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    Toplist Luxury Beach Resorts in Halong Bay in 2022/2023

    Toplist Luxury Beach Resorts in Halong Bay in 2022/2023

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    A private world like Quan Lan Island and a bustling spot like Tuan Chau Island have in common since they are home to best beach resorts in Halong Bay. Most of these resorts all have accommodation, activities, meals, and beverages which are luxury villas on some of the most spectacular islands in Halong Bay. Make sure that here are these recommendations that you should follow.

    What happened if you want to visit Bai Chay Beach?

    Visiting Bai Chay Beach, the best spot in Quang Ninh, you could easily find accommodation but it is hard for you to decide which is the most place to enjoy relaxing days. Now, Scruise will show you some tips:

    The perfect Halong Bay resort on the beach: Vinpearl Resort & Spa Halong

    Address: Reu Island, Bai Chay, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province

    Phone number: 033 3556868


    Price: From 135 USD/night

    Great vibe: dinner, wedding, a party by night, club & bar

    How is great: 5 star

    Position in Bai Chay, Vinpearl Resort & Spa is the most perfect place to contemplate the beauty of Halong and the surrounding places, which is 9km far from the city center. Rates include all meals, beverages, snacks, and activities. The resort is reviewed as one of the best beach resorts in Halong bay for couples. Children are welcome in Vinpearl resort

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    This Halong Bay resort offers 24/7 room service with free 24-hour security, wifi all rooms, daily room service, and even a fireplace to ensure the greatest comfort for customers. All furnishings in their rooms are tranquil, comfortable and also offer amenities such as flat-screen television, bath towels, wardrobe, slippers, and a mirror. Moreover, free daily yoga, fitness center, sauna, the outdoor pool is also offered. 

    Among the great beach resorts in Halong bay for tourists: Wyndham Legend Halong

    Address: No.12, Halong Road, Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Province

    Phone number: +84(0)-2033636 555


    Price: From 65 USD/night

    Great vibe: relaxing on the beach, witnessing stunning landscapes, fishing, diving, having romantic dinner.

    How is great: 5 star

    It is one of the first hotels in Bai Chay known as the international five-star standard by a global hotel chain. Situated in the most spectacular coastal beach of Ha Long, this resort boasts the remarkable and breathtaking views of Ha Long Bay, which is regarded as the UNESCO World's Natural Heritage site. 

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    Decorated in ultra comfort and modernity, Wyndham Legend Halong could offer a variety of dining options, expansive meeting space, premier amenities, and exceptional service. Many air-conditioned luxury guest rooms come with all the modern conveniences, including Bose sound systems, large flat-screen TVs, coffee cups, and Wi-Fi. 

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay


    How about another choice: Novotel Halong Bay

    Address: No.160, Halong Road, Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Island

    Phone number: (+84) 203 3848 108

    Website: Novotel Halong Bay - hotels in Halong

    Price: From 50 USD/night

    Great vibe: having a romantic dinner, daily cruise, outdoor activities like diving, swimming, bathing.

    How is great: 4 star

    Novotel is one of the best-selling beach resorts in Halong bay for sale. This resort hotel in Halong boasts a prime situation close to many tourist attractions such as the city center and Bai Chay beach. It takes only 30 minutes from Novotel Halong Bay to the main boat station in Tuan Chau island, therefore, it is easy for you to go on a day cruise to contemplate the beauty of Halong Bay. 

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    Among the best best beach hotels in Halong bay, Novotel is greatly connected to tourist attractions and the best entertainment in Halong city that is easily accessible by both public and private transportation. Daily activities revolve around the morning and evening game drives or you can relax at the spa and tone at the gym in your free time. Besides, children are welcome in the Novotel Halong Bay.

    Lost in Tuan Chau Island

    Looking for beach resorts in Halong bay for families ! You have already home: La Paz Resort Halong

    Address: Ngoc Chau Road, Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province

    Phone number: (+84) 203 3 842 999


    Price: From 53 USD/night

    Great vibe: relaxing on the beach, witnessing stunning landscapes, fishing, diving, having romantic dinner.

