The Best Halong Bay Cruises for 2020! –
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    The Best Halong Bay Cruises for 2020!

    The Best Halong Bay Cruises for 2020!

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    Vietnam is a beautiful place. It is, without a doubt, a gorgeous location, with scenic beauty that is found nowhere else in the world. It is home to many picturesque localities like HaLong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi.

    The country has it all, the buzzing city life, stunning nature, and the beautiful culture. One of the more popular locations that should be on the to-do list is the HaLong Bay cruise 2020. It is an experience that will completely change your life!

    This place has it all, if you enjoy adventure, the night life and scenic views. It is recommended that you go to HaLong Bay to cruise!

    HaLong Bay Cruise Reviews

    Why Pick HaLong Bay Cruise?

    The HaLong bay cruise is truly one of a kind. The Green waters and islands make it seem like a piece of heaven on Earth. The beauty is truly uncapturable. The journey offers people many wonderful opportunities to explore the gorgeous locality.

    If you are someone who enjoys adventure, but also some peace and quiet - there is no better choice. Everybody who goes there gives the best HaLong bay reviews, and all for the right reasons!

    It has many amazing activities like hiking, kayaking, swimming on the gorgeous beaches, and exploring the nearby locations. People can go explore ancient caves that show gorgeous rock formations. Moreover, they can enjoy the wild forestations and marinas that are truly unique to Vietnam.

    In addition to this, you also get a peek at how the Vietnamese economy operates! There are fish farms, premium quality pearl farms, as well as whole floating markets where you can witness the locals hard at work- ready to welcome you!

    This is a great opportunity that you have to experience. There are options of a 6 hour HaLong bay cruise as well as a cruise for 4 days!

    The Best HaLong Bay 2020 Cruises

    We did a lot of research and curated a list of top 10 Best Halong bay cruises for the year 2020. Many cruises offer different tour experiences, prices, comfort range, and activities.

    You can pick and choose the kind of cruise you are looking for, to appreciate the beauty that is Ha Long bay!


    Cost of the Cruise/ Per Person.

    1)      Halong Bay And Ninh Binh In 4 Days



    2)      Signature Halong Cruise 2 Days



    3)      The Pelican Ha Long Cruise



    4)      Bhaya Halong Cruise



    5)      Royal Palace Halong Bay Cruise



    6)      Alisa Halong Bay Cruise



    7)      Rosa Boutique Cruise



    8)      V.Spirit Cruise



    9)      Swan Cruise


    $145  - $200

    10)  Oriental Sails Cruise



    HaLong Bay Cruise Reviews

    If you are wondering what all these different cruises and tours aim to provide, then here is a brief breakdown that will help you decide whichever fits your mood!

    Every cruise has its own theme and story to it. They surely add to the experience of the islands and serene blue waters.

    Here is a breakdown of the best honeymoon cruises, as well as packages that are fit for the family! There are our HaLong Bay cruise recommendations to kick start your 2020!

    HaLong Bay cruise recommendations

    1. Ha Long Bay And Ninh Binh in 4 Days

    If you are looking for a 4 day long weekend getaway, then this package would be the best for you to choose.  The entire cruise is a fulfilling experience that allows visitors to seek adventure as well as kick back and relax.

    On different days visitors explore the caves, go kayaking, ride in the infamous pagoda, and a lot more. The cruise is inclusive of hotel stays as well as the scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine. The package price is around $298 for a person but the 4 days of memories are truly worth it.

    While HaLong Bay cruise prices can go up to $500, this is mid-ranged and affordable!

    2. Signature HaLong Cruise 2 Days

    If you don’t want a longer cruise, then this package is ideal. The signature Ha Long cruise consists of the exquisite cuisine of Vietnam. It will give you a peek of the culture as well as a peaceful night to yourself to enjoy the gorgeous view and serenity.

    You will also go explore fishing caves, villages, and more to experience the place truly. The tour is also relatively cheaper costing $165 per person. This is one of the HaLong Bay quality cruises.


    3. The Pelican HaLong Cruise

    If you are looking for something a little fancier, then without a doubt, the Pelican Ha Long cruise is a great fit. It is a five-star service that costs $210 for 1 to 2 nights per person.

    However, the plan is top-rated for the luxuries it provides people. It is known for their kind and friendly staff who is there to attend to all your needs. Especially if you are looking for a way to de-stress and enjoy the gorgeous view around you.

    The ship has all the amenities as well as luxuries one might need. With the Spas and enjoying a glass of cocktail, there is definitely a lot to do. Without a doubt, this is one of the best HaLong Bay 5 star cruises.

    4.  Bhaya Halong Cruise

    Bhaya Halong Cruise

    The Bhaya HaLong cruise is truly luxury on the water! The rooms provided are big and spacious. It is an excellent experience for anyone who chooses to go on this cruise, especially a great place to go with your significant other as well.

    There are a lot of nearby attractions that guests can go and explore as well. Dong Thien Cung is 3.52 km away from Dau Go Gotto that is 3.93 km away and other gorgeous sites like the Hon Ga Choi island as well as the Bai Chay Bridge!

