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    Tips to choose the best Halong bay cruise with kids

    Tips to choose the best Halong bay cruise with kids

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    Are you planning on a Halong Bay cruise with kids? We understand the safety of your kids is of great importance to most families and it contributes to the happiness of the journey. However, focusing only on safety may bring pressure for other family members and make the trip more tiring; besides, the kids may not have enough freedom to discover the world surrounding them. There are not many Halong Bay family cruises with kids available. That is why we decided to design our list of kid-friendly cruises that are not only safe but also exciting for all. The cruises may not just be for kids, they are cruises for families with kids, meaning both adults and children can enjoy the trip without worrying. At, we provide our top cruises for families with prices that may suit your pocket and various amenities inside. Let’s dive into details on our list of cruises.

    Is Halong Bay cruise worth it?

    A cruise may bring tourists various merits. Despite its high price compared to other types of travel, going on cruises for families still is money-worthy because of the new feeling and experiences it brings to travelers.

    According to a lot of surveys, most Halong Bay visitors may put a cruise on their bucket lists, which brings them a sense of relaxation. For kids, they totally can widen their horizon with a whole new world; in other words, the blue sea, the limestones, the sky, and the marine creature are so real and new to them. As a result, children may take this trip as a chance to learn about nature.

    1. Things to know about Halong Bay kid-friendly cruises

    There are factors that might affect parents’ decisions on choosing a cruise, we offer some of them below. Let’s take a look and choose your best cruise around the bay.

    Safety: How to stay safe during a Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Firstly, you should check out if there are any safety regulations on the cruise ship and follow them to make sure your kids are safe.

    Secondly, Halong Bay cruise family should provide safety equipment as well, such as life jackets.

    Thirdly, you also need to carefully check some restricted areas and warn your kids about them.

    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Next, you can review some feedback from previous visitors to learn about the safety of the cruising trip.

    Lastly, despite the regulations and good safety equipment, you still need to keep an eye on your kids during the trip in case of an emergency.

    Halong bay cruise with kid itinerary

    Even if this is your first time to take a Halong Bay cruise with toddlers, you should not worry because we will give you some tips to choose a good itinerary for your family.

    Firstly, to have the best cruises for children, you should devote your time to considering the length of the trip, your vacation style, and your budget. The length is so important because kids may not be so comfortable with long journeys. Kids get bored easily if they have to stay at the same place for such a long time, so a shorter trip works better. If you take a Halong Bay cruise with child, a suitable plan may last 2 days 1 night or within a day.

    Secondly, you should take a look at the cruise lines. It is really important because you may spend most of your time sightseeing on the ship and enjoying the surrounding landscape. There are some places that you and your family should not miss when traveling to Halong Bay, such as Bai Tu Long Bay, Tien Ong Cave, Cua Van fishing village, Hoa Cuong area, Ba Hang area, Thien Cung Cave, etc.

    Thirdly, choose a suitable schedule and ships. The type and size of the ship may decide the comfort during your trip. The ship should be well-equipped and safe. If you travel with your extended family, a bigger one may be a good choice. Besides, the time needs to suit your schedule to make sure the trip takes place without interruption. More specifically, most visitors choose to take a cruise in the summer because the weather in Halong Bay is much better and there is less rain at that time.

    Lastly, there should be some activities on the cruise, such as kayaking, etc., so that your children may have a chance to learn and relax. More importantly, a cruise may strengthen your family bonds.

    Some Halong bay cruises with kid activities

    Normally, going on a cruise may bring you a sense of relaxation. There are many activities while traveling on cruises for families with kids, which are highly recommended by tourists:

    • Going sightseeing on the board
    • Joining cooking class
    • Being your singer - live music with karaoke
    • Squid fishing at night: be a real fisherman
    • Trying fresh seafood
    • Bamboo boat rowing and kayaking
    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Parents are taking a bamboo boat with kids

    See more What to do on Halong Bay cruise here to have an unforgettable trip for your family.

    Amenities on the cruise ships

    The cruise vacation is regarded as a time for relaxation, that is why most cruise ships are well-equipped with a lot of modern facilities. If you take a cruise with kids, check whether the ship has a big sundeck or spacious rooms for your kids to play around. Particularly, luxury cruises always offer a spacious opened sundeck, so your family may consider this type of cruise.

    Before choosing a ship, you can check all the amenities by requiring the staff to provide you some of that information beforehand.

