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    Experience Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Experience Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

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    As a tourist, there are certain things you should know about the Lunar New Year in Halong bay like a local. At the very least, you should do a bit of research about the fantastic time, weather and festivals during Vietnamese New Year. Today, I will bring you some useful information about Tet in Ha Long Bay.

    What is Lunar New Year?

    Many travelers are interested in going to the countryside of Vietnam to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of local families celebrating Tet holiday. This is the time when the lunar calendar comes to an end and a new year starts again. Different from Western New Year, Tet holiday in Vietnam is a week of amusement and extended family time. It usually falls in late January or early February but dates are not similar from year to year. 
    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Ha Long Bay Weather in Tet Holiday

    Ha Long Bay’s weather in Tet holiday is quite chilly and foggy. The spring weather often has dark skies and drizzles. The streets can get muddy at any time so you should bring an umbrella and warm clothes in your baggage. 
    During this time, people usually travel to Ha Long to capture stunning photos of the spring weather. Moreover, visitors can know more about Vietnamese Tet culture: how locals are preparing to go shopping, buy flowers and plants, and how they enjoy Tet holiday with their families.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Ha Long Festivities during Lunar New Year

    Experience Firework in the cold light of day

    Activities: Watching firework showcases with group friends and family.

    What locals do: This is an activity that locals usually participate in on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Instead of having together in their houses, they often book dinner table near the fireworks’ spots to enjoy traditional Tet atmosphere and contemplate the firework showcases. Don’t hesitate to enjoy this party in Ha Long.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    Quang Ninh is famous for its annual fireworks during Tet Holidays. Foreign tourists and even locals are really interested in witnessing the 15-minute firework showcases from an overnight cruise. However, booking the cruise on Lunar New Year’s Eve is quite hard and the price is only for merchants. Instead, tourists can spectate the fireworks from 8 places where Quang Ninh will set off Tet fireworks.

    The 8 high-altitude venues are
    30/10 Square in Ha Long

    • Trung Yen River in Uong Bi 
    • Cua Ong Temple in Cam Pha
    • Cultural and Sport Center in Mong Cai
    • Sport Center in Dong Trieu
    • Phuong Dong commune in Van Don
    • Dam Ha Town
    • Tien Yen Town

    Experience Ha Long overnight cruises to enjoy traditional Vietnamese banquet

    Activities: Find artistic places, enjoy a destination with a cheerful ambiance, explore beautiful and untouched places and witness Firework on boat. You might be interested in a long trek to find gorgeous waterfalls, hidden beaches, exotic landscapes and unique culture. Besides, you can also swim in the open sea, dive to discover the magic, snorkel at the wondrous spots, do some island- hopping to indulge the most scenic view on beautiful beach.

    What locals do: Overnight cruises is only for merchants in Ha Long. They usually book a night cruise to have a great time together with their families and enjoy the fireworks on boat.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Spending a night cruise on New Year’s Eve is the most fantastic chance to witness the fireworks festival and breathtaking views on land. During that night, you will enjoy a cooking show and learn how to make traditional Vietnamese cuisine on board. 

    The bar and restaurant on board is an ideal place to take photos and share with others thanks to the opening space. Imagine waking up at 5 a.m, sitting on a cruise tour and gazing at the beauty of Ha Long Bay from the up-close view of sunrise.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    The Blonde Aboard

    My previous Ha Long Bay overnight cruise during Tet was so amazing. I made a lot of new friends and had great moments on New Year’s Eve. The staff and crew on board were so friendly. They were willing to share with foreigners about Vietnamese culture and the customs of this special time of year. Hence, one of the must-do things in Tet Holidays is to book an overnight cruise and enjoy the sweet days.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    @Katerina & Yinon

    However, you have to know that some cruise operators do close during Tet Holiday. Hence, a bit of research on active cruises during the festive time needs to be done. Any agencies in Hanoi will be able to provide you with this list, but you should book your Ha Long Bay trip a few months before the Tet Holidays. The first suggestion for you is to contact Sdisco right away to preserve your spot on our tours.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    Here is some cruises that you can choose:

    Experience Spring Flower Festival in the bustling vibes

    Activities: Go sightseeing the amusement park, explore Mystic Mountain Complex. You will be welcomed to admire various sites: Zen garden designed in Japanese-inspired style, the Sun Wheel – world’s top highest view, Kidoland playground suited to children, the Wax Museum, World Game

    What locals do: Visit Dragon Park to take part in numerous adventurous games: Tea Cups, maxi dance party, circus train, royal carousel, mine train and wild boats. Also, they have various flower stalls that tourists can buy gifts for their families or friends.

