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    Useful Guide: Everything you should know about Kayaking Halong Bay

    Useful Guide: Everything you should know about Kayaking Halong Bay

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    Kayaking is a sport that has long appeared and has become very popular all over the world. However, kayaking has only become popular in Vietnam for about a decade, mainly for tourism activities in Vietnamese destinations with beautiful water landscapes such as lakes, rivers, streams, especially beautiful bays. With diverse terrain and nature across Vietnam, it is easy to find attractive and ideal places for kayaking, the most famous of which is kayaking Halong Bay. Below is the article where you can find everything you should know about kayaking Halong Bay.

    kayaking Halong Bay

    Halong Bay is among the top destinations in the world for kayaking

    Halong Bay has been recognized as one of the top 25 destinations for kayaking in the world (in 2000) by the prestigious National Geographic magazine (USA). Vietnam kayaking Halong Bay is an ideal destination for your next trip.

    In March 2019, in the article titled "The world's best places to go sea kayaking" by Wanderlust, the world's second most famous tourist magazine (UK) claimed that Halong Bay is Asia's most beautiful place for kayaking. Also in that article, Halong Bay is honored to appear next to world-famous tourist destinations such as Marlborough Sounds (New Zealand), Baja California (Mexico), or South-east Alaska (USA).

    kayaking Halong Bay

    Why kayaking at Halong Bay is a worth-trying experience?

    Spectacular karst landscape

    Amid the immense sea of ​​water surrounded by thousands of rocky islands, the kayakers will become very small. Nowhere in the world can tourists kayak through the cave bed tens of meters long formed over millions of years. Through the cave is to come to an inside lake like a well or a dragon's eye between the blue sea and endemic flora and fauna only here. In some places such as the Luon cave area, visitors also have the opportunity to meet lovely golden monkeys. People still tell each other that, to touch the serene natural beauty of Halong Bay, try kayaking in Halong Bay!

    kayaking Halong Bay

    Calm and peaceful waters

    The waters at Halong Bay are extremely calm and peaceful, so kayaking becomes very easy. Even if you can't swim, you can still participate in this activity.

    Opportunity to more about local culture

    The floating fishing villages on the bay bring simple beauty to the scenery of Halong Bay. Through kayaking, visitors can also access and understand more about the extremely special geological history that has made up the sea, rocky islands, caves here; the cultural history of prehistoric people millions of years ago who lived in caves; or fascinating thrilling legends;...

    Interesting tour

    Not only kayaking, but visitors can also visit and experience other activities such as Halong Bay cruise with kayaking, squid fishing, visiting the fishing village,... all synthesized into extremely memorable experiences.

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    kayaking Halong Bay

    Best places for kayaking at Halong Bay

    There are 8 kayaking areas at Halong Bay including Ba Hang, Luon Cave, Dong Tien Lake, and Trinh Nu Cave, Vung Tung Sau, Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Co Cave, and Cong Do - Tra San. Each of these areas has more than 100 to 200 kayaks and hand boats operating with clearly defined boundaries:

    • Ba Hang: The area of 16.7 hectares can offer a maximum number of 55 kayaks and 60 hand boats.
    • Luon cave: About 100 kayaks and 30 rowing boats are available for you and your friends. A small kayaking area option for a small group of people or families to discover the mysterious beauty of the cave.
    • Dong Tien lake and Trinh Nu cave: The local area is about 82.62 hectares with 405 kayaks. It’s the biggest kayaking area.
    • Tung Sau village: The zoned area is 76 hectares with 155 kayaks and 30 rowing boats.
    • Cua Van: About 78.27 hectares of kayaking areas with more than 200 kayaks and 30 rowing boats.
    • Vung Vieng: the kayaking area there is 50.22 hectares with 200 kayaks and 60 rowing boats.
    • Co cave: the local area is 43,22 hectares with 150 kayaks.
    • Cong Do - Tra San: the zoned area is 62.42 hectares, providing 200 kayaks.

