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    Review Mountainous Binh Lieu Near Halong Bay Attractions

    Review Mountainous Binh Lieu Near Halong Bay Attractions

    • Phuong Ha

    Binh Lieu is an emerging destination that attracts many tourists right in Quang Ninh province, close to Halong Bay attractions. If you want to end your trip to Halong Bay with something different, Binh Lieu is the choice not to be missed. Binh Lieu is a mountainous destination with breathtaking scenery, which will give visitors unforgettable experiences.

    The right time to visit Binh Lieu

    Binh Lieu is a year-round tourist destination. In each particular period of time, Binh Lieu is beautiful is a specific way. 

    From February to May

    In this period, Binh Lieu is decorated with countless different flowers. The pink of peach blossom, white of plum blossom or Trau blossom make Binh Lieu a colorful cloak. This time in Northern Vietnam is spring, so it is very airy and the weather is no longer cold which is very suitable for exploring hills and mountains in Binh Lieu.

    Halong Bay attractions

    Trau blossom

    From June to September 

    Binh Lieu tourism at this time, visitors can combine with sea tourism in Halong Bay. Binh Lieu can be an interesting change after a series of days to visit the sea attractions at Halong. Binh Lieu in this period is covered with a green of plants, a very impressive beauty. Moreover, visiting Binh Lieu this season, visitors will have the chance to experience waterfall bathing. Because it is the upstream water, it is very clear and cool, brings a very comfortable feeling.

    Halong Bay attractions

    Binh Lieu covered with green

    Halong Bay attractions

    A very beautiful Binh Lieu waterfall

    October and November

    This the best time to visit Binh Lieu. Binh Lieu in this period of time is often covered with white reeds, creating an impressive scene that has long been a trademark of this place. Visit Binh Lieu this season, visitors will have the chance to admire a magical view of nature and enjoy the fresh air of the mountainous area.

    Halong Bay attractions

    Binh Lieu with reeds

    How to move to Binh Lieu from Halong Bay city center

    Binh Lieu is a district in Quang Ninh province, about 100 km from Ha Long Bay. It only takes 2 hours to go by car from Halong City to Binh Lieu District and start your tour here. Because it is a road within the province, the transportation is very convenient. Tourists just need to tell the driver of the delegation to go to Binh Lieu or can book a car through the car booking agency like dichung taxi with the price of 79 USD for a 4-seat car or 94 USD for a 7-seat car.

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    Where to stay in Binh Lieu

    The accommodation system in Binh Lieu is not really well developed. However, it’s a good thing that it keeps the environment and landscape here as untouched as in the past. So Scruise would bring you the best choices for accommodation in Binh Lieu


    Song Mooc House

      Song Mooc House is located in Song Mooc A village, Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province. This is the habitat of an ethnic minority community named Dao. Song Mooc House is built in a very unique ethnic stilt architecture. Song Mooc House has 8 double rooms and dormitory rooms with 12 bunk beds. Choosing Song Mooc House, you will experience the unique Dao ethnic culture and immerse yourself in nature and mountains


      15 USD/normal room

      17 USD/Air-conditioned room

      22 - 39 USD/dorm room

      Contact for booking room: Mr. Hoang Duc Quy, 0948,744,686

      Halong Bay attractions
      Halong Bay attractions

      A Dao Homestay

      A Dao Homestay is located on the high point of the Phat Chi village in the middle of the mountain (Dong Van commune, Binh Lieu district). Homestay A Dao is designed quite specifically from very rustic materials, such as wood, bamboo, etc. so visitors would have the chance to experience the lifestyle of indigenous people in the stilted houses. In particular, the accommodation area is made of wood, in the style of the Dao stilt house. The homestay has 2 cool floors, with a capacity of serving from 30 to 60 guests.


      16 - 23 USD/room

      Contact for booking room: 0972437378

      Halong Bay attractions

      Thanh Homestay

        Located in Tinh Huc, Thanh Homestay owns a beautiful campus with spacious gardens and views overlooking the beautiful scenery. The great thing about Thanh Homestay is that it has a romantic view of the sunset and the sunrise.


        14-20 USD/room

        Contact for room booking: 091 536 88 83

        Halong Bay attractions


        Binh Son Hotel

        Due to the underdeveloped system of guest houses, the number of worthy hotels is very limited. In Binh lieu, Binh Son hotel is the best choice. Binh Son Hotel is a beautiful 2-star hotel with the location right in the center of Binh Lieu District, Quang Ninh, Vietnam so the address of Binh Son Hotel is very easy to find. Binh Son Hotel has a professional staff, always trying to serve all the needs of customers. The rooms of Binh Son Hotel are clean and beautiful, fully equipped as well as the internet.


        9 - 18 USD/room

        Contact for room booking: 0203 3757 668

        Halong Bay attractions

        Where to go in Binh Lieu

        Dinosaur’s backbone and the milestone 1305

          The 1305 milestone is located on the border patrol roads of Binh Lieu, Hoanh Mo, Quang Ninh. The 1305 milestone is one of the two highest landmarks that are not easily touched. Being called the “Dinosaur's backbone” by the Vietnamese backpackers, this mountain-top trail was originally a pristine narrow path, linking milestones together. Recently, the dinosaur’s backbone of Binh Lieu was built with concrete and railing for safety reasons for visitors. Moreover, people have linked the road to the 1305 landmark with the "Great Wall of Vietnam" by the length, slope as well as the height and the pristine of this place.

