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    A guide on how much to pay for a fascinating Halong Bay cruise

    A guide on how much to pay for a fascinating Halong Bay cruise

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise? It is such a crucial question when planning to enjoy one of the seven wonders of the world. Do not worry because there are only two steps to answer it.

    Step 1: How long will your trip be?

    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise depends greatly on your agenda. Do you want a fast pace, dynamic Day Cruise, or a sparkling, fulfilling 2-day-1-night or 3-day-4-night trip? 

    What’s in it for you in a dynamic Day Cruise?

    With the price 49$ - 99$, there are some inclusions and exclusions that are in a Day Cruise package. Being aware of them, you will be able to decide how much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise.

    Common inclusions: 

    • Transportation to the ferry.
    • Lunch (seafood or Vietnamese dishes).
    • 1 or 2 bottles of water.
    • Tour guide (English or Vietnamese).
    • Entrance and sightseeing fees (depends on the program).
    • Extra activities (depends on the program).

    Common exclusions:

    • Other food & beverages.
    • Tips, gratuities, and personal expenses. 
    • Travel insurance, taxes.
    • Some expenses not mentioned in the inclusions.
    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise?

    What is offered in a breath-taking 2 - day - 1 -night cruise?

    A 2 day - 1 - night cruise tour is perfect for a sparkling night spent in the romantic scenery of Halong. How much to pay for a Halong Bay Cruise in a 2 - day - 1 - night trip? The price is diverse due to the luxury of the cabin, the quality of the meals, the extra activities, etc. However, the packages often have inclusions and exclusions as stated below:

    Common inclusions:

    •  Transportation to the ferry.
    •  English speaking tour guide.
    • All meals (1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 brunch).
    • Sightseeing and entrance tickets.
    • Accommodation.
    • Other activities according to the program. 

     Common exclusions:

    • Airfare and visa arrangements. 
    • Massage and Spa services.
    • Drinks, gratuities.
    • Other personal expenses.
    • All services not specifically included in inclusions.
    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise?

    3 - day - 4 - night Cruise for the fullest experience

    3 – day – 4 – night tour should be the best option to explore Halong to its fullest. This kind of tours’ price ranges from 245$ - 501$ with some common inclusions and exclusions:

    Common inclusions: 

    • Transfer services.
    •  English speaking tour guide.
    •  All meals are provided (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 brunch).
    •  Activities: kayaking, swimming, etc. (depends on the programs).
    •  Accommodation.
    •  Complimentary water.

    Common exclusions:

    •  Airfare and visa arrangements. 
    •  Massage and Spa services.
    •  Drinks, gratuities.
    •  Other personal expenses.
    •  All services not specifically included in inclusions.
    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise?

    Step 2: How luxury will your trip be?

    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise also depends on the ratings of the cruise. The luxurious 5 stars cruise will be more expensive than the 4 stars or 3 stars cruise. 

    5 stars cruise:

    Pros: 5 stars cruise is a serious treat. It is like a castle on the water. You will be amazed by the glamourous cabins, fine meals, and excellent services such as spa, gym, etc. that surely put a smile on your face. 

    Cons: It is the most expensive type of cruise. You should make sure that the trip is suitable for your budget before deciding on one. 

    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise?

    4 stars cruise:

    Pros: 4 stars cruise also offers high-quality cabins, great meals, and services like spa, gym, etc. Though the quality is not as excellent as 5 stars cruise, it still offers almost all the services that 5 stars cruise does.

    Cons: The price varies greatly among 4 stars cruises. You might want to do extra research to find the most reasonable cruise. 

    3 stars cruise:

    Pros: Reasonable price. As the competition is fierce among the cruise providers, they often offer extra services such as kayaking or free transportation from Hanoi.

    Cons: Like 4 stars cruise, there might be too many options at different prices. Deep research is what you need to decide on the cruise.

    How much to pay for a Halong Bay cruise?

    Below we include some common price ranges for recommendation:

    3 stars

    4 stars

    5 stars

    Day Cruise

    49$ - 70$

     Recommended tours: 

    ·Wego Halong: 49$

    · Halong Sen Cruises:70$

    75$ - 79$

     Recommended tours:

    · Cong Cruise: 75$


    · Wonder Bay Cruise: 79$


    84$ - 99$

     Recommended tours: 

    · Escape Sails: 84$


    · Amazing Sails Luxury: 85$


    ·Jade Sails: 99$



    135$ - 190$

     Recommended tours:

    · Lemon Cruise - Superior Cabin: 135$

    ·Cristina Diamond - Deluxe Cabin: 165$

    ·Rosa Cruise - Deluxe Cabin: 190$

    200$ - 295$

     Recommended tours:

    ·Rosa Boutique Cruise - Deluxe Seaview Cabin: 200$

    ·Peony Cruises - Deluxe cabin with balcony: 232

    ·La Regina Legend Cruise - Princess Cruise: 295$

    329$ - 585$

     Recommended tours:

    ·Orchid Cruise - Suite cabin with balcony: 329$

    ·Orchid Premium Cruise - Terrace Suite: 585$


    245$ - 295$

     Recommended tours:

    ·Halong Lavender Cruise - Deluxe Cabin Seaview: 245$

    ·Seasun Cruises - Deluxe Cabin: 255$

    ·Cristina Diamond Cruise - Deluxe Cabin: 295$

    300$ - 395$

     Recommended tours:

    ·Sunlight Boutique Cruise - Deluxe Cabin: 300$

    ·Magenta Cruise - Deluxe Balcony Cabin: 355$

    ·Calypso Cruise - Deluxe Cabin: 395$

    400$ - 501$

     Recommended tours:

    ·Ancora Cruise - Deluxe Cabin: 400$

    ·Athena Royal Cruise - Executive Suite Balcony: 453$

    ·Azalea Cruise - Deluxe Cruise with balcony: 501$

    Extra tips and tricks for a within budget Cruise trip:

    Tip 1: Define your budget and favorable length of stay:

    Define your maximum budget and stick to it in order to decide on the most reasonable cruise. You should also take into consideration the length of your trip along with the budget.

    Tip 2: Research on the price ranges on different sources:

    Research the price on reliable pages like or Knowing the price range helps you to decide on a reasonable tour for your budget. You should research carefully on the inclusions and exclusions of each program as well.

    Tip 3: Choose a smart booking method:

    Why do you have to consider a smart booking method? As there are many intermediaries who earn extra money for introducing tours to tourists, the price of the Cruise might be higher, yet the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, choosing a booking method is important. You can book the tour online on reliable pages like or If you book through a travel agency, you might have to negotiate the price. Booking through hostels is not recommended. 

    With the above information, how much to pay for a Halong Bay Cruise may not be as clueless and difficult anymore. With some research, you can surely have a leisurely trip to remember.