    How is great: 5 star

    It is 27 kilometers far from Halong Bay. The accommodation is perfect with 200 rooms which readily have a CD player, a suite bathroom with a shower, a direct dial phone. According to La Paz Resort, tourists can dine at the onsite outdoor restaurant and then relax with a cocktail in the pool bar.

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    If tourists can tear themselves away from this Halong Bay resort near the beach, with its fantastic fishing, surfing, and diving, you can find it much interesting on the beach. Let’s travel to nearby villages, explore hidden mountain bikes, waterfalls and relax at the beach club and pool. 

    The amazing Halong Bay resort in 2022: Royal Lotus Halong Resort and Villas

    Address: Dong Hung Thang Urban Area, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province

    Phone number: 0203 3593 999

    Price: $65 - $237/room/night

    Great vibe: wedding, dinner, the meeting, party, bathing on the beach, diving, swimming.

    How is great: 4 star

    Located in Halong Marina Urban Area, Royal Lotus Halong Resort inherits a golden place in the center of Halong’s busiest sections. Many places of interest including Halong Marine Plaza, Little Vietnam culture town, SunWorld Halong Park,  Tuan Chau recreation complex are only a few minutes away. 

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    The resort was established to preserve the island's beauty and biodiversity. Flourishing birds flock to the shores, coral reefs shimmer in the lagoon, sea turtles nest on the bone-white beaches, whales swim by on their annual migrations, which makes Loyal Lotus Resort become the best ocean beach resort in Halong. As tourists expect, the resort provides all the equipment which needs to snorkel, kayak, dive, and paddleboard. Moreover, outdoors activities revolve around the water.

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    Find yourself in a hidden place: Co To Island

    Let’s stay at Coto Life - Mini Resort

    Address: Hong Van Beach, Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province


    Phone number: 0988722688

    Price: $43 - $70/room/day

    Great vibe: enjoy the ancient vibe, fresh air, wander around Hong Van Beach with lovers or families during the sunrise.

    How is great: 3 star

    Coto Life is situated near Hong Van beach with a romantic wooden system which is considered as the greatest resort in Co To island. The bungalow roof has a unique design that is made from environmentally friendly materials.

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    You will have an amazing experience when staying at the wooden “duck tent” positioned on the white sand. Imagine that you wake up in the early morning and open the door, you will feel the sea breeze, Let’s enjoy the peace in the blue sea and the beautiful sunrise on the beach

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    Landing on Uong Bi City

    The best Halong Bay resort in Vietnam: Legacy Yen Tu - MGallery

    Address: Thuong Yen Cong, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province


    Price: From 122 USD/night

    Great vibe: witness the beautiful city, deeply know Vietnamese history through the decorative texture.

    How is great: 5 star

    Related to Vietnamese history, the spirit of Truc Lam Zen Sect and King Tran Nhan Tong, Legacy Yen Tu is a mesmerizing journey into the previous day of Vietnam nearly a hundred centuries ago. Stem from Golden Stupa, Legacy Yen Tu faithfully look like an ancient hall of the Tran dynasty with the highest level of developing the architecture at that time. 

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    Not only is the entire hotel constructed with spectacular but simple elegance, but it also is the lounge that best witnesses the culture, heritage, craftsmanship and even the atmosphere of Yen Tu Mountain. The best experience in this hotel is having a great meal here. Remember that all-day restaurant and bar offer a variety of choices for both authentic Vietnamese and international food and beverage.

    Beach Resorts in Halong Bay

    The above information include beach resorts in Halong bay reviews and suggestions. Whether these Ha Long Bay resorts lie in the Co To or Tuan Chau Island, they all offer pampering touches, personal service, and all-inclusive rates, therefore, tourists can leave worries and your wallet at home. From over-the-water cottages on one of the best Islands to eco-chic nature resorts in Halong Bay, this list of the most exotic luxury resorts offers the perfect exclusive hideaway for every traveler.