          Halong Bay attractions

          Dinosaur’s backbone with railing

          Halong Bay attractions

          The pristine of Dinosaur’s backbone

          Halong Bay attractions

          Watching the Sunrise


            Terraced fields are the cultural characteristics of the highlands in Vietnam. In the ripe rice season (around September), the steps here are dyed with yellow color, creating a very impressive scene. Moreover, terraced fields are also a labor beauty of ethnic minorities here, showing the adaptability and hard work of Vietnamese people. Rice terraces are everywhere in Binh Lieu so it will not be difficult for travelers to find a beautiful terraced location to take pictures.

            Halong Bay attractions

            Song Mooc Waterfall

              Another destination that also attracts tourists is the Song Mooc waterfall. The waterfall has an area of about 30 ha, the waterfall floor is over 10m high, flowing from the dense forest to the stream winding around the village. At the foot of the waterfall is a spectacular system of more than 400 meter square of large rocks, creating a large, majestic space. Song Mooc waterfall has a wild beauty, the water flows down like clouds, creating an extremely magical scenery. Especially, visiting here in the summer, visitors can take a bath, immerse yourself in the cool and clear water.

              Halong Bay attractions

              Ban Lang Co

                Ban Lang Co or the Ancient village is a testament to the cultural diversity of the nation in Vietnam. This is the residence of the Dao and the Tay people of Vietnam, with its stilt houses and terraced terraces. Over many years, this place retains the wild and traditional features of the people living in this region, promising to bring visitors many interesting cultural experiences.

                Halong Bay attractions

                Cao Xiem - roof of Quang Ninh

                  Cao Xiem mountain is 1,429m high compared to the sea level and it is considered to be the roof of Quang Ninh. To conquer the peak of Cao Xiem, visitors have to travel a long distance of 15km (forwards and backward). Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the immense pine hills, the hillsides covered with green grass. And especially, you can witness the virtual open scenery when passing through the clouds.

                  Halong Bay attractions
                  Halong Bay attractions

                  Cao Ly Mountain and cloud hunting

                    Cao Ly is a mountain in Huc Dong commune, Binh Lieu district, with an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level. It is sometimes covered with snow in the winter. But in the fall (around September and October) or after the late spring drizzle, there are many clouds in the valley between the high peaks. Clouds look like waves swept through the peaks, creating a very poetic setting. The ideal time to go cloud hunting is about 3 p.m

                    Halong Bay attractions

                    What to eat in Binh Lieu

                    Binh Lieu Stir-Fried Rice Noodle (or Pho)

                      Pho and stir-fried Pho are very famous in Vietnam, but to enjoy the best stir-fried Pho, you have to go to Binh Lieu. Visitors can enjoy stir-fried Pho anywhere in Binh Lieu but the best is still in Dong Van commune. The special thing is that in Binh Lieu, Pho will be fried with ingredients that customers have to buy and choose by themselves in the nearby market. And the rice noodle is made by the host. 

                      Price: 2 USD/dish

                      Halong Bay attractions

                      Five Color Sticky Rice

                        Five-colored sticky rice has long been known as a culinary specialty of Binh Lieu. On every occasion of Tet holiday, festivals, ethnic minorities in Binh Lieu - Quang Ninh often make a tray of five-color sticky rice, both to worship ancestors and to treat guests. People call it five-color sticky rice because it usually has 5 colors: white, red, blue, purple, yellow. This dish is very delicious and also very strange. Imay makes a strong impression on the first-time for visitors.

                        Price: 2.5 USD/tray

                        Halong Bay attractions


                        Cooc Mo Cake

                          Cooc Mo cake is another feature of ethnic minorities in Binh Lieu. The Cooc Mo cake of Tay people has 2 types, one with fillings and one without fillings. The cake is covered by a layer of soft, sticky rice and filled with bacon and Com Long leaves, making the cake red. The cake is wrapped in Chit leaves in the shape of a cone, creating a characteristic aroma. Visitors should really taste this special dish if having the chance as they will leave an unforgettable impression. Cooc Mo cake is very popular in Binh Lieu, so tourists can buy it anywhere for more than $ 2/cake.

                          Halong Bay attractions

                          Grilled Stream Fish

                            Going to Binh Lieu on the occasion of January, February, visitors will have the chance to visit the beautiful waterfalls and streams. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy grilled stream fish - one of the typical dishes in this highland. According to the locals, the reason why fish stream is a favorite food because they live completely naturally in the streams. Stream fish includes loach, catfish, stream carp ... Their main food is moss, grass, and ephemera so they are really solid, delicious, not fishy and clean. To enjoy this food, tourists can follow the locals to see they catch them and cook them right after that.

                            Halong Bay attractions

                            The above is what visitors need to know when visiting Binh Lieu, a perfect choice besides the Halong Bay cruises and its attractions. The best schedule is that tourists should visit Binh Lieu on the last day of the trip to Halong Bay, both to change the atmosphere and to experience a beautiful and poetic land with special cultural characteristics.