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    Which Are Top 10 Most Attractive Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Which Are Top 10 Most Attractive Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    • Phuong Ha

    The most 10 attractive Halong Bay Cruise destinations listed by Scruise will help tourists plan a perfect trip to Halong. Due to the fact that Ha Long is a very large tourist attraction and has a large number of tourists every year, planning a reasonable plan will help foreign tourists save time and still have good moments. 

     1. Tuan Chau Island: Nature masterpiece in Halong 

    Tuan Chau is a separate island located in the south-west of Halong City and in the north-west of Halong Bay. Tuan Chau island is considered to be a must-go destination when traveling to Halong because of its ideal photo spots, pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, and beaches. Moreover, visiting Halong, tourists can not miss the dolphin circus and seal circus performances with the entrance ticket of 15.2 USD at Tuan Chau park. Besides the luxury resorts, visitors can also participate in underwater adventure games such as windsurfing, water motor driving, kayaking, parasailing, etc.

    Cruise to Tuan Chau: La Casta Halong Cruise

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Tuan Chau Island

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Dolphin circus at Tuan Chau park

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations


    2. Sung Sot Cave: The largest one of Halong Bay caves

    Sung Sot Cave is the iconic destination of Halong. Sung Sot Cave is located in Bo Hon Island, in the center of Ha Long Bay. Sung Sot Cave is famous for its unique beauty of stone slabs. The whole cave is divided into 2 chambers. The first one looks like a big theater hall with stalactites hang on the high ceiling. The second chamber is like a room with a capacity of about 1,000 people. The stalactites form many strange shapes, creating a rare lively space that cannot be found elsewhere.

    Halong cruise to Sung Sot Cave: Aclass Stellar Cruise

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    3. Bai Chay Beach: 

    Bai Chay beach is an artificial beach with a 500-meter stretch of sand. Bai Chay beach owns smoothy, white sand and green crystal water, which attracts not only the locals but also many tourists. Bai Chay beach is very crowded especially in summer days and late in the afternoon or early in the morning. Bai Chay beach is an ideal place to take some great photos and have a sunbath thank to its beautiful scenery. Therefore, Bai Chay Beach is considered to be one of the best artificial beaches in Vietnam.

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    4. Bai Tu Long Bay: 

    Bai Tu Long Bay is adjacent to Halong Bay in the southwest. This place has a majestic beauty of a wildland. Bai Tu Long Bay is usually. Bai Tu Long Bay is often described as a place that retains the wild and ancient features. Visiting Bai Tu Long bay, tourists will be relaxed and comfortable in a poetic and breathtaking scenery, a peaceful space. Bai Tu Long Bay is famous for some significant attractions like Bai Tho Mountain, Con Coc islet, Tam Cung cave, etc. Moreover, visitors can also visit the wonderful white sand beaches on the islands of the bay such as Con Co beach, Van Don beach, Quan Lan beach, etc. 

    Halong overnigth cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay: Emperor Halong Cruise

    Halong Bay Cruise DestinationsBai Tu Long Bay from above 

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Quan Lan Beach

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations
    @shadow_vanessa - Bai Tho Island

    5. Trong Mai Islet

    Trong Mai Islet has long become a symbol of Halong tourism. Trong Mai Islet is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, about 5 km from Bai Chay beach. From Bai Chay Pier to the southwest, after passing through Cho Da Islet and Dinh Huong Islet, visitors will have the opportunity to see Trong Mai Islet with the shape of two giant chickens (a cock and a hen). In the middle of an immense body of water, Trong Mai Islet stands out with two pairs of 10 meters high rocks, which inspires many works of art.

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Trong Mai Islet

    6. Ti Top Island

    Ti Top island is another hot attraction in Halong bay. It is located about 7 - 8 km to the Southeast of Bai Chay tourist port. Ti Top Island was named after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov in his visit to this island in 1962. Ti Top island has a crescent beach with white sand and blue water. Ti Top island is described as a paradise with airy space and it has a lot of places to have a panoramic view of Halong Bay.

    Cruise to Titop Island: Pelican Glory Halong Cruise

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Ti Top Beach

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    A panoramic view of Halong Bay from Titop island

    7. Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Halong Bay, located about 10 km in the Southeast. The interesting thing is that Cat Ba Island is also recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. Cat Ba brings you with airy space, incredibly beautiful scenery and hundreds of modern and luxury hotels and resorts with high standards and good services. Cat Ba Island is famous for not only beautiful beaches but also some of its amazing destinations like Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay with breathtaking scenery. 

    Cruise to Cat Ba Island: Orchid Cruises

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Cat Ba from above

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Monkey Island

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Lan Ha Bay

    8. Thien Cung Cave

    Thien Cung Cave is located in the north of Dau Go Island, 4 km far from the south of the tourist port. As one of the most beautiful caves in Halong, Thien Cung cave is famous for its countless limestone stalactites and stalagmites bearing strange shapes, that creating a fabulous and unique space. In the inner corner, the cave is opened by a small door, overlooking a small bay surrounded by a mountainous area. Moreover, this is the first cave in Halong Bay that has been repaired on a large scale by humans.

    See more: Incredible Caves in Halong Bay

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    9. Co To Island

    Co To is an archipelago of about 50 islands located in the eastern part of Quang Ninh province with an area of 46.2 km². Co To is an emerging tourist destination with fantastic sedimentary rocky beaches, beautiful pristine white sand beaches, footpaths under the primeval forest, delicious fresh seafood. Co To Lon and Co To Con is the most beautiful islands of all and tourists should spend time visiting them both. It takes 30 minutes to travel from Co To Lon island to Co To Con island, and along the way, visitors can observe both coral reefs or underwater fish. Therefore, Co To would be a perfect destination if you want to enjoy beautiful beaches peacefully.

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Cau My Rock

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Hong Van beach

    10. Binh Lieu

    If you are too bored with the sea and the islands, right in Quang Ninh, about 100 km from Ha Long Bay is Binh Lieu, a very special mountain tourist destination. Nature has bestowed on Quang Ninh not only Halong Bay the UNESCO World Heritage Centre but also this mountainous destination. Binh Lieu is famous for the wild beauty of mountains and forests, with extremely breathtaking scenery. Here visitors will admire the wonderful view on the top of the mountains, watching the terraces, experience the unique cultural features of the mountainous people in Vietnam. It is such a great opportunity to both travel on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also to discover a tourist destination with full of Vietnamese cultural characteristics.  

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    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    The beauty of Binh Lieu

    Halong Bay Cruise Destinations

    Terraces in Binh Lieu

    Through this blog, Scruise hopes to help tourists answer the question “what is the best halong bay cruise recommendation.” Halong Bay is the most favorite destination in Vietnam so the amount of tourists coming here will be very large. However, with what is given, Halong Bay is absolutely a place worth visiting. So, one thing for sure is that your trip to Halong Bay Cruise destinations will be an unforgettable memory.