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    How to Experience Amazing Halong Bay Sunset & Sunrise

    How to Experience Amazing Halong Bay Sunset & Sunrise

    • Phuong Ha
    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    You are sunset lovers who always seek the moments when the sun starts plunging deep into the horizon, so don’t miss the amazing experience of Halong Bay sunset! For those with intense enjoyment of both dusk and dawn, Halong Bay remains one of the best. Relaxation, peacefulness, and spectacle of nature would be what you feel when catching the scenarios of sunset & sunrise over Halong Bay. In particular, Halong will boast some of the most stunning settings pictured by seaside scenery, countless mysterious caves, karst towers, floating fishing villages, etc. Love to learn more, this article below is for you!

    This article will take you through the guide on how to experience the amazing Halong Bay sunset & sunrise adventure to the fullest. Let’s check it out!

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

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    Halong Bay sunset guide

    Halong Bay was rated as one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Asia, a place that those who love the moment of heaven and earth transferring between day and night can not miss. That is the result of the public vote based on the survey and assessment of tourism experts, scholars, and prestigious journalists in the world.

    Halong Bay is one of the places where visitors can travel with cruisers to enjoy the breathtaking sea, majestic limestone mountains, and romantic sunset at the same time. Coming to Halong Bay, visitors can have a chance to discover the stunning beauty of nature. Furthermore, visitors will not be able to take their eyes off the exotic sunrise and sunset in Halong Bay.

    It can be said that nature has given Quang Ninh province a great favor when it comes to owning a large population of Halong Bay with more than 2,000 large and small islands of different shapes. Visitors coming to the bay to explore the bay here will be floating and relaxing on the cruisers with weaving through islands, unique rocks, caves, and enjoying the breathtaking sunset in the afternoon.

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    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

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    When is the best time for enjoying Halong Bay sunset and sunrise? 

    Halong Bay has typical weather in the North of Vietnam with four common seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. From April to September the weather is hot and sunny sometimes with rain and from October to March it is quite cool and pleasant. The most eventful tourism time in Halong Bay is often from April to June and September to November due to the good weather conditions there. However, to capture the best Halong bay sunset & sunrise with sea view, besides the weather, you also need to consider avoiding cloudy or storming days. It will be very disappointing when spending hours in the afternoon or trying to get up early with a rather cloudy sky.

    Talking about Halong bay sunset & sunrise times, you can start at 5 a.m or earlier before the sun is too hot to have the best experience for the summer. In the winter, you should not get up too early, the sun often rises after 6 a.m. To have the best Halong Bay sunset experience, in summer, you should wait for the sunshine to softer (about 6 p.m) to start taking a walk or lying on the sundeck of the cruiser to enjoy the sunset. In the winter, you should start early at about 5 p.m to avoid it getting darker.


    Spring starts from March to April, with warm temperatures - the right time for flowers to bloom. At this time, Ha Long's weather is quite dry. Visitors will enjoy the clear blue sky and gentle sunlight. It will be a suitable time for those who want to enjoy the beauty of dawn and twilight at a very comfortable temperature.


    In summer, the number of visitors coming to Halong Bay is often very large. Visitors should note, during this time, high temperatures and heavy rainfall usually last from May to early August. Thus, visitors can participate in water activities on dry days. Beautiful beaches also became more beautiful, clear, and blue under the sunlight. The possibility of capturing Halong bay sunset & sunrise photos in this season is based on the appearance of storms. On normal days, it’s easy to catch the sunset and sunrise moments. Some activities that you can try to experience sunrise and sunset in Halong Bay are kayaking, cruising to discover islands, caves, or sunbathing on the sundeck of an overnight cruise to enjoy vivid sunset on the sea. In general, joining a cruise is the best way to have a great Halong bay sunset & sunrise package.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

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    Autumn usually lasts 2 months after that with a pleasant temperature and less rain. This time has passed the rainy season, Ha Long weather is warmer with sunlight. The temperature fluctuates about 20 degrees Celsius, to Ha Long you will enjoy the warm sunshine. The end of the rainy season means the entertaining activities will become more exciting. The dawn and twilight light at this season are often softer, which is suitable for those who love peace. The main color of Halong Bay sunset in autumn will be more romantic with a lovely orange sunset. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the sunset with a very comfortable temperature. Don’t miss this time for experiencing Halong Bay sunset adventures.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Check-in golden sunset in Halong Bay


    Winter seems to not be a good time for Halong Bay sunset. The sundown often earlier and the sunrise often later, and the sky often overcast that seems to be not suitable for Halong bay sunset images. However, winter is still a worth-trying experience for visiting Halong Bay. The sun rising or downing behind the mass of clouds will make the sky vaporous. In the first days of the winter, try to wake up early to hi the sunrise, the dawn mist will make you excited. Take your coat and enjoy the winter sunrise and sunset at Halong Bay.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Halong Bay sunset in winter is also a worth-trying experience

    Where are the best places for capturing Halong Bay sunset and sunrise?

    Watching Halong bay sunset & sunrise at the beach is very common because Vietnam's sea is located in the eastern part of the territory. However, to capture the best views on the sea, you will need know Halong bay sunset location.