    Overall the cruise hotel itself has premium saunas, spas, and the best Vietnamese cuisine has to offer. It is a great option for a halong bay new year cruise as well.

    5.  Royal Palace Halong Bay Cruise

    The Royal palace cruise has a 4-star rating. It is truly something out of a movie. The cruise ship rests in one of the most beautiful spots the overlooks the incredible view of the oceans.

    It is known to have knowledgeable tour guides that help you take a glimpse at Vietnamese culture, explore the nature that surrounds you, and have the time of your life.

    It also has great honeymoon suites, which make it a go-to post-wedding destination for most couples. There a lot to do in surrounding like exploring caves as well as dipping your toes in the crystal blue water. It is truly on the HaLong Bay quality cruises!

    6.  Alisa HaLong Bay Cruise

    The Alisa HaLong Bay cruise is a costly one. It can go up to $325 for a 2 day cruise per person. However, is it worth the investment? Surely it is!

    The luxury hotel provides you with the comfort of modern life and being surrounded by the beauty of the HaLong bays. It is a halong bay cruise with bathtub, spas and a lot more luxury treatment that you might be looking forward to.  

    The rooms are fully equipped with minibars, so you can enjoy the cocktail with the chilly sea breeze. There is also the option of exploring the surrounding beaches and caves that make it an all in one experience.

    In addition, there is a list of activities that you can choose to do. From kayaking to swimming and exploring the floating markets. It is truly the most mesmerizing experience ever!

    7.  Rosa Boutique Cruise

    The Rosa Boutique cruise is, for sure, a more affordable option. Costing as low as $150 per person, this cruise will help you get the experience you are looking for- as well as being easier on the pocket.

    This cruise is most known for its exceptional cooks that serve you the taste of Vietnam. More importantly, the rooms are cozy, well lit, and give you a fantastic view of the bay. You can spot islands, beaches, and caves along the way.

    While it may not be a very luxurious experience, it is surely a great way to visit while keeping your budget intact.

    8.  V. Spirit Classic

    The V Spirit classic cruise is definitely a favorite of most travelers who have experienced it. It is not too expensive, and the services provided are also worth the investment.

    This involves a lot of activities throughout its 3 day tour package. People get to visit pearl farms, and the scenic caves and greenery spotted along the way.

    Moreover, you can enjoy the drinks at night with their boasted ‘sunset’ party. You get to see the sunset over the horizons and enjoy some delicious Vietnamese seafood as you dance the night away.

    9.  Swan Cruises

    The Swan cruise is also a great option if you are looking for something affordable but comfortable as well. It has a classic vintage vibe to it, with red décor and wooden walls. The rooms definitely feel cozy and warm.

    Travelers have the option of taking the 2 day tour or the 3 day tour. The cost can range from anywhere around $145 to $200, depending on your package.

    This cruise is a fan favorite as it has well-informed tour guides that take you through the history of HaLong Bay, they show you the mesmerizing sites, and you are allowed to go explore them yourself. It is a halong bay cruise with 3 stars and is a great and affordable option for families.

    There are live cooking demonstrations that you later enjoy in your dinner as well. It is a recommended cruise for families and couples alike.

    10. Oriental Sails

    The Oriental Sails cruise might one of the best HaLong Bay cruises for 2020! And it is truly worth mentioning! It takes the travelers on a 3 day, 2 night tour for an affordable price of $206!

    What’s great about this cruise that it allows visitors to explore the Gulf of Tonkin. People can go to the beach and kayak or perhaps enjoy the fishing village visit. There is something for everyone. The thrill-seekers can also enjoy paddling through the calm waters and dipping their toes in.

    There is a lot more cave exploring which will give you truly a picture of the beauty HaLong bay holds. You can go swimming at 3 peaches beach and enjoy the great food and drinks on board.

    How To Pick The Right Cruise For Yourself?

    How To Pick The Right Cruise For Yourself

    If you are confused between all these names and reviews, here is a guide that can help you decide what cruise is the best fit for your needs!

    ·       Your Budget

    Your budget is an essential factor that decides what cruise you inevitably opt for. The starting range is around $145 and can go up to $500 per person for some of the premium rooms.
    You can save on the budget by booking a cheaper cruise and spending more money on local cuisine, souvenirs, and cultural tokens.

    Try to search a mid-ranged cruise that has all the amenities, and you don’t have to sacrifice on the experience either!

    ·       A Couple or a Family?

    If you are going with your significant other, it is sensible to book something along the lines of a honeymoon suite. Try to figure out whether the cruise you book is couple friendly and, more importantly- family friendly!

    You do not want to take your children to a cruise with a lot of drinking and dancing, but perhaps a cruise that has safe child-friendly activities that people of all ages can enjoy.

    The HaLong bay cruise recommendations include packages with swimming, kayaking, and exploring caves with your little ones!

    ·       The Services On-Board

    Another feature that will help you decide whether a cruise is for you- is the services the tour company provides! If you are more of a thrill-seeker, then it is recommended to go for a HaLong bay 4 day cruise! It is longer, which means it has a lot more hiking, swimming, and exploring.

    If you are one to sit and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and drink cocktails, there are great tour packages for that kind of entertainment as well!