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    Discovering amazing activities Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    Discovering amazing activities Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay owns a crescent-shaped sandy beach and the magnificent scenery of the green mountain. That has made this place an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Discover more about the mysteries on this island to have a more interesting trip with your beloved one.

    Why visit Ti Top Island Halong Bay?

    During the 19th century, it was called with a different name (Cat Nang island), but in 1962, Ho Chi Minh president named it Titop to memorize his visit to this island with a Russian astronaut, Gehman Titop. It is a must-visit place for tourists because of its position and interesting activities.

    In particular, from the Ti Top (Titov) mountain peak you can take a wonderful view over the Halong Bay, where you catch the spectacular beauty of numerous surrounding islands rising from the turquoise water. 
    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    Another attraction of Ti Top Island is the half-moon shaped beach embracing the island's foot. The sand beach is small but very airy and quiet, with clean and blue water during four seasons. That is why most Halong Bay luxury cruises often visit here for tourists to enjoy and join in many water activities!

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    How to get Ti Top Island from Halong city?

    Ti Top is one of the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay located in the Southeast of the Bay. The island is about 7 - 8km from Bai Chay harbor. Around the island is the bay of Luc, the front is Sung Sot cave with Bo Hon Island, on the right is Dam Nam islet.

    Ti Top Island is one of the destinations of the route 2 when traveling to Halong Bay and is the overnight stopover of many cruises. So the best way to visit the island is to buy a ticket for the tour line, rent a boat to visit the bay or buy a night tour on the cruise.

    If you would like to have a daily tour to Titop Island, the below information will be suitable for you:

    - Sightseeing tour route 2 (Tuan Chau Harbor to Van Canh park): Starting from Tuan Chau port to Soi Sim beach, Soi Sim island - Ti Top island - Sung Sot cave - Me Cung cave - Bo Nau cave - Luon cave - Trong cave - Trinh Nu cave - Ho Dong Tien cave - ending tour.

    - Ticket price: $11/person/time

    - Time to visit: 6 hours/route

    - Price for renting a boat: based on the number of your group and your budget, you can search and choose to rent boats from 1 to 5 stars to visit Ti Top as the Route 2 schedule as above. The cost for this range from $60 to $500/day.

    Especially, you can also get to Ti Top Island by new seaplane. Seaplane will depart from Tuan Chau Island and fly at an altitude of 300m for tourists to admire, the final destination of the trip is Ti Top Island. Each flight like that has a ticket price ranging from $44 to $87/ time.

    Otherwise, you can also enjoy the night tour on the cruise which has Ti Top Island in the tour plan. In case, you can find more exciting recommendations on our website

    How long should you stay in Ti Top Island?

    If you are a solo traveler, you can take a 6-hour tour with a visit to Ti Top Island. With this journey, you can choose to conquer the top of Ti Top Mountain and admire the whole Halong Bay from above.

    Otherwise, if you are a couple or group tourist, Ti Top Island will be an ideal place for you to have romantic and relaxing moments in 2 or 3 days.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    What do you can enjoy in Ti Top Island?

    Climbing to Ti Top Mountain

    Taking an active climb up to the Mount of Ti Top is definitely not a bad option. You can enjoy the fresh air in the green environment and experience the beauty of Halong Bay through each step.

    The way to ascend the top is not too hard to conquer and is led by stone steps. There is a pavilion in the middle of the way for tourists to take a rest.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    When you reach the top of the mountain, you will be surprised at the beautiful view of the whole bay. In there, via a telescope set on the top also give you the further scene of Halong Bay.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    The most beautiful view on Ti Top Mountain is an ideal place for Halong photo hunters, where they can capture the breathtaking panoramic photo shoot over the bay and personal quality photos.

    *Recommended activities: Take amazing photos, climb up to the Mount of Ti Top with 400-step stairs, and enjoy the fresh air and wonderful scene.

    *Suitable for: solo traveler, couple, group tourist

    Relax on the beach

    Coming to the Ti Top Island, you will certainly feel comfortable by lying on the beautiful sandy beach or taking a dip in the blue water.

    Compared to Soi Sim Island, Ti Top Island is smaller, but it is quite quiet, airy. Ti Top Island also attract tourists by clean sand and clear sea.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    To serve tourists, this beach now has a bar, rental service of swimsuit, life jacket, swimming floats, and freshwater baths.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    *Recommended activities: Drink fresh coconut, lie on a beach, and swim with your beloved one.

    *Suitable for: couple, family, group tourist

    Join the exciting activities

    In addition to activities on Ti Top beach, there are countless activities to attract tourists on the island such as kayaking, water motorbike, skydiving, etc. 

    Especially, kayaking is a popular activity that guests choose the most.

    Price: You can rent a kayak to explore the island of a boat for 2 people for about $6.5/hour.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    You can also choose a tour on a cruise to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Ti Top Island at night.

    There are many diverse options to choose based on your budget and favorite style. Please visit for further information.

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    Ti Top Island Halong Bay

    *Recommended activities: Sea kayak, sightseeing on the cruise, and join in motor water.

    *Suitable for: solo tourist, couple can enjoy kayaking or motor water. Couples, families and group tourists also enjoy romantic or party tours on cruises.

    Don't miss the beautiful Ti Top Island when visiting Halong Bay!