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    Relaxing with Halong Bay party tour and amazing festivals

    Relaxing with Halong Bay party tour and amazing festivals

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    Halong Bay party tour and amazing festivals have become a tourist attraction throughout the four seasons. Let’s visit Halong to discover outstanding and unique tourism resources and chill with the interesting festivals in here.

    Discovering Halong Bay party tour & festivals

    In Vietnam, many localities are gradually becoming an impressive destination with party tour and festival, and Halong city is one of the most outstanding destinations. This year, Quang Ninh province and especially the "entertainment paradise" Halong city continues to entertain visitors with a series of unique events on an unprecedented scale.

    Let's find out more information about the highlights below to set up for yourself an interesting holiday!

    Carnival in Halong

    Carnival Halong Festival is a fascinating event that is usually held in late April and early May every year. It is coinciding with the holiday season 30th April, and kick-off for the vibrant summer tourism season. Carnival Halong also the meeting point of lovers of Halong beach and impressive art.

    Coming to Carnival Halong, visitors will be immersed in the space of the festival, performing arts and street parade to welcome a new summer tourist season. This annual festival will introduce to tourists about Quang Ninh province including Halong Bay - Heritage, natural wonders of the world and the nice people here.

    The festival lasts until late at night with a march of models, art shows and live music. There would be no end until to performers side by side with all the audiences dance and sing freestyle right on the streets. It makes an exciting and unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors.

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    - Place: Bai Chay, Halong city

    - Time: April 28th and May 1st 

    - Key activities: art shows, street parade, live music and dance, firework.

    - Suitable tourists: couple, group tourists, solo traveler. 

    Sun Dance Festival

    Festivals in the tourist city of Halong take place with many different styles. In particular, the passionate fire event is the Sun Dance Festival - one of the biggest dance and culinary festivals in the North, attracting more than 10,000 attendees.

    The stage for this festival is Bai Chay with Sun Carnival Plaza and Shophouse Europe of the Sun World Halong Complex.

    The festival includes a parade of artists along the street, stirring the atmosphere of the street when gathering more than 100 dancers in flash mob dance, and a vibrant nightlife stage with Dance Cover Contest, EDM and performances from famous DJs, singers, etc. made the dancing non-stop for audience.

    Not only is the dance festival, but the Sun Dance Festival also has a food festival that gives Halong audiences an exciting experience.

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    - Place: Sun Carnival Plaza, Bai Chay, Halong city

    - Time: this event often is organized in May.

    - Key activities: street parade, flash mob dances, music party in night, food festival.

    - Suitable tourists: solo travelers, group tourists 

    Yen Tu

    Yen Tu Pagoda is the Buddhist center of Dai Viet in the past, the site of Truc Lam Zen tradition. 

    Yen Tu Society starts on January 9 and lasts for 3 months of spring. After the solemn ceremony of the festival held at the foot of Yen Tu mountain is a pilgrimage to Dong Pagoda on the top of the mountain.

    Visitors come to Yen Tu pagoda festival to be separated from the mundane world, to make a religious pilgrimage between majestic natures. This is a system of pagodas, temples, towers and ancient forests mixed with natural scenes, scattered from the Red slope to Yen Tu Mountain. The beauty of Yen Tu is the wonders of the mountains in harmony with the serene ancient features of the am. The tower system along with larch, trees, bamboo, apricot trees growing on the two sides of the road shading make visitors feel relaxed.

    In the vast Yen Tu relic’s complex, there are 11 pagodas and hundreds of stupas. Dong Pagoda is on the highest peak (1,068m above sea level). Going to Dong Pagoda, visitors feel like walking in the clouds. In Yen Tu, there is also an ancient three-story stone tower dating from "Canh Hung Decade - 1758". Nor is there a towering forest like the Thap To area in Yen Tu associated with the legendary stories about the Tran king and Truc Lam Zen.