    Halong bay cruise with kid cost - Consider your budget 

    Budget is one of the main factors to choose a Halong Bay cruise with kids. You need to know how to set your budget while traveling to have the best Halong Bay cruise. There are some steps, among which are identifying your needs. Next, a clear list of what to spend during the trip is really necessary.

    The price of the cruises also bothers you somehow, so you need to do a small survey to check if there are any kid-friendly cruises with reasonable prices.

    Visit, there is always a Halong Bay cruise for families with a price that suits your pocket.

    Choosing cabin on cruise

    Choosing the type of cabin on the cruise ship plays a vital role during the trip for families with kids. Kids may not be as patient as adults, so they will not feel comfortable if they have to stay in a narrow space. Therefore, parents need to pay more attention to the space of the room as well as the facilities inside to make sure their kids have the best experiences. According to some Halong Bay tours reviews for families with kids, a Deluxe Cabin might suit a family with 1-2 kids. For large families, Connecting Cabin should be a perfect choice.


    Kid-friendly Halong Bay cruise may offer a great number of services for families with kids to move from Hanoi to Halong Bay. 2-way Limousine cars or shuttle buses will pick the visitors and their kids up right from their hotels or private houses in Hanoi, then move to Halong Bay. When the trip finishes, the cruises offer transportation for everyone to come back to Hanoi. The transportation can be included in some particular cruises.

    Visitors, especially families with kids, will find it more comfortable because they do not need to worry about finding the suitable vehicles to move from place to place.

    See our list of Last-minute cruises with transfer service included:

    2. Best Halong Bay cruises with kid 2022 & 2023

    Below are the top 5 best Halong Bay cruise recommendations for those who are planning on taking their next vacation in Halong Bay.

    La Casta Cruise - Halong Bay Cruises with kid 1 day

    halong bay cruise with kids

    The beauty of Halong Bay and La Casta Cruise

    The cruise overview:

    This is such a suitable day cruise for families with kids or even extended families. The visitors may have a chance to visit three unique and famous stops in Halong (Luon Cave, Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot cave, etc.). Besides, the trip lasts about 8 hours with a fantastic route through many beautiful rocks and unspoiled limestone mountains, which will surely make your trip unforgettable. In addition, your family can chill out on the sundeck with the cruise's outdoor jacuzzi.

    Price starting from: $89.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • The tour guide is proficient in English, so you can easily ask for help whenever you are in need.
    • All meals and water are available on the ship.
    • You will be on a cruise ship with a large space. Therefore, your family and your kids will be satisfied with your trip without worrying about the space.
    What your kids will love:

    The ship has a large space, so children may have more space to play and move around. Besides, the kids may take advantage of some activities such as massages or a sunset party.

    Find more information about the cruise here.
    Grasp your chance because the discount will expire soon, check and take a look at the link above.

    The Halong Bay Catamaran Premium Cruise

    The cruise overview:

    Apart from being known as a 5-star-brand cruise, Catamaran Premium Cruise is also one of the best Halong Bay cruise for families. This cruise is highly recommended by both Vietnamese and international travelers for its professional crews, good standards, and wonderful itinerary.

    Price starting from: $73.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • The cruise offers a unique itinerary with various activities to make your family and your kids’ memorable experiences: kayaking, voyage by speedboat, tasty cuisines.
    • Free vehicle for everyone during the trip.
    • There are a variety of beverages served for lunch. You can try many delicacies in buffet style.
    • You will be welcomed by our welcome drink and the cruise’s professional staff might make your day exciting.
    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Kayaking with kids in Halong Bay

    What your kids will love:

    Catamaran is a line of Halong Bay cruises with kid-friendly activities. Your children may enjoy their best during the trip with their family. There is an array of activities for both adults and kids so that families with kids may find less trouble in traveling that far with their children.

    Your kids also may love different kinds of food and beverages on the cruise, where they can choose what they really want to eat in a buffet meal.

    Find more information about the cruise here.

    Grasp your chance because the discount will expire soon, check and take a look at the link above.

    Dora Cruise - Halong bay cruise with kid days 1 night

    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Dad and kid having fun on the cruise

    The cruise overview:

    Dora Cruise is a 5-star brand new cruise, which will give you the best services ever. This Cruise is equipped with wooden floors, interiors and balcony. There are also large rooms with big beds, air-conditioning systems and TV. The route is promising because you will witness many majestic sceneries of this Bay.

