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    The Best Way To Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    The Best Way To Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    • Phuong Ha

    An incredible adventure to Mat Rong island is totally within your reach with the help of Scruise. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies about wild and secret islands like King Kong, Life of Pi, or Robinson Crusoe, Mat Rong is such an island. Now, let us help you to carefully prepare for an adventure to Mat Rong island.

    Why Mat Rong island is so special

    Mat Rong is one of the most unspoiled islands in Halong Bay and it is very attractive to tourists. “Mat Rong” in English means Dragon’s eyes and you will understand its name with a panoramic view from above. 

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    Located south of Ha Long Bay, Mat Rong island is famous for its pristine scenery, primary forests and a beautiful beach. Going deep into the island, tourists would be surprised because of its breathtaking scenery with a huge natural lake surrounded by rocky mountains. 

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    However, Mat Rong island has not been put into tourism business, so its untouched beauty still remains. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for travelers who love to explore and mingle with nature.

    When to travel to Mat Rong island

    Mat Rong is a year-round destination thank to its beauty. However, according to a previous traveler's experience, you should avoid coming here during the period from July to August. This is the time when Halong regularly hit by tropical storm and heavy rain and boats would not be allowed to move to the island.

    The most ideal time to visit Mat Rong island around May, September or October. In this time, the weather here is very comfortable. There would be sunny with low rainfall, airy atmosphere.

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    How to get to Mat Rong island from Halong city

    After moving to Halong, visitors can go to Bai Chay pier or Tuan Chau pier to rent a boat to the island. Due to the absence of a tourist route to Mat Rong island, visitors can only rent their private ships to the island. It would take you about around one hour to get there. The charter fee will range from 10 - 44 USD depending on the type of mean: canoe or individual cruise ship. 

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    What to do on Mat Rong island

    Go to the Mat Rong beach

    Mat Rong island owns a long beach of 300 - 400 meters with white sand and blue water. Bathing here, tourists will 

    Explore the island

    Mat Rong island is a very pristine land because it has not been exploited for tourism, so the scenery here is very suitable for exploring. Visitors can easily go from the beach to the Dragon Eye Lake on the island's interior. In particular, visitors can climb up to the mountain to see the whole scene more clearly. Moreover, the view from above is suitable for photography. Tourists can have beautiful photos to post on social networks.

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island


    Bathing in the lake

    Mat Rong lake is only about 1 meter deep on the edge of the lake and about 2 meters in the center of the lake and it is wonderful to bathe in the clear blue water. However, tourists should be careful because there are many along the lake, which are easy to get scratched.

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    Go kayaking

    Go kayaking is an extremely interesting activity for foreign tourists. On Mat Rong Island, visitors can go kayaking in the lake or at the beach in front of the island. Discovering the island on kayaks is a good way to admire the pristine, majestic beauty of the island.

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island


    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    Have an outside meal

    Of course, outside meal is an indispensable part of your exploration. However, tourists have to prepare food and drink from the land because the island has not been put into the tourism business yet so there would be a lack of services. But it’s such a great experience to enjoy an outside meal or even a BBQ with your friends on a totally untouched island.

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    Preparation for a voyage to Mat Rong island

    As mentioned, Mat Rong island is not a tourism island yet so preparing for a trip to the island needs a lot of stuff.

    Food and drink

    Tourists should prepare enough food for a meal (lunch) because the island does not have a place to sleep overnight so there will be no dinner. Moreover, visitors should also prepare tarpaulins and many plastic bags to store rubbish, to avoid littering in the deserted environment of the island. 


    Because there are a lot of sand on the island so moving with slippers is more convenient than shoes.

    Mosquito repellent

    In this tropical island environment, there will be a lot of insects, especially mosquitoes. So a mosquito spray is essential for a perfect trip

    Fully charge the cameras and smartphones

    This is an “adventure” to the most pristine island of Halong Bay so charge your smartphones and camera in the previous night to have an interesting trip. 

    Schedule suggestions for a trip to discover Mat Rong island

    Have An Incredible Adventure To Mat Rong Island

    • 8:00 am: start going to the island
    • 9:30 am: have fun at the front beach
    • 11:30 am: have lunch and take a nap
    • 14:00 pm: go into the island to discover the lane and to get to the lake
    • 14:30 pm: bath, go kayaking in the lake or explore the mountain or the forest here
    • 17:00 pm comeback to the beach and preparing to go back to land.