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    How to get from Sapa to Halong Bay with  unforgettable moments

    How to get from Sapa to Halong Bay with unforgettable moments

    • Phuong Ha
    If you are amazed by the beauty of Sapa, your mind will explode whenever you set your foot on the draw-dropping land of Halong Bay. Halong Bay, an internationally well-known tourist attraction, is highly recommended by almost all tourists. One common question: “How do I get from Sapa to Halong Bay to make my trip more memorable?”

    Normally, if you have a chance to visit Sapa, try to transfer from Sapa to Halong Bay to witness the changing images from the mountainous region to the coastal area with your naked eyes. No matter how far from Sapa to Halong bay is, there are always several modes of transportation to travel, which will make your trip much more comfortable.

    There are 4 common ways to move to Halong Bay from Sapa

    1. Taking a bus from Sapa to Halong Bay

    The average time of traveling from Halong Bay to Sapa is roughly 8 hours (with a distance of about 480km), this also depends on the modes of transportation that you choose.
    Buses are common in most cities. However, we can also take a bus to Halong Bay. According to some surveys, traveling by bus to Halong Bay is one of the best ways to travel recently.

    On the one hand, if you have enough time and want to have more sight-viewing on the road, we recommend you choose to catch a bus to Hanoi and then from Hanoi to Halong Bay to enjoy the landscape to the fullest. There are several types of bus for your selection with different fare level:

    • 7-9-seat Limousine: Travel time 3.5-4 hours, ticket price 200,000 - 250,000 VND
    • 19-seat Limousine: Travel time 3.5-4 hours, ticket price 130,000 - 150,000 VND
    • 45-seat car: Travel time 5-6 hours, ticket price 100,000 - 120,000 VND
    • 45-bed sleeper bus: Travel time 5-6 hours, ticket price 200,000 -230,000 VND

    Then from Hanoi to Halong Bay, you can choose either a bus or a train to reach your final destination.

    how to get from sapa to halong bay

    Sapa Express- Bus from Sapa to Halong Bay

    On the other hand, in case you are short of time or want to have a direct transfer from Sapa to Halong Bay. The route from Lao Cai to Halong Bay is over 400 kilometers. Normally, each day there are about 4 bus trips running this route starting from 06:45 to 22:00: Phuc Xuyen Bus, Luxury Van Limousine, Sapa Shuttle Bus, Phuc An, Cuong Lan (SaPa). The duration of traveling is around 8 hours.

    Phuc Xuyen bus is the most chosen by passengers and it has more travel time during a day than other brands. Most importantly, all the buses are well-equipped with various amenities ranging from wet tissue, crackers, water bottles to high-speed wifi and television.

    Information about the bus:

    Average price
    Cuong Lan
    350.000 VND ~ $15
    Cuong Lan (Sapa)
    350.000 VND ~ $15
    Phuc An
    350.000 VND ~ $15
    Phuc Xuyen
     370.000 VND ~ $16

    2. Taxi or private car from Sapa to Halong Bay

    If you care more about your own privacy and comfort during the trip from Sapa to Halong Bay, you should put a taxi or a private car on your bucket list. However, you should consider your pocket because the price might be more costly compared to other modes of transportation.

    There are two ubiquitous brands of taxi that you can opt for, Vinasun or Mai Linh. You can book a seat by calling the hotline which can be seen from their websites. The price for a direct 7-to-8-hour trip from Sapa to Halong Bay might cost around $300 (~7.000.000 VND). Nevertheless, you may have a wonderful trip without any pressure of waiting or privacy.

    how to get from sapa to halong bay

    A trip by taxi from Sapa to Halong Bay

    3. Night train from Sapa to Halong Bay

    You can choose to take a night train from Sapa to Hanoi, then try some top options to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay here.

    When traveling by train, you have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery that you will never know if you travel on the highway. The train from Sapa will go on a deserted road surrounded by ranges of mountain and paddy fields. It runs at a fairly slow speed, so it will be easier for those who are day-dreaming to see the amazing scenery outside the train window. Because of its slow speed, you are less likely to suffer from sickness motion. Moreover, there are enough toilets on the train, so you will not have to worry about finding a place for urination during the trip. There are myriad spaces so that you can move around inside the train, that is why you will not find yourself so tired or exhausted due to staying in a closed space in such long time. However, the trip afterwards will cost you a lot of money for visiting, staying, eating local cuisine and so forth; therefore, traveling by train will be a money-saving option.

    how to get from sapa to halong bay

    The cozy ambiance inside a night train from Sapa to Halong Bay

    Trains often have air-conditioning machines, 6-bed air-conditioned cabins, and 4-bed air-conditioned cabins. In case you have a long-distance trip, the bed will help you feel more comfortable and healthy than sitting for a long period of time. Trains also have premium beds and regular beds. Besides, the cabins are designed with sound-proofing and two-way air conditioning systems.