    Price starting from: $90.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • The route focuses more on Lan Ha Bay so your kids will learn a lot about this beautiful place.
    • You will be served with many kinds of food which are made by the cruise’s professional chef.
    • The rock formations of the Bay will amaze your kids.
    • You and your kids can swim safely in the lagoon area of Lan Ha Bay.
    What your kids will love:

    The cruise provides traditional Vietnamese food. Tasty fruits and cakes are also provided, your kids may enjoy them. You can also swim and go kayaking with your families, those activities will not only relax your kids but also help them to explore the marine world.

    Find more information about the cruise here.

    Grasp your chance because the discount will expire soon, check and take a look at the link above.

    Rosy Cruises - Halong bay cruises with kid from Hanoi

    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Night squid fishing in the evening on Rosy cruise

    The cruise overview:

    Rosy Cruise provides guests with 5-star services. Families may have an unforgettable 2-day trip with a lot of relaxing experiences. Because of large space and breath-taking seascape, this is such a nice Halong Bay cruise for families. The ship is also equipped with a lot of facilities.

    Price starting from: $160.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • There are buses for visitors to travel to the cruise and back to their homes/hotels at the end of the trip.
    • The design of the ship, which has unique decoration with wood, may surprise you at first place.
    • There is an outdoor jacuzzi where your family will blow off some steam with the majestic landscape around.
    • The cruise offers welcome drinks to all visitors.
    • There is a Happy Hour for families and a Sunset Party.
    • A lot of activities for kids to try such as swimming, sunbathing, squid fishing, kayaking, etc.
    What your kids will love:

    Your kids may love some activities on the cruise such as squid fishing or kayaking. There is a lot of time for family to relax, which will also be high time for them to strengthen family bonds.

    Find more information about the cruise here.

    Grasp your chance because the discount will expire soon, check and take a look at the link above.

    Heritage Cruise - Halong bay cruise with kid days 2 nights luxury

    The cruise overview:

    The Heritage Cruise is one of the best Halong Bay cruises with kids offering a jorney of 3 days and 2 nights. The cruise offers visitors various funny activities during the trip. Besides, there are a lot of amenities that will help your family feel comfortable and boost the mood as well as their energy.

    Price starting from: $369.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • Impressive & luxury design inside the cruise cabin, with crystal windows & private balcony viewing the sea.
    • 5-star room with a lot of amenities to make your trip with the family delightful.
    • The cruise offers free kayaking and vehicles to transfer the visitors.
    • Spacious room to help kids feel comfortable to play around.
    • Cooking demonstration can delight your kid's taste buds.
    • There is spa service as well, you and your family will have a relaxing time ever.
    What your kids will love:

    Many marvelous islands may help them learn more about the beauty of nature. Besides, kids may be interested in different kinds of food served during the cruise.

    Find more information about the cruise here.

    Grasp your chance because the discount will expire soon, check and take a look at the link above.

    The cruise overview:

    Mon Chéri Cruise is a 5-star brand which offers visitors a 2-day-1-night trip to Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba island. It is also a Halong Bay cruise with child because it provides guests with large beds, ocean-view balcony, high-quality equipment, which are ideal for families with children.

    Price starting from: $284.00

    Why you should choose it

    Highlight of the cruise:

    • Balcony with an ocean view brings fresh air from the sea to the families’ rooms.
    • There are a lot of activities for families with children, such as free kayaking, bamboo boat rowing, cooking class, etc.
    • Mon Chéri drives you to less-packed routes, which brings you and your family more peace.
    • You will enjoy the beautiful landscape while joining your sunset party.
    • A spa may help you be more comfortable and enjoyable.
    • On day 2, you will have brunch in the restaurant.
    • Visit some beautiful sceneries and animals in Cat Ba island, this may interest your kids a lot.
    Halong Bay cruise with kids

    Bamboo boat rowing with children in Halong Bay (Instagram @dosnomadasmas)

    Last words

    Planning a trip to Halong Bay requires various tasks, among which is checking the list of Halong Bay cruises. Do not worry if this is the first time you and your family decide to go on a Halong Bay Cruise, or even if you do not have enough information about this trip. Those tips on safety, food, budget, itinerary, etc., may make your plan more enjoyable. From now on, finding a Halong bay cruise with kids may not be a tough task anymore. You totally have a whole list of it and drive your way directly towards Halong Bay to enjoy the trip.