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    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises recommendations in 2023

    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises recommendations in 2023

    • Phuong Ha

    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises are the wonderful choice for travelers who would like to enjoy the beauty of this natural heritage of the world. Coming to Halong at any time, visitors can see the fascinating beauty of an area of artistic heritage made up of rocks, water, and natural resources. Below is a helpful list of the top 5 of Halong Bay cruise for your consideration.

    How to choose the best Halong Bay overnight cruises?

    Experience Halong Bay on a cruise is a popular choice of tourists visiting here. That’s why there are many cruises and boats, let's consider some criteria to select the best Halong Bay overnight cruises.

    1. Your time on board in Halong Bay

    To fully enjoy a Halong Bay and experience exciting activities, almost solo travelers often choose 2-night tours. This is also the recommended choice for the couple’s romantic vacation and family trip.

    Otherwise, if you do not have much time but still want to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of Halong Bay, there are many 1-night tours to consider depending on your preferences.

    1. Your favorite cruise style and size

    There are 2 popular types of boats for your trip: traditional/classic cruises and modern cruise

    If you like to experience a classic, gorgeous and cozy space, the traditional junk boat will bring all of this to you. However, you need to be prepared that these boats will have old style and small rooms.

    Modern cruise with luxury designs, wide spaces and balconies will bring you a comfortable and relaxing stay. 

    The next criteria you should consider is the size of the cruise in Halong Bay. The large boats with more than 10 cabins and lots of tourists will match with young travelers and group tourists. Additionally, these boats’ overnight tours often organize crowd activities such as parties, live music, etc.

    Conversely, you want to have a peaceful experience and enjoy Halong Bay at night, please book a smaller boat for you and your beloved one.

    1. Halong Bay overnight cruise’s schedule and destinations

    Visiting destinations, experience activities and time periods are other important criteria for you to decide the best Halong Bay overnight cruises.

    Some of the regular recommended places to visit are Pearl Farm, Fishing Village, Caves, as well as Ti Top Island. And the proposed interesting activities are climbing, kayaking, parasailing, or scuba diving.

    Depending on your interests and energy, choose a suitable schedule, activities, and destinations to get the best trip.

    Important note for you: please be careful with “cheaper” boats that might come across as a bargain, but then charge an add-on for any activities/ services. 

    Some recommended cruises in Halong Bay for your trip

    1. Doris Cruise Halong review

    This is one of the few boats to receive an extremely good review from travelers on TripAdvisor (all reviews are very good and excellent). The Doris Cruise Halong Bay is a good choice for honeymooners, couples, or family travelers because of its luxurious and spacious rooms.

    Ms. Heidi H share that she and her husband had wonderful 3 days 2 nights on cruise for their honeymoon. They experienced a well-equipped and beautifully-decorated honeymoon suit, a beautiful cake beautiful towel display, and rosés on the bed. They received good service from friendly and attentive staff on the cruise. The food and drinks were also extremely good, meals were amazing. The limousine transportation from Hanoi to cruise is quite quick and seamless. Finally, the sights of Halong Bay is also made a perfect holiday. That is a reason why she highly recommends Doris Cruise for a tour of Halong!

    - Tour time: 1 or 2 Nights

    - Activities: 

    - Taichi Session, Entertainment Activities and Happy Hour, Cooking class (Vietnamese traditional food).

    - Kayaking, Jacuzzi, Swimming, Massage & Spa service (at extra cost)

    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises recommendations

    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises recommendations

    2. Genesis Regal Luxury Cruise - overnight cruise review

    With the style of ancient sailing boats with a luxurious and comfortable interior, with windows, large balconies overlooking the sea. Private bathrooms are made of high-quality marble and precious wood materials, private balconies, restaurants serving European and Asian cuisine, Spa, Massage, Sauna & Jacuzzi. Equipment for conferences, water sports activities, and recreational activities on board. Genesis Halong Bay will surely satisfy you.

    - Tour time: 2 or 3 nights

    - Activities: Morning Tai Chi, Swimming, Tea & Coffee Demonstration, Kayaking 

    Best Halong Bay overnight cruises

    3. La Casta Cruise Halong Bay review

    The La Casta Cruise is one of the most popular and luxury Halong ovenright cruises equipped fully with spacious cabins and modern facilities.

    One highlight feedback from travelers on TripAdvisor is “We had an excellent time! from kayaking and swimming in Halong Bay, to the delicious meals and spotless accommodations, we enjoyed every moment. It was our great fortune to be on board with lovely local Vietnamese families, and to delight in a few traditions around eating, drinking, and socializing.”

    Indeed, La Casta Cruise is an interesting proposition for your trip to explore Halong Bay.

    - Tour time: 1 or 2 nights

    - Activities: Kayaking, karaoke, swimming, jacuzzi, spa treatment,...

    best halong bay overnight cruises

    best halong bay overnight cruises

    4. Stellar of the Seas Halong Bay overnight cruises review

    Stellar of the Seas is one of the most Halong Bay luxury cruises. This Halong Cruise offers well-equipped suits and cabins, well-trained staff, a well-designed ambiance, etc. All excellent to bring you the most luxurious experience of cruises in Halong.

    By choosing Stellar of the Seas' tours, you always feel more relaxed and peaceful. Tourists will be arrived to highlight destinations with only a small travelers group so it's great for travelers who don't like the crowd.

    - Tour time: 1 nights or 2 nights

    - Activities: Kayaking, Swimming, Squid fishing, Exploring caves, Cooking demonstration, Golf practicing, Taichi session, BBQ dinner,...

    best halong bay overnight cruises

    best halong bay overnight cruises

    5. Orchid Classic Cruise Halong Bay review

    Ms. Marcia from England reviews the Orchid cruise “This is a beautiful boat - 2-night itinerary worth the price as it takes you away from the crowded bay area. Great bicycle ride into Cat Ba Island.”

    Choose Orchid, you will experience both Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island with various activities. The modern cabins come with wooden furnishings and flooring. On the cruise, you can also enjoy the sunset with a cocktail, relax with spa and jacuzzi services or join in the night activities on the boat.

    - Tour time: overnight cruise for 2 days or 3 days

    - Activities: Vietnamese cooking lessons and bartender demonstration, Tai Chi session, swimming, tea ceremony, kayaking 

    best halong bay overnight crusie

    best halong bay overnight crusie