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    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise when traveling to Halong bay

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise when traveling to Halong bay

    • Phuong Ha

    In this article, Scruise will show you the reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise when you have a chance to unfold the beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Visiting Halong bay, booking an overnight cruise always is the best way to take a glance at the beautiful wonder of Vietnam. However, after having experienced ourselves, we found out that Paradise Elegance Cruise is a must-try cruise in Halong bay. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for the most significant reasons for taking Paradise Elegance Cruise tour around Halong bay.

    Contemplating Halong bay - the best wonder of Vietnam

    Halong bay, located in the Quang Ninh province of northern Vietnam, is a stunning landscape made up of about 2,000 limestone karsts and islets. A well-known destination for visitors in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a quite easy four-hour drive from Hanoi.

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    The natural beauty of Halong bay

    These days, people no longer visit Halong bay in small fishing boats. Alternatively, travelers follow the cruising trend via cruise ships or junk boats, ferry travelers around the bay to behold the alluring beauty of Halong bay. Particularly, these cruise tours range from day trips to multiple-night cruises. 

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Cruises on Halong bay

    About Paradise Cruise

    Started in the luxury travel and hospitality industry for more than nine years, Paradise Cruise has still kept running on this field with many achievements. Beginning from just one junk boat back in 2008, the whole company has worked hard in achieving excellence not only for the traveling service in Halong Bay but also exceeding expectations from the local government. 

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    The Paradise Cruise on Halong bay

    Generally, Paradise Cruise offers 3 different options of cruises for visitors with best price cruises which are Paradise Luxury, Paradise Elegance, and Paradise Peak. In particular, the most prevalent cruise is Paradise Luxury accommodating most tourists in Halong Bay. This kind of cruise is perfect for those who want to behold the panoramic view of Halong bay. The guests of this boat are mainly adventure travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends. 

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Luxury

    Secondly, Paradise Peak is mostly chosen by couples or families, who seek a floating boutique hotel in Halong Bay with private and quiet space. Paradise Peak Cruise is also smaller than Paradise Luxury, with only 8 suites in total.

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Peak

    Lastly, the biggest steel Halong cruise is Paradise Elegance with five-star amenities and service and a total of 31 cabins. This boat is suitable for couples, families, and friends who like to see Halong Bay from a higher perspective in a modern environment.

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Elegance

    Why to choose Paradise Elegance Cruise? 

    An elegant and modern cruise in Halong Bay

    The Paradise Elegance Cruise is a beautiful, well-maintained and value cruise, with spacious, well-equipped and luxuriously furnished cabins. Besides, the facilities and amenities of this boat feature as a five-star hotel room. Therefore, based on your needs, interests, and budget, Paradise Elegance Cruise is a greatly perfect boat to cruise in Halong bay.

    Orionneangle (@AngelicaOrion), a cruise traveler from, expressed her thoughts after staying overnight on Paradise Elegance Cruise: “I love everything that happened to our cruise. On each occasion, the experience was absolutely exceptional. The food is ample and delicious, the facilities onboard are clean and very comfortable, and most of all, the service is top-notch. If you are looking at booking a trip to Halong Bay I would definitely recommend Paradise Elegance.”

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise Sundeck on Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Elegance

    Paradise Elegance contains 31 spacious cabins with private balconies, terraces, and walk-in closets. Moreover, Paradise Elegance Cruise is a glossy and new vessel that mingles the up-to-date Vietnamese design model, so it is a methodically designed steel cruise on Halong Bay. The Paradise Elegance Cruise offers a world-class spa, wellness center and a piano bar for peace of mind which enhances your exquisite experience on the wonderful bay of Vietnam. 

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Rooms on Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise Cabin on Paradise Elegance

    In each deluxe cabin on Paradise Elegance Cruise, there are en-suite bathrooms, wardrobe, air conditioning, slippers, complimentary toiletries, emergency equipment, and hairdryer. If you are a solo traveler and want to communicate with people, choose Paradise Elegance because, on this big boat, there are more new people to befriend and more public spaces to move to such as a piano bar, day spa, and wellness center. 

