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    The A to Z must-try cuisines in Ha Long Bay

    The A to Z must-try cuisines in Ha Long Bay

    • Phuong Ha

    When traveling to Ha Long Bay, one of the most interesting things is enjoying must-try cuisines in Ha Long. However, how to find an address that has both fresh and affordable food is not easy. Our article below will help you find out the A to Z must-try cuisines in Halong for visitors.

    Austriella corrugata (Ngán)

    From Austriella corrugata can be processed a lot of delicious dishes like grilled, steamed, bored... And each dish brings its own interesting among various must-try cuisine in Ha Long Bay.

    To enjoy the Austriella corrugata, you can go to seafood restaurants in Ha Long, for example, Thien Anh Seafood Restaurant, Huong Duyen Hon Gai Restaurant - Seafood, etc. The seafood here is very fresh, you can eat Austriella corrugata salad, fried Austriella corrugata, which is also very delicious with butter. In addition, Ha Long Bay people also have very famous corrugata alcohol. The prices vary from about 10USD to 20USD per person.

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    Fried Austriella corrugata

    Recommended address:

    Thien Anh Seafood Restaurant: Cai Dam Area (Bai Chay), Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province

    Huong Duyen Hon Gai Restaurant - Seafood: 66 Tran Hung Dao Street, Cao Thang Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province.

    Blood Cockle (So huyet)

    The Blood Cockle has a hard shell, reddish in color like blood and is very nutritious. It lives in areas with salt and sweet water, also known as brackish water because which live in this area grow quickly, so the meat is sweet, fragrant and fatter than other waters. There are many ways to prepare cockles such as sauteing with chili lemongrass, grilled oysters, oysters for porridge, etc.

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    Cockle with chili sauce

    Clam (Ngheu)

    Clam is a specialty dish in the thousand dishes of must-try cuisine in Ha Long. Clam in Ha Long is much bigger than in other places. Clams are easy to cook with spice, especially freshly clams, just need an iron grill for the grilled clams. The water from the clamshells sizzling on the burning charcoal. Then the clam just opened its mouth and the cook quickly picked up the clams with salt and chili. Clam to cook soup is also very tasty. Clean clams and boil water to cook with water spinach soup.

    Dipped squid (Cha muc)

    Dipped squid is no longer a strange dish to tourists when traveling to Ha Long. What makes this dish special is the “Mai” squid type. According to the local, only this type of squid is so tasty and has such a distinguished taste like that and make it become a must-try cuisine in Ha Long. 

    Some popular stores with this dish:

    - “Xôi chả mực Minh Hòa” (Steam sticky rice with dipped squid): address at 18 Thuong Mai street, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh Province. Price about 5 cents to 2USD.

    - “Bánh cuốn chả mực Cô Huệ” (stuffed pancake with dipped squid): address at 46 Cao Xanh street, Tran Phu ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. Price about 2USD/dish

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    If you want to buy dipped squid as a gift, these are recommended stores:

    • Thoan dipped squid: Kios 36-37, Ha Long 1 market, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province

    • Hien Nhung dipped squid: Kios 228-229-230, Ha Long 1 market, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province

    • Luyen Bac dipped squid: 18A highway, Dai Yen market, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province

    Geoduck (Oc voi voi)

    Geoduck is also a kind of rare seafood with high nutritional value and of course. The price of this item is also not cheap. You can only find geoduck in the shore area of Bai Tu Long Bay of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh.


    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    Geoduck of Van Don 

    Geoduck can be cooked into many dishes. The most popular is grilled with onion, tamarind sauce... and many others such as Hot pot, stir-fry. The taste is crispy and chewy, bring the sweet taste of the sea. Coming to Ha Long, you should not forget to enjoy this fascinating specialty. 

    Horseshoe crab (Sam)

    Sam meat can be processed into a lot of different foods. Some popular dishes are pudding crab, crab salad, sweet and sour crab legs, fried eggs and crab, steamed crabs, fried crab, stir-fried crab, and glass noodle. The menu of horseshoe crab is various and always available to the visitors in Ha Long Bay, and also fresher than anywhere else!

