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    Let’s discover Halong Bay weather for your wonderful trip

    Let’s discover Halong Bay weather for your wonderful trip

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    Discovering the Halong Bay weather is not only necessary but also helps you plan a better trip. Therefore, this article will provide you with specific information about Halong weather each month as well as suggestions for suitable activities that will certainly be helpful for your upcoming trip.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    General characteristics of Halong weather

    Located in the North, Halong possesses 4 distinct seasons in a year. Spring starts from March to April, with warm weather. 

    Summer usually lasts from May to early October. Visitors should note that at this time, the temperature is rising with heavy rainfall. The vacation from July to September will be difficult due to the hot and humid weather of Halong with rain, causing rough sea.

    Autumn usually lasts 2 months later (October – November) with a pleasant heat background, little rain. 

    Finally, winter lasts from the end of November to February, cold and dry. The average temperature is about 17oC - 22oC.

    Let's find out more information as below and decide based on the weather and your own favorite activities.


    At this time, the weather in Halong is quite dry. Guests will enjoy the clear blue sky with sunlight. The temperature is low, about 18°C with fog and little rainfall. If your vacation takes place in January, you should prepare a thin coat or a hoodie. Don't forget to bring your swimwear, in case the weather is warm enough and you want to immerse yourself in the water of Halong.

    This is the right time for you to experience most of the activities on the bay. The sky is blue, suitable for a scenic flight with a seaplane or watching Halong from the top of a mountain.

    This is a great time to enjoy Halong Bay on the cruise. However, visitors should ignore water sports activities because the temperature is too low.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: Cold and dry weather, bright blue sky, little rain.

    - Appropriate activities: Seaplane, trekking, cycling, kayaking, participate in New Year countdown event, etc.


    Like January, visitors will experience the beauty of the clear blue sky, full of sunshine. However, the temperature will be lower, about 17°C along with the same fog as last month. A coat or a hoodie is a great outfit around this time.

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: Full of sunshine, pleasant weather, good view.

    - Appropriate activities: Visiting Halong Bay on cruise, kayaking, joining in Lunar New Year activities, etc.


    Many people think that March is the best time to visit Halong weather. During this time, the sky is clear and sunny, and the temperature increases slightly - about 19°C. Do not forget to bring a thin sweater in your suitcase.

    With warm weather, March is the perfect time to climb. At the same time, for the brave travelers, this is the time for you to jump into the surface of Halong Sea.

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: Blue sky, cool weather.

    - Appropriate activities: Trekking, climbing, cycling, etc.


    Considered the end of the tourist peak, the weather in Halong begins to heat and prepare to catch the summer rains. Halong Bay will become much more deserted at this time.

    You can take advantage of the beautiful sunny days in early April to enjoy your vacation. The rainy season starts around the end of the month with a temperature of around 24°C. In Halong weather like this, visitors can even wear shorts.

    This is the best time to take part in all the relaxing activities in Halong. Bring a swimsuit, enjoy the cool water and the sunny sky. Climbing, cycling, boating or sightseeing with seaplanes are all ideal activities. Guests can choose our best itinerary, cruising to see Halong Bay combined with a relaxing night on the cruise.

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: warm weather, sometimes has rain.

    - Appropriate activities: swimming, climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc.


    This is a good time to travel, however, it is often difficult to determine the weather. More rainfall is accompanied by increased temperatures, which make the weather hot and hot. The average temperature of about 29°C along with the humid climate will make you extremely uncomfortable. In return, the cool breeze on Halong Bay will make you much more comfortable.

    At this time, make sure to bring shorts, tank tops or T-shirts. Always wear a swimsuit because you will want to jump into the clear blue water anytime. Lastly, the suit and umbrella is what you need to organize into your suitcase.

    Visitors can participate in water activities on dry days. Beautiful beaches also become deserted by fewer tourists. Don't miss the weather and miss the best time to see Halong aboard a high-class yacht.

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: comfortable weather, more rain.

    - Appropriate activities: relaxing on a high-class cruise, sunbathing on the beach and participate in water activities.


    June's weather is full of summers with high temperatures and heavy rainfall. For travelers who prefer the hot sun with summer showers, this will be the ideal time.