    The Flower Festival takes place at Dragon Park, Sun World Ha Long Complex, which is located in Bai Chay, Ha Long.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    Let’s go to Sun World Ha Long Complex in Lunar New Year! There is a fascinating program to attract more travellers to Ha Long with ticket prices of only $4.5 for adults and $2.15 for children. You will be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this city and the diversity of 60.000 fresh flowers. 

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Experience Ha Long Flower Market in a chilly day

    Activities: Enjoy more than hundred stalls displaying various types of typical flowers and bonsai trees around Vietnam, capture beautiful photos in nice spring weather.
    What locals do: Participating in flower fairs to buy popular types of flowers such as Yellow Apricot Blossom, Peach Blossom, Kumquat Tree is a traditional way that locals often prepare to decorate their house.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    The Ha Long Flower Market usually celebrated at the 30/10 Square during Tet Holidays. This is a good opportunity for individuals and businesses who are expert in growing flowers and ornamental species to introduce and share their products. It is expected that the fair would meet people’s needs of preparing decoration stuffs for Lunar new year.

    Experience the Yen Tu Spring Festival in a sacred pagoda 

    Activities: To explore Yen Tu Mountain, you should get to: Giai Oan Lake, Giai Oan pagoda, Hoa Yen pagoda, Dong pagoda.

    What locals do: Visiting pagodas for Tet Holiday is Vietnamese Tradition. Locals usually choose a special church and pagoda to arrive at. In Ha Long, an ocean of people will pay a visit to Yen Tu Festival.

    The Yen Tu Spring Festival is celebrated from the 10th day of the first lunar month to the end of the third lunar month at Yen Tu Mountain, Uong Bi Town, Quang Ninh Province. It is 50 kilometres far from Ha Long City so visitors can travel to Yen Tu Mountain by cars, buses and even motorbikes.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    During this time, hordes of tourists visit Yen Tu to pray for luck and health for themselves and their family in the New Year. People say that if you manage to climb to the peak of Yen Tu (Dong Pagoda), you will receive good news in the upcoming year. Besides, tourists can enjoy traditional cultural activities such as flower displays, traditional martial arts, dragon and unicorn dancing,...

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Experience Quang Ninh Museum to explore a peek into Halong’s history

    Activities: The first floor features tubular that displays columns made of modern materials. The second floor is decorated based on a wooden boat to introduce Quang Ninh Province through a thousand years of history war against French Colonial and American Empire, and Truc Lam Yen Tu Buddhism culture. The third floor is designed by the cultural identities and characteristics of ethnic groups in Quang Ninh Province.

    What locals do: Locals are really proud of their architecture because Quang Ninh Museum is regarded as an important cultural institution which will help introduce their history with foreign tourists.

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    The Quang Ninh Museum is open on both weekdays and weekends (except for Monday), even during public holidays such as Lunar New Year. Tourists can register to be interpreted in Vietnamese, English or French. Visiting there, you will see 100.000 book titles of all fields separated into many kinds of rooms such as reading rooms, business rooms,...

    • Address: Tran Quoc Nghien Street, Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province
    • Time opening: 8:00 - 17:00 
    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local
    Wyndham Hotels and Resorts


    Experience Bai Chay Ancient Town 

    Activities: very crowded and bustling with many souvenir shops, cafes, pubs like Hanoi old quarter or Tay Bui Vien street in Saigon.

    What locals do: This place is an interesting place for young people in Ha Long. Simulated by the Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi’s old quarter, it is a favourite photographic location for locals, with many trade activities, entertainment and eating. 

    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    If you plan to visit Sun World Ha Long Complex in Lunar New Year, don’t forget to get to awesome location: Bai Chay Ancient Town - Little Vietnam. Reproduced architecture of Hanoi Old Quarter, Little Vietnam is positioned on the second peninsula, between two large resorts Tuan Chau and Bai Chay. This area is very bustling in the evening that is really match with cruise travel, family tour and group friends.

    Experience Vincom Plaza Ha Long

    Activities: very crowded and attractive with the various Vietnamese dishes, numerous fashion stores, supermarkets and furniture. 

    What locals do: Locals usually visit there to watch movies in CGV cinema, take artistic photos and enjoy the first natural ice skating rink in Ha Long. 

     Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local

    Located in Bach Dang Ward, Vincom Plaza Ha Long is the largest entertainment complex and a business center. The special thing in Vincom Plaza Ha Long is a 1,086 sqm ice rink. It can cover 100 persons in this space. Ha Long Cinema area also is a worth visiting place for both locals and travelers who look for fun and entertainment in Quang Ninh Province.

    • Address: The Clock Tower, Bach Dang Ward, Quang Ninh, Ha Long Province
    • Time opening: 9:30 - 22:00
    Lunar New Year in Ha Long like a local