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    Guide: The most beautiful Halong Bay fishing villages to visit

    Guide: The most beautiful Halong Bay fishing villages to visit

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    Imagine that you are on a two-day cruise tour to contemplate the beautiful Halong Bay fishing villages in Vietnam. These authentic fishing villages in Quang Ninh are little gems where the local life still keeps cultural traditions such as catching fish and hauling in seafood. Day cruises, cute shops, and great vendors make for a fantastic weekend in these villages from Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island.

    Imagined travel itinerary

    This is travel itinerary of two days cruise tour:

    Day 1: Cam Pha Harbour - Bai Tu Long Bay - Ha Long Bay

    Day 2: Tuan Chau Island - Cat Ba Island - Cam Pha Harbour

    Halong Bay fishing villages itinerary

    Day 1: Welcome to Halong Bay fishing villages packages

    Gazing at a coastal village in Bai Tu Long Bay

    Cong Dam Fishing Village 

    Cong Dam fishing village is the most majestic beauty and dreaming of destination in our tour. This first spot is a stone park area that closes to the mountain rocks. Cong Dam is a small and old village, which has been kept intact its traditional fishing culture with a small group about 120 people. When visiting here, you can sit in awe of their daily trials and triumphs on Halong Bay junk cruise, or even make friends with the locals because they are willing to share their stories about their families, their livelihoods.

    Halong Bay floating villages

    Located in the unspoilt island, the Cong Dam area is isolated from normal cruise tours so the landscape here still retains a very clean environment and many primitive features. Visiting Cong Dam fishing village, tourists are interested in a guided kayak tour to witness breathtaking seascape on the area around, exploring its traditional fishing culture and trying catching fish with the locals.

    Halong Bay floating villages

    Location: Bai Tu Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province.

    Things near me: Special foods such as garrupa, hawk-wing conch, Babylonia areolata; Cong Dam Floating Village; Cua Ong Temple; Phat Co Island; National Park

    Cruise tour to Bai Tu Long Bay

    Emperor Halong BayCruise - 2D1N:

    The Prettiest fishing villages in Halong Bay

    After passing through Bai Tu Long Bay, we are in one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is Halong Bay. In our tour, we will travel to Hoa Cuong Fishing Village.

    Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

    Hoa Cuong fishing village is surrounded by the majestic limestone mountains which is near Bai Chay Beach. This Halong Bay fishing village has about 700 local people living on only 200 floating houses. It is in a corner of the limestone islets and islands. Wandering around the village, visitors will see the island like an enormous wall to protect locals from the storms. The main local economy here is catching fish and fish farming for a long time ago. The main transportation for villagers is a bamboo boat that visitors will see in-font of every house. Extraordinarily, most children in this village will have to learn to swim before can walk.

    Nowadays, there are hundreds of tourists travel to this village every single day. Hence, it can help locals improve their living conditions here. Tourists will have a chance to deeply know about the colorful daily life of a fisherman. They will share with you how to hunt fishes, squish and even teach you how to make a fishing net.  

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    Location: Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province.

    Things near me: Ti Top Beach, Tuan Chau Island, Dau Moi Islet, Reu Island

    Cruise tour to Hoa Cuong area

    La Casta Halong Day Tour:

    Ba Hang Fishing Village 

    After visiting Hoa Cuong fishing village, we will move to Ba Hang floating village which is beside Dau Go Grotto and Thien Cung Grotto. Visitors will witness a different lifestyle in the majestic spot. 

    This fishing village has only 50 households which are primarily engaged in fishing to maintain their life. Nowadays, many households have shifted to tourism because of the development of tourism in the fishing village. With our tour, you will certainly be extremely overwhelmed to gaze at a peaceful life here. 

    This is the stop on our day 1 cruise tour. You will have dinner and a great time here. During the night, travelers can go fishing and even learn how to make a fishing net from the locals. Moreover, you will enjoy the fresh seafood with great taste in the chilling night space.

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    Location: Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province.

    Things near me: Ti Top Beach, Tuan Chau Island, Dau Moi Islet, Reu Island

    Day 2: Wake up and witness sunrise on Halong Bay cruise tour

    Gorgeous fishing village on Tuan Chau Island

    Vung Vieng Fishing Village

    If you want to find a place to relax and feel peace, Vung Vieng floating village will be an ideal destination for you. From Vung Vieng fishing village, tourists can also borrow a bamboo boat to visit some nearest beautiful spaces such as Van Giai or Ngoc Vung Beach. 

    Early morning in Vung Vieng is also a very pleasant experience. The community living room will have a small room for tourists to get together and enjoy the fresh air here. This is a unique tourism room to attract tourists, especially foreigners.

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    Location: Tuan Chau Island, Halong, Quang Ninh Province

    Things near me: Tuan Chau Park, Dau Go Grotto

    The beautiful coastal town on Cat Ba Island

    It’s time to have lunch! You will eat at our restaurant cruise. During this time, our cruise will travel to Cat Ba Island. The first place you will see when stepping on this beautiful island is Cai Beo fishing village.

    Cai Beo Fishing Village 

    We will reach Cai Beo fishing village first because it is only 2 kilometers from Cat Ba town. Cai Beo floating village is one of the most famous old villages in the world which includes 300 houses living mainly by catching fish and fish farming. According to local people, the house of the ancient fishermen stem from 7000 years ago and their traditional fish farming existed 4500 years ago.

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    Along with the peaceful environment, Cai Beo fishing village also possesses a charming and beautiful natural landscape. Sitting on Halong cruise tour that slowly passes through Cai Beo fishing village, you will see more wild scenery inside Halong Bay.

    Location: Near Cat Ba Island, Halong, Quang Ninh Province

    Things near me: Lan Ha Bay, Monkey Island, Cai Beo Floating Village

    Cruise tour to this place:

    Heritage Cruises

    Halong Catamaran Premium Day Cruise

    Cua Van Floating Village

    Cua Van is one of the largest Halong Bay floating villages which is surrounded by the limestone islands and islets. Tourists will feel happy with friendly locals here. Moreover, you will have a chance to know more about their daily life such as how to make a fishing trap or how to feed fish. 

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    This village is home to the formation of fishing families and some the locals never depart, however, they grow and develop in this tiny distinctive world they were born. The kids in Cua Van village have to learn how to swim before they can walk. Being on our cruise, you will be fascinated by this impressive little community and its own distinctive way of life.

    halong bay fishing villages near me

    Location: Cat Ba Island, Halong, Quang Ninh Province

    Things near me: Lan Ha Bay, Monkey Island, Cai Beo Floating Village

    Cruise tour to Cua Van area:

    Emperor Halong Bay Cruise - 3D2N:

    This is the end of our trip! Imagine that you are in a two-day cruise to contemplate a countryside life of Halong Bay fishing villages of Vietnam, no rush to get anywhere, you will dive in a charming panoramic view as well as your favorite drink in your hand. Close your eyes and imagine the deep blue waters in the scenario. Delighting, enchanting and so relaxing! All of us will love a fascinating trip like that! Let’s follow S-cruise to have a great cruise tour: Halong Bay Cruise Booking.