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    Tourist should know about the best experience in Halong Bay

    Tourist should know about the best experience in Halong Bay

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    Ha Long is always considered one of the must - see destinations in Vietnam and some of the best experience in Halong are also very worth participating in. So have you ever wondered how to have the best experience in Halong? Here are the checklist you should consider to have the most interesting journey ever in Halong Bay.

    A wonderful experience of diving into the oceans to see coral reefs

    Ha Long Bay has some kinds of a diverse marine ecosystems such as shrimps, starfish,...The experience of diving into the oceans and admire coral reefs will add to your trip a new aspect of Halong. You will certainly enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends through this interesting activity.

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay

    Suitable for: individual/ family/ couple
    Best time to join in: late November to early May
    Price: $13 - $14
    Famous places: Cong Do Lake, Ba Ham Lake.

    Experience in Halong bay Cruise - A memorable getaway 

    This activity is now a traveling trend and is especially suitable for couples. You will have a romantic and wonderful time to admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay night covered by millions of stars. Maybe when coming back to your hometown, the moments that you have had can be a special moment in your couple diary in the future. The following recommendations may help you have your best decisions:


    Star Rating


    Booking website

    Oasis Bay Party

    5 - star

    $138 - $246

    Rosy Cruise

    5 - star


    Doris Cruise

    5 - star


    Pelican Glory 

    5 - star


    Stellar of the Seas 5-star $327

     Also, you can find more detailed information at

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay

    Suitable for: couple/ family/individual
    Other activities: taking photos, parties, ceremonies,...

    Admire the amazing water music performances in Tuan Chau Centre of water music performing

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay

    With a large place of more than 12,000 seats, water music performing Centre of Tuan Chau will bring to all tourists the best performances ever. The programs are carefully prepared with lights, thousands of water taps and advanced techniques. Your trip to Halong will be more fulfilled with this amazing experience.

    Suitable for: individual/ couple/ family
    Time: Friday and Saturday
    Price: $8 - $11/ per person

    Going shopping at night markets - Experience in Halong Bay at night

    The economy in Ha Long is developing, so the number of trading centers is very high. Typically, you, along with your family, can go shopping at some night markets here such as Mong Cai market, Ha Long night market or Hon Gai market. Here are some of our suggestions:

    Halong night markets

    The market is open from 6 p.m until midnight, always crowded tourists to shop. The scale of the night market is quite large, more than one hundred large and small pavilions, divided into 2 floors: 1st floor furnished mainly the booth of footwear, handbags, souvenirs; while the 2nd-floor visitors can buy specialties such as coffee, nuts, pastries a specialty of the region.

    Location: Halong Marine Avenue, Hung Thang, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

    Halong Market: Halong Market was built quite nicely divided into 3 floors spacious and 1 large outdoor area. Entering the gate is space sold items of handicrafts, souvenirs,... made of materials bearing the colors of the sea such as shells, shell, conch, pearl,... The market also sells electronic appliances, household items and groceries with a variety of types, colors, and designs.

    Location: Bach Dang Street, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province
    Bai Chay Commercial Centre: Coming to the commercial center of Bai Chay, visitors will freely select items they want because there are full of items with various types, from common items to luxurious items here.

    Location: Vuong Dao City, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City

    Mong Cai Harbour Market

    At the fair, visitors can easily find all kinds of items from popular to high end of China and Vietnam, especially where visitors find in the market place are the stalls selling Chinese traditional medicines and images of Chinese medicine practitioners pulse prescription, drug loading is typical of Chinese culture.
    The market opens at 7 - 9 a.m, the fishing boat will carry on here seafood from shrimp, fish to crab, squid, cockles, oysters,... and especially the fried squid. Furthermore, with the freedom to purchase, travelers can haggle to get the best price.

    Location: Mong Cai Town, Quang Ninh Province

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay
    Suitable for: individual/ couple/ family
    Tips: should consider carefully the price before buying things because you may be taken in by the sellers here.

    One of the best experiences in Halong bay activities - Kayaking

    If you want to experience the feeling of sailing around the most astonishing sceneries in Ha Long, you can also take part in the excursion of exploring Halong on kayaks. The trip will be really memorable if you and your family can join together.

    You can get more information by contacting Van Chai cooperatives of travel service:
    Address: House number 269, Group 5, Zone 5, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province.
    Hotline: 0936.451.823

    There are always lifeguards who can ensure your safety, so just relax.

