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    Why Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers are one of a kind?

    Why Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers are one of a kind?

    • Phuong Ha

    Thinking of solo-travel in Halong Bay? We will show you why Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers are truly magical! Traveling alone is a thrilling idea since it is a perfect opportunity to look deeper into yourself as well as enjoy things in your very own way. However, planning a whole trip on your own can be trippy, especially when it comes to choosing the right cruise and making up an itinerary. If you are still uneasy about your trip, just drop all the worries and explore with us what is waiting for you as a solo traveller in Halong Bay!

    Reasons why you should choose Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Enjoy a place with beautiful and maleficent landscape

    Halong Bay’s scenery is close to perfection, with numerous limestone islands, majestic discovered caves and grottoes, and dozens of attractive beaches. Nature lovers and adventure-seekers are drawn to Halong Bay for its wild exploration potential and diverse ecosystem. As a solo traveller, you can choose to visit some of the best attractions that Halong Bay has to offer such as Bai Tu Long Bay,  Lan Ha Bay, Tuan Chau Island, etc. Have a quick look through all the top destinations in Halong Bay and choose your places of wonder!

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Fascinating activities to take part in

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers will surely provide tons of thrilling and relaxing activities for passengers to participate in. Based on your holiday time, you can choose a suitable itinerary from a wide range of activities such as exploring caves, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports. Cruise tours also organize enjoyable entertainment onboard like yoga or taichi classes, gala dinner or karaoke nights when you can make friends with other travelers. There will not be a single boring moment during a Halong Bay cruise tours!

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers


    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Drop your worry about safety issues

    Safety is obviously the number one priority for anyone thinking of solo-travel, especially female tourists. Therefore, embarking on a Halong Bay cruise with back-to-back scheduled activities will definitely ensure your priority. You need not be worried about any potential danger since the professional and friendly crew are always at hand to have your back.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Alone but not lonely

    Traveling alone usually means wanting to step back from the chaotic crowd, clear our mind and understand our true self. However, it does not mean that you have to experience a whole trip in loneliness. Joining Halong Bay cruises, you will get abundant chances to make new friends as you never have to be on the cruise alone. You can share the room/cabin with another solo traveller, join group tours and activities to enlarge your circle. Of course, Halong Bay cruise operators are familiar with the solo travellers, so they surely will arrange the service smoothly to cater to any type of guest.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers can be easily booked online

    Thanks to the widespread of the global network, there are many booking tour agencies now that cater to helping solo passengers book a trip. Through one single system, you can easily find the highest rated cruises which are updated daily to ensure tourists with the best offers. In addition, there are also resourceful blogs with tips and reviews to guide you on how to have the best Halong Bay vacation.
    If you have trouble searching for a prestigious booking platform, feel free to check out our website Halongdaytour and start looking for your dream Halong Bay cruise.

    Things to prepare before joining Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Getting your Vietnam tourist visa

    The first and foremost thing any foreign traveler must do is obtaining your Vietnam tourist visa. Forget all the lengthy, complicated procedures you are thinking about because the process of visa application in Vietnam is currently easier than ever. Especially, by applying online, with just a few simple steps, you can already get your visa in no sweat!

    What to pack for a Halong Bay cruise trip?

    There is only one simple rule for solo travelers to follow when it comes to packing for a cruise trip: simple and light. Not every cruise has a spacious cabin for you to bring a “giant” suitcase and at the same time, you will have to move a lot to visit places on the itinerary. Therefore, you should not appear with too much access luggage, but still, make sure to pack all your essentials:

    Personal papers

    Always bring with you your passport just for any cases that might arise. Your passport proves your identity and your origin, so you might not be allowed to get on board without it. This simple task is not that easy because when traveling alone, we have no one to remind us of what we need to bring along.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    A small backpack

    Some travelers want to be always on the go. Therefore, instead of huge luggage pieces that take up a ton of time to search through for what you need, a small backpack helps you quickly grab your things. When going outside, you can bring in your bag essential things like your wallet, personal papers, camera, etc.

    Clothes and footwear

    Located in the North, Halong possesses four distinct seasons in a year. Therefore, you should read about the weather in Halong Bay to choose suitable clothes and activities. If you travel in the winter (from November to March), you should pack some thick and warm clothes. From May to September, the summer and also peak season, we recommend bringing along some comfortable T-shirts, shorts, skirts or summer dresses. At the same time, a pair of sports shoes, sandals and flip flops are also perfect for cave exploring and walking around on board.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Toiletries and medical supplies

    Some high-classed cruises provide shampoo and toothpaste, but some do not. To stay hygiene and avoid using unknown brands, you had better prepare your own toiletries for your trip. Moreover, anything can happen during a holiday, so remember to bring medical supplies for basic health problems, especially for tourists who have seasickness, allergies or respiratory diseases.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Electronic devices

    Your smartphone and camera cannot be left behind because you will want to capture all precious moments of your holiday in Halong Bay. Bring them along with the chargers, charge them before going on exploration, and of course, protect your own expensive properties.

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    How to choose the most suitable Halong Bay cruises for solo travelers

    While families or honeymoon couples would want some luxury experiences for a romantic trip, solo travelers tend to consider choosing tours at lower budgets. By reducing the expenses, solo travelers can travel to different places and be able to experience more destinations. Below, we will recommend solo travelers some popular cruise options at the best prices, based on the amount of time you spend in Halong Bay:

    Day tour cruises


    • Outstanding taste of highlight destinations
    • Affordable and time-saving

    Cons: not enough time to enjoy Halong Bay’s best features.

    Cruise recommendations:

    Overnight cruises (2D1N)


    • Decent amount of time to experience the best features of Halong Bay
    • Affordable

    Cruise recommendations:

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    3D2N/4D3N cruises

    Pros: make the most of your time and explore every corner of Halong bay

    Cons: higher budgets

    Cruise recommendations:

    Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers

    Follow us for more information on the best Halong Bay cruises for solo travellers!