    Storms often occur on the Bay, so visitors should stay on land to ensure safety. With an average temperature of about 30°C, prepare summer clothes and rain gear. You may not be able to swim due to the weather, however, please bring an extra swimsuit.

    Outdoor activities will be postponed or canceled due to rain, so visitors should pay attention to the "Refund" section before booking. Due to the heavy rainfall, visitors should not take part in mountain climbing.

    - Weather: Heavy rain, maybe have a storm.

    - Appropriate activities: Visiting Halong Bay, fishing village and famous cave.

    July & August

    Halong weather in July & August has many similarities. With heavy rains and temperatures like June, this is actually the wettest time of the year.

    With such weather in Halong, very few tourists come here to visit. So, if you're lucky, this might be an opportunity for you to explore on less rainy days than forecast. However, Halong usually rains the most at this time, making visibility limited. Therefore, it makes it difficult to see and experience.

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: wet and hot weather, have heavy rain.

    - Appropriate activities: Visiting Halong Bay, fishing village and famous cave.


    As closer as October, the rainfall on Halong Bay is even lower. The temperature also drops to about 28°C, making the weather much more pleasant. Make sure you bring a raincoat in your suitcase and summer clothes, to prevent the sudden rains.

    The rainy season ends, meaning that relaxing activities will begin to return. Visitors will experience exciting activities under the water, in the mountains, etc. any expedition anywhere thanks to the dry weather. Reward yourself with a round-trip flight with a seaplane and a night at the 5-star hotel.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    Discovering Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: Warm and dry weather, bright blue sky, sudden rains.

    - Appropriate activities: Enjoy your trip on a cruise, playing in Sun World Halong Complex, try foods in the night market, etc.


    In October, the sky became clearer and the rainfall dropped significantly. The hot, sultry heat of the summer disappears, replaced by the pleasantness of the fall. The temperature dropped to only 26oC. Shorts, T-shirts, and swimwear are the perfect outfits for Halong weather this season. However, you can still suddenly experience heavy rain, especially in early October.

    This is one of the most beautiful times to travel to Halong. There is plenty of time for you to see Halong Bay or to visit beautiful caves like a fairy.

    Besides, the sea temperature is also warm enough for you to participate in fun activities. No rain or heat, relaxing experiences become a lot more interesting. Guests can climb or cycle around the bay.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: pleasant weather, sunny, little rain.

    - Appropriate activities: Visiting beautiful caves, fishing village, climbing, cycling, swimming, enjoying light annual light festival.


    November starts with the dry Halong weather and the temperature decreases, about 24oC, so this is the right time to visit Halong. This time is the peak tourist season of Halong.

    When packing, bring a thin woolen jacket for the windy nights on Halong Bay. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the waters of Halong before winter comes.

    This is arguably the best time to take a cruise with the yacht. It's the peak season, you should book in advance to ensure your vacation is not interrupted. You can refer to our best tours. The perfect Halong weather will make the outdoor experiences great.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: dry and warm weather, clear blue sky.

    - Appropriate activities: immerse yourself in the waters have a romantic trip on a cruise, take wonderful photos, join in Annual International Marathon contest and Food festival, etc.


    December is the driest time of the year. With rainfall and temperatures simultaneously falling, you won't have to worry about sudden rains. The sky suddenly becomes clear, creating conditions for you to experience the activities on the bay.

    With a temperature of about 19oC, during the day, the weather in Halong is sunny but the night is quite cold. Therefore, visitors should bring both summer and winter clothes.

    The low temperature creates the perfect conditions for travelers to experience the discovery of Halong Land activities such as hiking or climbing are extremely suitable. However, you should ignore water sports activities because it is quite cold.

    Discover Halong Bay weather

    - Weather: Quite cold and dry weather with a good sky view.

    - Appropriate activities: Chill with Christmas party, hiking and climbing are recommended activities, enjoy overnight on Halong Bay cruise, etc.

    Halong Bay Tourism: The best time for traveling

    Halong is a great destination at every moment. Winter - spring is the peak season for tourism, however, summer-autumn has its own advantages. A lot of people want to feel the beauty of Halong, so they often choose the low season.

    Following these instructions, you have fully planned your travel. Enjoy and spend time exploring the whole Halong.

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