    Or you can experience in Halong bay Cruise 2 days 1 night to join their kayaking.

    Suitable for: couple/ family
    Some beautiful places you can also see in the trip: Lu Huong peak, Trong Mai Mountain, Luon Cave

    The best way to experience Halong from above - unique seaplanes experience

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay

    This is a very unique activity in Ha Long. The flight in 45 minutes is bound to take you aback. Looking down from the plane, you will see a lot of beautiful small islands and a fantastic view of Halong Bay, which can make your journey more exciting than ever.


    • You should avoid going in June and July because the weather might be very stormy and uncomfortable
    • Always bring along your passports
    • Bring with you comfortable clothes (avoid scarfs or some kinds of too long shirts)

    Luggage: any luggage of 8 kg can be charged $5/kg, so you should organize your belongings in a suitable way.

    Suitable for: individual (maybe couple also)

    Price: about $240 - $340 for flights setting off from Hanoi. 

    You can book flights online from Hai Au Aviation Airline with 5 flights each day on website:

    Visiting the “Pearl Village” - the best experience in Halong Bay day trip

    Have you ever heard of this name before? If not, you should pay a visit to this village right away. The village will bring about many interesting things that you have never imagined.       

    Moreover, you can also have a chance to admire the jewelry and find out more about wonderful things on this island that you will never want to miss out on. You can find some yachts that offer trips to this villages on our website: Halong Bay Cruise Vietnam

    Suitable for: individual/ family
    Other activities: taking photos, going sightseeing, learning the process of making pearls from the people here.

    Climbing Bai Tho mountain - an unforgettable memory

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay

    You are active and love thrilling sports? So Bai Tho mountain is just the right place for you to try it. Everyone can try it because it is not so dangerous and rough for tourists to climb. You can go to Bai Tho mountain from Halong Central Post Office according to our following advice:

    Go straight Le Thanh Tong Street to Hang Noi town. Then, go a short distance you can see Nam Phong Cafe board.

    Looking across the road, if you pay attention, you will see a small port. If the port is locked, you can call for the guard to open the gate. He often leaves the phone number there. He and his family live nearby, you can also ask people of the surroundings.

    Apart from the main gate, most people have a backyard through the foothills. A small port is overwhelmed, so it is difficult to see. You can ask the people who live nearby, maybe they'll let you go through their house to the mountain, with a cost of about 10.000 VND / person, the fee also includes motor parking.

    Suitable for: individual/ group
    Best time: early morning and late afternoon to admire both sights of sunrise and sunset here
    Tips: you should bring along torches or smartphone with a flashlight, and a bottle of water because you will feel very thirsty when you get there
    Other activities: taking photographs, sightseeing

    Have a fantastic view of various beaches in Ha Long

    Beaches in Halong Bay are always ranked very high in the traveling charts of many countries. A cruise in Ha Long will definitely bring your trip a new light. From your hotel, you just need to catch a bus to some beaches to enjoy every moment here.

    the best experience in Ha Long Bay
    There are a lot of travel agencies which can help you with it. Some famous beaches you can consider are Tuan Chau, Ngoc Vung,...

    Suitable for: individual/ couple/ family/ group
    Tips: you should prepare private belongings at home, or else you can also hire with reasonable prices of about $1 to $3. Especially, you should bring a camera to catch the impressive beauty here.
    Best time: April and June in summer, September, and November in autumn.
    Other activities: playing games, sightseeing, eating delicious cuisines.

    Discovering caves - a precious activity for tourists

    Hidden in the water of Ha Long are majestic caves in various shapes covered by moss and bushes. You will be overwhelmed with the special charm as soon as you set foot on this wonderful land.

    the best experience in Halong Bay

    The magic sights of Thien Cung Cave or Dau Go Cave will make you feel like you are in a different world created by nature. Most tour agencies to Halong offer tours to some typical caves here, so don’t worry about your time, just enjoy yourself!

    Suitable for: individual/ couple/ family
    Recommended destinations: Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau  Go Cave, Me Cung Cave, Trong Cave
    Other activities: sightseeing, taking photos.

    That’s all for some activities that you should participate in to fulfill your trip to Halong Bay. We hope you can choose for yourself the best experience in Halong, then bring home memorable moments here in Vietnam.