    In addition, the cabin is equipped and decorated with a lot of furniture like in a real room, such as a reading lamp, newspaper and magazines, a small table for drinking water and a vase of colorful fresh flowers. The door also has secure lock system, so you will not worry about your privacy. In other words, it is a good place for passengers to find their inner peace and sleep comfortably at night during the journey. You will feel at home with plush blankets, sheets, pillows, and plush cushions to suit the weather of each season in the North of Vietnam.

    Night train from Sapa to Halong Bay may cost you based on the service that you choose:

    • Type 1: Train with soft air-conditioned seat:
    • The ticket price ranges from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND according to your seat position. (around $7 ~ $9)
    • Type 2: Train with 6-bed air-conditioned cabin:
    • The ticket price ranges from 290,000 VND to 380,000 VND for each person for one way. The price will be different upon the floor you choose to stay on. (around $13 ~ $17)
    • Type 3: Train with a 4-bed cabin equipped with wooden furniture inside:
    • This type will be higher, which varies around 415,000 VND on weekdays and 500,000 VND on weekends. ( around $18 ~ $22)
    • Type 4: The most expensive type of ticket with a premium 4-bed cabin:
    • The price will cost you around 680,000 VND for each bed. (around $30)

    Note when traveling by train for the first time

    • Buying tickets early to make sure your trip will take place on time according to your personal schedule.
    • Check tickets carefully before receiving them.
    • You should have enough warm clothes and the clothes you love. However, the luggage must be light and portable.

    4. Motorbike from Sapa to Halong Bay

    Nowadays, many young people, also some international tourists prefer traveling by motorbike rather than going by car or train to tourist destinations. Here are some reasons:

    • Have a feeling of exploring, challenging, and conquering nature.
    • More cost-saving compared to going by car or train.
    • Traveling on a motorbike can be more flexible, you can pull over and take pictures in any location.
    how to get from sapa to halong bay
    The smile on the face of a biker on a trip from Sapa to Halong Bay


    Things to note when traveling from Sapa to Halong Bay by motorbike

    • Choosing the right touring route by motorbike.
    how to get from sapa to halong bay
    Beautiful sceneries during the route back to Halong Bay
    • Motorcycle inspection: Motorbikes are the main means of transportation, so you need to check the brakes, refurbish motorbikes must always be in good condition. 
    • Prepare the necessary supplies:
    1. Should bring enough clothes
    2. Choose sports shoes for convenience
    3. Bring all vehicle documents, ID card
    4. Prepare stomach pain medication, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and toothpaste.
    Traveling by motorbike has its own fun and interesting things. In addition, when moving to other tourist destinations of Halong Bay is also simpler. However, safety by other means cannot be guaranteed.
    Obviously, you still need good health to transfer to Halong Bay by motorbike or else you will face some health problems. It also depends on weather conditions as well, so it should be carefully considered if choosing to travel by motorbike.

    FAQs: Transfering from Sapa to Halong Bay

    1. What is the fastest way to travel to Halong from Sapa?
    The average time to travel from Sapa to Halong is 8 to 9 hours. However, it would be faster if you travel by your own private vehicles or taxi.

    2. Should I move from Sapa to Halong Bay during the daytime or nighttime?
    It depends on your demand and your time. If you want to save time, you can choose an overnight train or bus; however, in case you want to enjoy the landscape on the road, a daytime trip may help.

    3. Can I solo travel to Halong Bay?
    You can totally travel on your own by motorbike or any means of transport. However, make sure to have good health and prepare well before the trip.

    4. Can I fly to Halong Bay?
    There is no direct flight, you can only transfer by seaplane to Halong Bay from Hanoi capital. Traveling by seaplane may cost you a lot, but it is the fastest way to get Halong at the moment.
    Find further information about seaplane from Hanoi to Halong Bay here.

    5. Can I sail to Halong Bay?
    Halong Bay offers a wide range of services for travelers. Cruise is one of the top famous and it has been highly recommended by most tourists recently.
    Find more cruise trips here.

    6. What to do in Halong Bay?
    Halong Bay is famous not only for its breathtaking beauty but also for modern tourist services. There are many things to do here from visiting cultural and historic areas to enjoying the natural wonders.
    Find more beautiful places to explore in Halong Bay here.

    Last words

    To enjoy your trip to the fullest, there are many things we care about in our journey. A trip from Sapa to Halong Bay will be more amazing if you can ride your motorbike, or try other safer means of transportation, namely bus, train or taxi. Depending on your demand, each type of vehicle will bring you a special feeling and make your trip more memorable. Besides, there are always best ways to visit Halong Bay by kinds of travel whenever you set foot in this land.
    If you first visit Halong Bay or you want to refer to more tourist attractions in this beautiful land, try to take a look at for more information.