    (June 2017 figures, by 2021 these may have changed slightly).

    kayaking Halong Bay

    Best season for kayaking Halong Bay

    From April to August is the time that most tourists choose to visit Halong Bay. However, in the summer, especially from July to August, is the time that there are many storms and tropical depressions, so the kayaking activities will be restricted.

    In the autumn, Ha Long Bay has its own beauty. From September to November, Ha Long often has beautiful sunshine, clear water, nice weather. It will be the best time to come and enjoy the weather at Halong Bay. Besides, the storm is also less at this time, the number of visitors is also reduced, so it will avoid crowded scenes. Thus, the best season for kayaking Halong Bay should be the early summer (April to June) or early autumn (September to November).

    kayaking Halong Bay

    What to bring when kayaking in Halong Bay?

    • Sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella (You can also bring a handheld fan if the weather is too hot)...
    • Simple clothes to avoid fussy for kayak activities will create a sense of comfort when joining kayaking Halong Bay.
    • If you are a big fan of photography and want to have incredible photos of yourself or nature, then the camera is an indispensable item to save beautiful memories during the trip.

    Useful tips for kayaking on Halong Bay

    Before joining kayaking

    • Check the weather: It is an outdoor sport so the weather is one of the most essential factors that you need to consider in advance. On cloudy days or a few small raindrops, this activity still takes place, but visitors should prepare more raincoats in case it rains heavily. This activity takes place all year round in Halong Bay but on hot sunny days in summer (from May to September) it is recommended to bring a hat and freshwater with you. On cold winter days, you can still kayak as normal because this activity is relatively safe, and not afraid of getting wet and cold in calm waters like Halong Bay
    • Prepare: water (for more than 1-hour kayak tours), apply sunscreen, carry a waterproof bag for cameras and electronic devices.
    • Wear a life jacket: Carefully follow the instructions and rules such as wearing a life jacket and buttoning it carefully.
    • Wear suitable clothes: Loose, comfortable clothes for exercise: T-shirts and shorts in the summer; warm winter clothes; waterproof shoes or sandals. Wear a hat and sunglasses in the sun, and bring a raincoat if you are afraid of sudden rain. Halong Bay water is quite warm in winter, so feel free to go kayaking at any time of the year. However, keeping yourself warm is a need after you complete the activity to avoid getting cold.
    • Never kayak while drunk.
    • Children under 5 years old should not go kayaking for safety
    kayaking Halong Bay

    While kayaking

    • Keep an eye on your tour guide: Focus on their announcement of itinerary, times, and rules.
    • Keep your distance from other kayaks: The safe distance means not too close or far away. Don’t let yourself crash with the others because of too close distance or get lost because of moving too far from other passengers.
    • Don’t get too close to caves and rocky mountains: Even if you are an experienced kayaker, you still can be stuck in very dangerous situations if rowing too close to those areas.
    • Stay away from dangerous zones: Avoid kayaking zones with strong currents, against the strong winds.
    • Flexibly adjust the speed of kayak rowing: This will be helpful to avoid any member getting out of sight. Remember not to split the group.
    • Do not litter: With a long kayaking trip, if you want to bring food, you should prepare a bag to pick up trash on the rowing road.
    • In case of being flipped: You need to get out of the boat, activate your life-jacket, and slowly swim to save energy while waiting for help.
    • In case of storms: Find the safest place in sheltered areas or beaches to avoid storms. In case you are far from your cruiser, or landing areas and cannot find a safe place, the best thing you can do is to gather together with other passengers to make a raft rowing. Making a raft rowing in the middle of the vast sea will be a worth traveling memory.
    kayaking Halong Bay

    The bottom line

    Is the above information convincing enough for you to take the time to participate in this exciting experience yet? Invite your family or close friends to explore kayaking Halong Bay right now! Wish you have a wonderful vacation! Discover more tours at Halong Bay Tour.