,  spacious well-equipped amenities, and facilities of a five-star restaurant. Furthermore, staffs were recruited and trained carefully that help you have a comfortable meal.

     Avocado restaurant - Western culinary culture among the coastal city


    #1 of 29 Restaurants in Bai Chay

    Location:No.9 Ha Long Road - C342-343 Old Street Zone, Bai Chay, Hạ Long Bay, Việt Nam

    Phone: +84 93 465 10 10

    Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, Asian, European

    Prices: $6-$40

    Open Now:9:00 AM - 10:30 PM



    In the noise of the waves, Avocado is poetic and romantic. Perhaps, Avocado Restaurant is the place for those souls who want to find peace instead of the crowded streets outside. Fine-dining Vietnamese restaurant conveniently located in the center of Halong. If you are a vegetarian, don’t forget to come Avocado. Their exclusive menu can satisfy any diner. A delicious meal with proficient service, luxurious and cozy space make your stay more and more meaningful. You can see completely into the kitchen space as well as the processing of great chefs. With convenient location, nice seating, reasonable rating and excellent food quality and services, we believe that Avocado Restaurant would be a perfect choice for a fine-dining experience in Halong Bay.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

     Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay


    Cat Vang Restaurant


    #15 of 39 Restaurants in Bai Chay

    Location:Bai Chay, Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau, Viet Nam

    Phone: 033 3515708

    Cuisines: Seafood, Chineses

    Prices: $6-$40

    Open Now:9:00 AM - 11 PM



    Golden Sand Restaurant is one of the best option for both local and international travellers. The scenery is poetic by lake view and cozy decoration. Coming to this place, visitors not only enjoy diverse cuisine but also relax and get away from stress. If you are crazed about of Chineses food, you won’t be missed Golden Sand. Moreover, with the friendly and professional staff, diners will have an unforgettable meal in here. Let’s go to the Golden Sand, you have memorable experience and wonderful moments.

    Hong Hanh 3 Restaurant

    Location: Bai Hoang Gia, Bai Chay, Ha Long,Viet Nam

    Phone: 0203 3812 345- 0906168868


    Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, Asian, European

    Prices: > 20$

    Open Now:10:00 am- 9:00 pm


    Hong Hanh 3 Restaurant is also one of the most favourite restaurants in Halong Bay because of spacious, airy, clean space. Besides, you can ẹnoy the scenery of the beach and the Bai Chay Bridge. Especially, this restaurant is a favourite address of locals when organizing special events with all kinds of fresh seafood that you want to enjoy such as clam, squid, marine fish … prepared with a rich and delicious flavour. Many items on offers and you are spoilt for choices. A little expensive but delicious is equivalent of valuables of money. Besides, the staff is quick, attentive, and enthusiastic. Moreover, they even warned tourist if they are over ordering

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Note: You should book a table before arrival, as both restaurants run out of space, especially in private rooms.

    Co Ngu Restaurant

    Location:Premium Villas, Halong road, Bai Chay, Halong city, Quang Ninh 

    Phone: +84 33 3511363 


    Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, European

    Prices: $6-$60

    Open Now::00 AM - 12:00 PM


    This restaurant lies on a private area, back is mountain and front is Halong sea Being designed in an ancient style, Co Ngu has an image of the old royal palace. When entering Co Ngu, you will feel like entering into the past of the ancient Vietnam. Having 3 floors with different capacities in each floor, the restaurant can accommodate of nearly 600 guests at the same time. Moreover, it also has a small, beautiful garden to supply the fresh vegetable that makes any diner happy.With an extensive and diverse menu offering a variety of dishes, Co Ngu restaurant can serve a lot of traditional Vietnamese foods. Each one with about 170,000 VND (~ 8 USD) had a big meal with up to 10 different dishes. And if you can not drink alcohol, they could opt for tropical juices which are readily available with the best quality.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay
    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Cua Vang Restaurant

    Location:Bai Chay, Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau, Viet Nam

    Phone: +84 168 884 8686


    Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian, European

    Prices: $6-$60

    Open Now:9:00 AM - 10:30 PM


    The last one I want to give you is Cua Vang Restaurant that known in English is Golden Crab. If you are a fan of luxurious seafood with especially good hygiene, Cua Vang will be the perfect place for you. As the name of restaurant, it has specialities made of crab likes crab hot pot with great, strong consummé which is family heirloom of owner. Moreover, most food are cooked by small casserole to maintain the natural flavors and make an unique impression.

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    Asian restaurants in Halong Bay

    For tourist, almost decisions for how to choose the top favorite restaurant in Halong Bay can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know deeply about the flavors of local dishes. Therefore, read thoroughly this post and share it with other first-timers so that you will book the top greatest restaurant in Halong Bay for your holiday. Check restaurant on