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    The Best Guide For Fabulous Halong Bay Cruise Food Trip

    The Best Guide For Fabulous Halong Bay Cruise Food Trip

    • Phuong Ha

    A fabulous Halong bay cruise food trip is an integral part of a perfect vacation in Halong. Vietnam is famous for its diverse street food and Ha Long is no exception. With the advantage of being a coastal city, Halong street food makes use of its fresh seafood source to create its own special features.

    1. Steamed Rice Rolls Served With Grilled Squid 

    Tourists may already be aware of the Steamed Rice Rolls, a specialty of Vietnam. It is normally thin steamed slices of rice served with herb and dipping sauce. But in Halong, Steamed Rice Rolls is served with Grilled Squid which is very different and strange even to Vietnamese. Grilled Squid itself is a specialty of Halong. This combination makes it a very delicious and unforgettable dish.

    Price: 1.5 - 2.5 USD/dish

    Recommended addresses:

    • Cay Bang stall at 189 Lane 1, Nha Hat Street, Le Thanh Tong road, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
    • Lang Chai restaurant at 1 Le Thanh Tong Street, Ha Long, Quang Ninh

    Moreover, you can also buy Grilled Squid as a gift at Halong market

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    2. Seafood Rice Noodle: A must-try food

    Seafood Rice Noodle is another Vietnamese famous dish featured differently in Halong. Halong Seafood Rice Noodle attracts tourists for its great sauce of fresh seafood like mantis shrimp, squid, fish, mussel, etc. Moreover, this dish is also served with herb and fried onions, which make it tastier.

    Price: 1.7 - 2.6 USD/bowl

    Recommended address

    Lang Chai restaurant at 1 Le Thanh Tong, Hong Gai, Halong

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    3. Snail dishes: One of Halong bay cruise specials

    Snail dishes are famous as a street food in Halong. Foreign visitors may be surprised by the delicious taste of snails instead of feeling disgusting. The diverse types of snails result in various snail dishes, especially sea snails. Moreover, there are also many different snail cooking methods in Vietnam like boiling, steaming, frying with tamarind, grilling with cheese, etc. 

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    Sweet snail fried with chilies and garlic 

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    Boiled Medium-sized edible snail

    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Stir-Fried Sea Snails with Coconut Milk

    In addition, these food stalls also serve dishes like cockles, scallops, oysters, clams. The advice is to try them with a glass of Hanoi beer or Vietnamese wine. 

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    Clams in tamarind sauce

    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Grilled oysters with green onion

    Price: about 1.7 - 6 USD/dish, 

    Recommended food stalls:

    • 290 Stall at Kiot B158, Sunworld complex, Bai Chay
    • Yen Oc at Block 7, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh  
    • Son Beo at 14 Bui Thi Xuan, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh

    4. Horseshoe crab: an indispensable dish in Halong food trip

    In the past, the Vietnamese did not eat this type of crab. However, it now becomes a specialty of Halong. Horseshoe crab in Halong is very fresh and clean. Moreover, the process of cooking horseshoe crab is very complicated and also diverse. We got special dishes from this crab-like grilled horseshoe crab, sweet and sour horseshoe crab legs, horseshoe crab with salad.

    Price: 6.5 - 9 USD/dish

    Recommended horseshoe crab stall:

    • Horseshoe crab of Mrs. Ty at Lane 7D, Cao Thang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
    • Horseshoe crab stall at Halong market 
    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    Sweet and sour horseshoe crab legs

    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Horseshoe crab with salad

    5. Peanut worm: Nowhere near as good as Halong

    Peanut worm is a very unique and expensive specialty of Halong. Peanut worm looks like an earthworm but living in a sea environment. People can make many delicious dishes from this peanut worm-like grilling, sweet and sour, frying. Tourists can buy peanut worm as a gift at Halong market addresses or try grilled peanut worm with salt and chilies at outdoor pubs along the Halong coast with some Vietnamese cold beers.


    • Fresh peanut worm: 22 USD/1kg
    • Dried peanut worm: 87 - 170 USD/1kg
    • Cooked peanut worm: 2.5 - 6 USD/dish
    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    Fresh peanut worm 

    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Dried peanut worm

    6. Gat Gu cake: A strange food even to Vietnamese

    Gat Gu cake is a traditional cake of Tien Tien district, Quang Ninh. However, tourists can find this unique cake anywhere in Quang Ninh. This cake is made from rice but with a more complex making process than Vietnamese pho or steamed rice roll. Gat Gu cake is usually served with the sauce made of fish sauce, fried onion, chilies, chicken grease. In general, Gat Gu cake is a very cheap and delicious food that you should not ignore if you have the chance to visit Halong. Gat Gu cake is served in every Pho stalls in Halong so it is not difficult to find if you want to try it.

    Price: 2 - 3 USD/dish

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    7. Octopus Dollfusi: Strangely familiar food

    Octopus Dollfusi is the same as normal octopus but much smaller. Octopus Dollfusi lives mostly in holes of mud. Thanks to the fresh source of Octopus Dollfusi, foods made from this animal is very delicious and attracts many visitors. People in Halong mainly cook this special type of octopus by grilling or steaming. Octopus Dollfusi is served in almost every restaurant and small food stalls in Halong so it is really easy to find a place to enjoy this unique food. Moreover, tourists can also buy fresh Octopus Dollfusi as a gift at Halong markets. 

    Price: 8 - 10 USD/kg of fresh Octopus Dollfusi or 2-3 USD/dish of cooked Octopus Dollfuss

    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Fresh Octopus Dollfusi
    Halong Bay Cruise Food
    Grilled Octopus Dollfusi

    8. Barnacle Congee: A perfect choice for breakfast

    Barnacle is a mollusk living around rocks submerged in saltwater. Barnacle is a nutritious food and requires a lot of effort from the fisherman to remove it from the shell. Congee is a very popular food in Vietnam, which is made of rice and water. Barnacle Congee brings tourists with a comfortable and strange experience even to the Vietnamese. It is best served as breakfast or tourists can have it in late-night as a late meal.

    Price: 1.8 USD/bowl

    Recommended place: Mrs. Hang stall at 42 Tran Hung Dao street, Bach Dang, Halong.

    Halong Bay Cruise Food

    This is a Halong Bay cruise guide which is specified in street food. Due to this list, foreign tourists can make their own meal schedules that match the travel plan in Halong. However, tourists should also bring many changes as those street foods are inexpensive at a reasonable price. Moreover, tourists should only spend the last day in Halong to buy foods as gifts because it is not good for those to be carried long.