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    - Place: the Yen Tu’s mountains in Thuong Yen Cong commune, Uong Bi town, Quang Ninh province

    - Time: Every year is held starting on January 10 and lasts through March (lunar calendar).

    - Key activities: Climb to the top of the mountain where Dong Pagoda is located, perform religious pilgrimage between majestic nature.

    - Suitable tourists: Travelers love spiritual tourism, cultural exploration

    Quan Lan

    Quan Lan Festival (also known as Quan Lan boat racing festival), is a village festival of people in Quan Lan Island Commune, an island located in the center of the ancient commercial port of Van Don.

    The festival is held on Dinh wharf where Quan Lan is an ancient communal house still preserved until now.

    June 10th: lock the village (a custom made by Vietnamese festivals), the people of the village do not go anywhere but those who do business far away and visitors from the cross can return to the village to attend.

    Quan Lan Festival has a custom of sailing. Villagers divided into two factions, Dong Nam Van and Doai Bac Vo, set up their own barracks on the 13th to train troops and prepare racing boats. Racing boats are usually 5 to 6 tonne-wide, deep-sea sailing boats, sailed, and decorated with dragon heads at the bow.

    16th June is a spiritual ceremony. Dedicating the ceremony to receive the tablet of Tran Khanh Du from “nghe” (1.5 km from the communal house) to the communal house. Under the wharf, the pair of racing boats creates an exciting atmosphere.

    On June 18th at 3 pm (every year often, this time the tide rises to the edge of the communal house) the two sides begin to depart. Soldiers wore white pants, blue leggings, and soldiers wore gray or black clothes. The sound of gongs, chanting and flying flags are full of vigor. Whenever the two zodiac borders on the communal yard, the soldiers and the people shouted loudly in the whole area. The two generals danced with beautiful swords, the two armies met three times, symbolizing three victories against the Yuan during the Tran dynasty. The third time the two armies gathered in front of the temple, the two generals joined the sacrifice, when they returned, the boat race officially began.

    Quan Lan Festival bears the mark of a traditional but very majestic village festival showing the martial spirit of the nation against foreign invaders to protect the national sovereignty of the people of the seas.

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    - Place: Dinh wharf, Halong city

    - Time: from 10th to 18th June.

    - Key activities: join in spirit ceremony, boat racing festival, visiting ancient village.

    - Suitable tourists: Travelers love cultural exploration and spiritual tourism.

    Halong party tour on cruise

    In addition to the common events of Halong City, you can also relax with your family and friends on the Halong Bay party cruise. Some interesting proposals for your trip are Water Trampoline, Beer Yoga, Outdoor Jacuzzi, and Live DJ. Party. You will definitely have a memorable experience and have a truly relaxing holiday.

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    Halong Bay party tour

    The latest information on Halong Bay party tours and its promotion are always updated on our website:

    Other exciting events for your trip

    Besides the mentioned big festivals as above, the Sun World Halong Complex often organizes lots of interesting events such as Colorful festivals, Light festivals or winter festivals, Food festivals. Each year, the festival brings new colors, new shapes and "surprise" for residents and visitors.

    Not only is the festival area, Halong is also an impressive place with new and trendy events. Typically, fashion events such as Fashion Voyage, Wonder Fashion Show or Cars Passion - the Vietnam super car journey.

    In addition, Halong is also a destination for cultural and sports events such as The World Circus, International Marathon contest, Vietnam Professional Golf Tournament - VPGA Tour, etc. and large conferences and seminars.

    - Place: Halong city

    - Time: 4 seasons in a year.

    - Key activities: Take unique photos, enjoy the fashion show and super car collections, etc.

    - Suitable tourists: Travelers love modern entertainment, art show, etc.

    So when planning a Halong Bay exciting tour for yourself and your beloved one, don't forget to consider attending wonderful festivals and exciting events and activities here. You will be surprised with things you will experience in Halong – one the tourism city of festivals.