    Lobsters (Tom hum)

    Lobster is available in many places, but going to Ha Long to enjoy while floating on Ha Long Bay on summer nights is definitely unforgettable. Lobster has many different weight types, depending on the number of guests that the restaurant can serve. Prices are also relatively comfortable, ranging from 60 USD to 100 USD per kg.

    Noodles with Mantis Shrimp (Bun Be Be)

    One of the must-try cuisine in Ha Long can not fail to mention is Bun Be Be. Be Be (also known as mantis shrimp) - a unique seafood in Quang Ninh waters. In order to have a bowl of rice noodles with good texture, it is necessary to choose a fresh, smooth and firm texture. The soup is made mainly from superficial soup combined with simmered bone and some other seafood to create a natural sweetness.

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    Bun Be Be

    In Ha Long, Bun Be Be Cau Trang in Ha Tu ward is the address to enjoy the famous surface noodles that are known to many diners. In addition, some noodle shops in the Northeast, Column 5 are also popular. Each bowl of bun surface has a price ranging from 2 to 3 USD.

    Oysters (Hau)

    Oysters are extremely nutritious seafood and are one of must-try cuisine in Ha Long. Eating oysters can treat insomnia caused by heat, dizziness. In addition, that dish is also good for women with postpartum milk deficiency or anemia, premenopausal disorders, for men with impotence, physiological weakness,… As a type of crustaceans, the shells are thin, soft and fatty. It also has a sweet taste, especially with the oyster that often lives in rocky rapids along the river or sea estuary. Oysters are high in nutritional value with a range of proteins, glucides, fats, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. 

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long

    Here, oysters are consumed boiled or steamed to maintain their nutrition and taste. Boiling oysters requires sophistication and dexterity. Lemongrass leaves are often added in the pot.

    Porridge with Acorn Barnacle (Chao ngan)

    In Ha Long city, you can find this dish in coastal seafood restaurants or restaurants in Gieng Day, Bai Chay Area. Acorn Barnacle is a mollusk living around rocks submerged in saltwater.

    A porridge is suitable for all meals of the day. Anyone who doesn't like to eat onions can ask in advance. Smooth porridge, with onion, is very tasty but not fishy.

    People also use Acorn Barnacle for cooking soup. In addition, Acorn Barnacle can be breaded to fry, eat fatty. Coming to Ha Long, you do not forget to enjoy the dishes from Ha and especially a bowl of porridge with price from 2USD per bowl.

    Sipunculus nudus (Sa Sung)

    Sipunculus nudus, also known as the marine worms type, are abundant in the coastal areas of Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Can Gio, Con Dao... and is a must-try cuisine in Ha LongThe devout lives in deep caves, under the sand, reddish-brown, with a length of 10-15cm, have tiny strands on it. The wormwood is shaped like earthworms, but its size is larger and the gut is full of sand. 

    must-try cuisines in Ha Long


    This food can be grilled with chili salt, fried with garlic or pineapple, roasted and served with chili, lettuce or crunchy fried. Especially, eaten raw Sipunculus nudus with mustard is very tasty and nutritious. However, the price is not cheap, the price of 1 kg of dried nudus is ranged from 100 USD to 200 USD.

    Wine rice (Ruou gao)

    This wine is made from glutinous rice, the sticky rice is cooked then incubated. This wine is also a must-try cuisine in Ha Long. When it is fermented and soaked to the point, people enter the ferment  leaves that taken from Hoanh Bo forest. After a long time, it turns into alcohol which is put into the jars to drink slowly. This wine is sour, slightly sweet, which stimulates digestion that is very good, especially in the summer. Because of the origin of the wine, it is well-known with the name Hoanh Bo soaked wine rice.

    Vietnam is well-known with the rich and long history of the cuisines and Ha Long Bay is not an exception. With some recommendation above, you can easily enjoy and discover the whole picture of food when traveling to Ha Long Bay.