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    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise - What is the best length?

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise - What is the best length?

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    Do you know how many days for Halong Bay Cruise itinerary? Cruise to stay for holidays varies in length, although most packages in Halong Bay offered between one and four nights on the cruise. An overnight cruise is really amazing for destinations like Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Tuan Chau Island, where the cruise line and attractions make it easy to fill five days. Here are some of Halong bay cruise reviews for tourists to decide the best length of their holidays!

    How many days for a cruise is perfect?

    Tourists will enjoy the flexibility of the duration of their holiday if they book a cruise specialist to put together their packages, or take the independent route and make the arrangements themselves. You can add a pre or post-cruise stay of whatever length you like, as long as it fits your flight times and it is practical.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Daily Cruise to Halong bay/ Ha Long Bay one day cruise

    Pros: Inexpensive, Suited to your short trip for celebrating a birthday party, wedding because it is all-inclusive from Hanoi.

    Cons: Cannot witness all places of interest in Halong Bay. It follows quite a strict guideline.


    • La Casta Cruise - Daily Cruise
    • Jade Sails - Day Cruise
    • Escape Sails - Day Cruise

    Ha Long Bay one day cruise is a short trip that travelers start and return to the harbor within the day. Because the daily tour is so affordable, it has become a great favorite choice of domestic tourists.

    We don’t recommend international tourists using this offered package. It is not worth gazing at the natural beauty of Halong Bay and you don’t have a chance to witness a sparkling night on board.

    Halong Bay 2 day cruise

    Pros: More conclusive cruises, you will experience in the day time and nightlife on board. There is a popular length of the cruise so it is offered by many cruise brands. 

    Cons: Halong bay 2 day tour cost is more expensive than a daily cruise's cost. It may be a little rushed in only 20 hours, it is hard for you to find a relaxing time.



    This is the most common choice of travelers asking how many days for Halong bay cruise at night. Only with a 2-day-1-night cruise in Halong Bay, travelers will have an opportunity to pay a visit to one or two attractions and enjoy an Ha Long Bay overnight cruise.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    While daily cruise offers followed quite a strict guideline, an overnight cruise will bring you to some of the most amazing places to visit in Halong bay. This provides you with the chance to find the activities that fit your preferences and the flexibility in the travel itinerary.


    Ha Long Bay tour 3 day cruise

    Pros: Enjoy more activities such as kayaking, swimming and bathing on beaches. Witness Halong Bay caves and fishing villages. Have time to relax and share the experience with friends.

    Cons: It will be an increased cost because of following your demand.


    It is an option for those who are in search of the in-depth Halong experience. Imagine that you are in a 3-days-2-nights Halong Bay cruise to escape from the bustling and hustling city, and also lost in remote areas with fresh air for 3 days, you will find your soul and your further dreams. 

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    It has strict regulations to protect its tourists from the suddenly dangerous ocean. Therefore, this kind of cruise offers less touristy sites including traveling to a pearl farm, biking on an island, and even time at a private beach. Together with the longer itinerary, some cruise activities will be various such as squid fishing or Tai Chi. 

    Pros and Cons for a general cruise on Halong Bay

    Pros: You will meet new friends

    "How many days for Halong bay cruise for solo traveller" may be among a popular question. With Halong Bay cruises, it's not much of an issue. Despite of the cruise length, you will always have a great opportunity to make some new friends along the way since everyone is willing to share their experience of the voyage. Whether it be an intimate you meet in the dinner, a family you see in the pool, or a guest sitting near you at the bar, they almost welcome to have a new friend on the cruise. 

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Pros: Cruise ship experiences

    The company cruise always wants to make the best things for you and your holiday so you will find a lot of amazing experiences during your cruise. Whether it’s an amenity that the ship offers such as an epic waterslide and mixology class, or even chocolate-covered strawberries that you will see on your bed for your anniversary, there are a lot of ways to bring you the most experience. Enjoy it!

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Cons: Slow Internet

    Since the cruises depend wholly on satellites for internet access, it tends to be much slower than the internet at your home. However, if you need to contact someone far from your cruise or you have to be available when your office has a problem, the wifi on the cruise will help you. After all, enjoy your vacation!

    How can you book Scruise?


    Booking through the website is most hassle-free and the easiest way to choose a Halong Bay cruise following your schedule. Moreover, you can also pick up your phone and call for us via the number: (+84) 912581743.

    On the flip side, if you want to know clearly about your cruise tour: where you stay, Ha Long Bay how many days, how much you spend and why you should choose to spend your time, you can contact us at anytime. We will answer you as soon as we can.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    The necessary tips for a Halong Bay Cruise

    Check carefully your hotel

    If you don’t visit Halong by cruise, it is necessary for you to book a hotel day room. You should remember to ask your hotel about the possible time of early check-in or late check-out.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Research the harbor in advance

    Remember to check the harbor which is near other accessible cities and towns your cruise visit in case you miss your ship. Make sure that you check carefully the departure time of your cruise tour.

    Design for a ship tour by yourself

    You should ask Scruise for your cruise’s schedule that you can make an amazing plan on Halong Bay. Let’s do your research in advance and draw up a list of what you want to do and see in your limited time. Although we could help you to get to your interesting places of interest which is out of our cruise schedule, you should notify us at least a day before the departure time.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Bring the necessary things

    Diarrhea/ constipation medication, motion sickness, allergies and sunscreen,… Bring some of the important medications from your home because they cost more than 5 times than those on the cruise ship’s shop.

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise

    Let the staff know if something is not right

    Don’t be afraid to complain to guest services if the facilities, service or even food fails to meet your expectations. Cruise lines want to please and improve tourists’ experience, so they would likely do something better for you!

    How many days for Halong Bay Cruise is a usual question for those who want to contemplate beautiful destinations including Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Bai Tu Long Bay and Tuan Chau Island. Though only a few days on a cruise that you won’t have much time to relax on the beach and enjoy fresh air in Halong, an overnight cruise is always a perfect vacation. Let’s book a cruise on Halong Bay Tour.