    Brittspencer1 from, among guests having 1 night cruise on Paradise Elegance Cruise, also claimed that Paradise Elegance Cruise gave her a memorable experience. She wrote: “This 1 night cruise exceeded our expectations - not only was the scenery stunning but Paradise Cruises were exceptionally professional and well organised. From our point of drop off up until pick up, there was always something planned for us to do or experience, even a light lunch in the hotel while we waited for our transport back to Hanoi. The service on our Paradise Elegance boat 2 was wonderful - staff are so polite and attentive. They build personal relationships with guests. The spa experience was a lovely optional addition, I chose the Vietnamese massage which was relaxing but also very effective in relieving tightness. The excursions, and simply sitting in the open air on top of the boat took us to another world. A must-do when visiting Vietnam.” 


    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Room on Paradise Elegance Cruise

    The finest foods on Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Elegance Cruise makes it a priority to feed guests fine foods with both Vietnamese food and Western dishes, seafood in abundance. After all, it makes you feel you are at sea. Paradise Elegance Cruise usually serves buffets for breakfast and a la carte for lunch and dinner. However, the gastronomy of each cruise might vary. Significantly, Paradise Elegance Cruise can cater to guests having dietary restrictions and deal with food allergies and intolerances. And all meals are cooked to perfection by top chefs. 

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Foods on Paradise Elegance Cruise

    In particularly, Paradise Elegance prepares authentic Vietnamese cuisine and international dishes with freshest ingredients. Particularly, you begin your day with a tasty international breakfast buffet and lunch as well. And for dinner, you indulge in the extensive a la carte menu. 

    Sandra_Anakopolis, a traveler, showed his positive thought when it comes to experience the 2 days 1 night tour of Paradise Elegance Cruise: “The Paradise Elegance 2, provided the best experience ever. Our room was very clean, the staff was the most welcoming, and the food was delicious!!! This was an amazing trip that my fiance and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. The ambiance, the music in the background and the beautiful setting really paved the way for our unforgettable trip. A big thank you to all the staff who made this trip one of a kind !!!


     Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Vietnamese food on Paradise Elegance cruise

    Flexible tour itineraries, must-visit spots in excursions, and diverse onboard activities

    All Paradise Elegance Cruise offers flexible 1 or 2 nights programs and tourists who cruise for two nights on Paradise Elegance Cruise will transfer to a smaller boat called Paradise Explorer on the second day.

     Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Paradise Explorer Cruise

    Part of the experience of Paradise Elegance Cruise to Halong bay is the excursions. Tourists will delve into mysterious caves, go kayaking around islets and floating fishing villages. These excursions are surely fascinating to get an insight into the hidden beauty of Halong bay. 

    A user account on named Ebondy710 shared her amazing experience on Paradise Elegance Cruise for 3 days 2 nights: “We did the two-night cruise and loved it. We were glad we booked the extra night, because we got an extra day of excursions and got more time to relax and just enjoy the gorgeous views and beautiful ship. The staff were excellent and attentive to our every need. In particular, Rivaldi, Diem, and Ryan were extremely kind and made our stay one we will remember for a long time. We had plenty of opportunities to go out exploring in caves, fishing villages, kayaking, and a short hike for a fabulous view over Halong Bay. We were sad to leave at the end of the tour! Thanks, Paradise Cruises, for making this such a memorable experience.” 


     Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Going kayak in Halong Bay

    Reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise 

    Visiting caves in Halong bay

    Furthermore, if visitors seek things to do in your downtime, Paradise Elegance Cruise offers relaxing onboard activities. Guests can take part in Vietnamese cooking classes, taste rice wine made by the locals, join night squid fishing. Besides, you also get a chance to enjoy a movie night and greet the rising sun. Especially, if you cruise on Paradise Elegance, you can indulge in a cup of tea or cocktail and listen to live music in the piano bar or sundeck. Join these activities and enjoy all the excitement on Paradise Elegance Cruise. 

    Wrapping up

    To wrap it up, Scruise has just listed the most significant reasons to book Paradise Elegance Cruise for the best trip to Halong bay. Hope you have a memorable experience in Halong bay with Paradise Elegance Cruise. If you have any questions, do the comments below to let us know.