    You can watch the sunset right on the balcony of the hotel and resorts on the islands or near the beaches because it is quite high and overlooks the sea, visitors do not need to go far. Besides, many people choose to watch the sunset right on the fishing boats of fishermen on the sea, the sunset looks more brilliant than ever. Or if you have a bigger budget, you can choose to cruise on the sea to enjoy the transferring moment between day and night, the magical beauty of Halong Bay rocks at sunset. Remember don’t forget to check-in Halong Bay kissing rocks at sunset if you are on a Halong Bay cruise. Here are some of the suggestions for experiencing the amazing sunset on Halong Bay:

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Sunset on Reu Island Halong

    With the advantage of four sides bordering the sea, Reu Island Halong is where visitors can admire the romantic scenery on Halong Bay. When the sun sets, Reu Island is like an enchanting picture. The colors of yellow and red oranges glistening under the water reflect the passionate afternoon scenery.

    Dubbed as the miniature Dubai, Vinpearl Resort and Spa Ha Long stand out on the island with its neoclassical style, inspired by ancient Roman architecture. On Reu Island, almost every location is the best place to watch the Halong Bay sunset and sunrise.

    What could be better than when after all the heavy and anxious days, we can leisurely enjoy tea, read a book on the balcony, take a deep breath in the cool air. Relax while the scene is gradually covered by the whole of the light that remained at the end of the day.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Sunset spot on the beach at Reu Island Halong

    Experience Halong Bay sunset in Ramada Hotel & Suites Halong Bay View

    Ramada Hotel & Suites Halong Bay View is located in Hon Gai, where visitors can experience the panoramic sun on the bay from the luxurious hotels. Thanks to its principal location, unrestricted views, Ramada Hotel and Suites Halong Bay View is one of the most attractive places for tourists to experience Halong Bay sunset and sunrise.

    Choosing these hotels, visitors are awakened by dawn into the bedroom, open the window and you can see the whole islands sunrise pictures; or every afternoon watching the sunset on the balcony. Tensions and worries seem to be erased by the beauty of the majestic nature of Halong Bay.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Facebook @RamadaByWyndhamHaLongBay

    Tran Quoc Nghien seaway

    Tran Quoc Nghien seaway has a wide internal sidewalk. The outside combined with the wide expansive landscape of Halong Bay is uniquely designed with impressive entertainment items along with small landscapes and flower gardens,... All are suitable for walking in the sunset or sunrise.

    Since its inauguration on May 24th, 2020, every day, the Tran Quoc Nghen seaway attracts thousands of people to visit, check-in, and take a walk. Walking on Tran Quoc Nghien street in the afternoon, visitors admire the charming beauty of the peaceful bay in the sunset.

    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Tran Quoc Nghien seaway panorama

    Tips for experiencing Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Arrange trip schedule reasonably

    The beautiful moments of Halong Bay sunset or sunrise do not last long, so you need to schedule your time reasonably to catch the most worthy moments of the day traveling. Wake up early, enjoy the Halong Bay sunrise, then you can start your trip, discover new destinations, try new foods,... In the afternoon, it’s time for Halong Bay sunset time.

    Balance your budget

    There are many options to experience Halong Bay sunset, so don’t waste your budget on the luxury. If you have a financial condition, you can freely choose the luxurious cruisers or hotels to experience Halong Bay sunset. Otherwise, you can choose some cost-saving options like enjoy the sunset while walking on the street, or sitting on the fishing boats. Even you choose a cost-saving option or a deluxe option, you will always have your own memorable experiences under the Halong Bay sunrise and sunset.

    Technical tips for unique Halong bay sunset & sunrise photos

    • Choose a good focal point: It may be a boat, a fisherman, a rock that has a focal point that conveys the meaning in your image. Observe and choose available objects to create a ‘center of interest’ for your photo.
    • Put some foregrounds into your images: Putting something in the foreground to attract the viewers will make your images more valuable. This tip will bring your context, and insight into the picture you’re shooting.
    • Choose the right moment of sunset or sunrise: The Halong Bay landscape is the most beautiful when the sun is downing onto the far horizon. The Halong Bay sunset & sunrise with sea view will create some gorgeous light on limestone islands. Don’t miss this moment, just remember to use landscape instead of portrait settings on the camera.
    • Optimize your camera’s settings: Optimize your camera’s settings by fixing shutter speed, using apps,...
    • Crop, don’t zoom: A very small tip for those who use smartphones. Using the zooming feature on your phone camera, you will lose the resolution of the Halong bay sunset & sunrise images. Thus, If you want to capture something far away, you can take a normal image then crop it. If it’s too far, don’t try to take its picture.
    Halong Bay sunset and sunrise

    Instagram @david_capes_photography

    The bottom line

    Halong Bay is not only an attractive place for tourists in terms of landscape and cuisine but also an ideal place for visitors to see the "masterpiece of nature" on the sea every afternoon - Halong Bay sunset. Through this post, hope you have enough preparation to have your own options to experience Halong Bay sunset and sunrise. Visit our website at for further information.