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    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park in just a single day

    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park in just a single day

    • Phuong Ha

    Explore the world of entertainment in Halong Bay with Scruise, you will have a great single day in Sun World Halong Bay Park. Imagine you are in Sun World Halong only one day, let’s follow us to know a suitable time to visit some places of interest here. Firstly, read carefully the necessary information below:

    Sun World Halong Park - Location & Contact

    Situated in the hustle tourist area of Bai Chay Ward, Sun World Park Halong Bay is one of the most amazing entertainment worlds. Visiting Halong Bay, travelers can witness an enormous complex park including 214ha for many outdoor activities and also marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Sun World Halong

    Get in touch

    Opening times

    Location: No 9, Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

    Hotline: 0989 200 699


    Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain: 2 p.m - 10 p.m (Monday - Friday); 9 a.m - 10 p.m (Saturday & Sunday)

    Dragon Park: 9 a.m - 7 p.m

    Typhoon Water Park: 9 a.m - 7 p.m

    Price Ticket for Activities on Sun World Halong Bay Park

    Entrance Ticket

    People over 1.4 meters

    People below 1.4 meters

    Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain



    Typhoon Water Park



    Dragon Park



    Combo Dragon Park & Typhoon Water Park



    Combo all in one



    Let’s discover how to enjoy Sun World Halong Park in only a day

    What should we do in the morning?

    Dragon Park - The first choice for you!

    Dragon Park is a place of interest that tourists should not forget when coming to Halong Bay. Visitors should go to Dragon Park in the morning to do some exercises. With a large place featuring many kinds of outdoor games for children, adults and even old age, Dragon Park will make you have unique experiences and invaluable moments of relaxation and fun for tourists.

    Sun World Halong

    For children, Dragon Park in Sun World Halong opens a magic world with various lively games such as Circus Train, Royal Carousel, Tea Cups, Tour De Paris, and Mystic River. Furthermore, it brings about the most fascinating experience for even adults. There are many thrilling games in Dragon Park Halong Bay such as Rhino Sling, Dragon’s Run and Monster Spin. Also, it has numerous moderate games for those who want to have a great time with their family, there are Umbrellas, Crazy Reptile cars, Mine Train Coaster and Wild Boats.

    Typhoon Water Park - The alternative!

    Typhoon Water Park in Sun World Park becomes the greatest entertaining center in Halong Bay which has 12 exclusive world-class water activities. With over 20 hectares area, Typhoon Water Park offers a vivid entertainment place and many attractive games for children. 

    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park

    For children, they might feel like a little prince or princess lost in the magic world with a lot of amazing games such as Paradise River, Sun Pool, and Magical Cove. For adults, you will be interested in Thunder Falls, Tsunami Spillway or Dragonback Falls at Typhoon Water Park Halong.

    Let’s enjoy Halong Water Park in the morning because it suits the time opening and you can relax with fresh air!

    Afternoon - Let’s follow us and chill!

    Mystic Mountain Fun Park


    Located in Mystical Park, Kidoland, the kid's playground, is a special place for children with various exotic games such as tube slider, ball house, and obstacle course. Especially, it is free for all teenagers under 1.3 meters high.

    Sun World Halong

    Arcade Zone

    It is the place that you should go in the afternoon because you will have great moments with your friends and your family when playing coin-op games in Arcade Zone. Arcade Zone is actually a bonding place for everyone who wants to challenge themselves in the game together.

    Fame Hall

    Visiting Fame Hall, you will have an opportunity to gaze at and capture photos with any celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan are the perfect replica of celebrities. In the afternoon, the sunshine is so great that you will have beautiful Instagrammed pictures there.

    Sun World Halong

    Zen Garden 

    Zen Garden is inspired by the Japanese Garden which is the most breath-taking views of Halong City. Coming to Zen Garden, travelers can discover exceptional architecture Koi Bridge, enjoy tea ceremony at Sakura Coffee and witness a show at Moonlight Water Puppet Theater. Is it perfect for an afternoon, right?

    Sun World Halong Beach

    Sun World Halong Beach is one of the most beautiful artificial beaches in Vietnam which is over 900 meters in length. Especially, it is free for locals and even all visitors with so many modern beach games, there are kayaking,  windsurfing, jet skiing, and jet-skiing. Furthermore, tourists might explore the Typhoon Beach Club, Waterfront Village and Sun World Lighthouse in the afternoon.

    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park

    How to plan a great evening?

    Let’s gaze at Halong Bay on Queen cable car

    Queen cable car in Sun World will go between Sun station and Ocean station which gives passengers a largely scenic view of the majestic Halong Bay from nearly 200 meters. You will witness all of the coastal games in Sun World and Ba Deo mountain peak. It is considered the first reversible aerial system in Asia which is one of the tallest cable car towers with 188.88 meters and the largest cabins with 230 people in the world.

    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park

    It’s hard to say the feeling when sitting on the Sun Wheel Halong Bay

    Located in the Ba Deo mountain peak at 215 meters above sea level, the Sun Wheel is regarded as one of the biggest and highest wheel towers over the world, offering a capacity of 384 and a total of 64 cabins. Sun Wheel becomes an outstanding spot in Ha Long City with tens of thousands of brilliant and shimmering led lights.

    How to enjoy Sun World Halong Bay Park

    Visiting Sun World Halong Park after enjoying Scruise Halong Bay tour is the most fascinating option for almost passengers. Gazing at Halong Bay in the entertainment area is definitely a memorable moment for you to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Follow us to have more information in Halong: