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    Top Ultimate Ways to View Halong Bay from Above (2023 Updated)

    Top Ultimate Ways to View Halong Bay from Above (2023 Updated)

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    Talking about Halong Bay, what comes to mind will probably be the thousands of limestone karst caves and islands. There are many ways to explore that famous view like Halong Bay cruises. You can also enjoy the spectacle of limestone karsts with the best way - view Halong from above! Halong Bay looks extremely different from the vantage point - above. So, how to take the best Halong from above images? Let's follow our guide: seaplane, helicopter, on peaks of Bai Tho mountain, Titop, Queen Telpher & Sun Wheel!

    Looking from above - A new way to experience Halong

    View Halong Bay from Above

    Still wondering what is the greatest Halong Bay viewpoint? If so, check this out!
    Cruising is definitely the most popular idea when mentioning ways of viewing Halong. But your friends and colleagues already took that same old route when they traveled here. You want to make a difference and have some new memories to share at home, then how about trying to view Halong from above. But how, you may ask? We are here to recommend some higher up places for you to discover the beauty of Halong Bay from above.

    Up in the air

    You can always choose to explore Halong by taking a flight across the sky. There are two available options for you. One is to take a seat on a seaplane. Two is to ride on a helicopter. Whichever you may fancy, it will definitely give you the best time of your Halong above trip.

    Get a panoramic Halong Bay view with a seaplane tour

    The most exciting activity comes to mind when mentioning viewing Halong Bay from above is 100 percent taking a seaplane tour. With a half-hour seaplane Halong Bay tour, you are offered the chance to take a full view of Halong Bay. From many unique shape islands, majestic mountains to the shining sun playing on the surface of the green water. The most memorable of all is you are seeing them from the highest view possible. You are free to use your phone and the internet to capture beauty over the clouds.

    View Halong Bay from Above

    You will take off and land on Tuan Chau island Harbor and fly 300 to 500m high over Halong Bay. There are 5 to 10 sightseeing flights each day, all provided by Hai Au Aviation with the price varies from 110 to 126$ for each flight. Wanna book a seaplane tour around Halong, just pick up your phone and directly search for their official website.
    Besides a scenic trip over Halong Bay, Hai Au Aviation also offers transfer flights from Hanoi to Halong or vice versa. You can spend about 45 minutes on this route to take pictures of gentle northern Vietnam. The price ranges from 300$ to 450$ per person.
    To make your trip even better, you can consider combining the seaplane Halong Bay tour with one of the 2020 best Halong cruises.

    Check in tourist sites through the clouds with a helicopter

    A new option to upgrade your “Halong from above” tour was newly introduced in 2019 by Northern Helicopter company. The company recently put helicopters into service use for sightseeing Halong Bay. Couples can use this tour as a celebration of their wedding or just to make memories of their honeymoon.
    Slightly expensive compared to flying with a seaplane, with the price ranges between 125 and 400$ per person, you will be given a larger space and more routes to choose from. There are three identical routes in total. The cheapest one will fly you through six different sites over Halong bay in 12 minutes. And the most expensive one will take you to 17 tourist sites in about 40 minutes. With the amount of time difference, you will have more opportunities to take Halong Bay photos of the amazing seascape below.

    View Halong Bay from Above

    All flights start and arrive at Tuan Chau island. You can find more detailed information about tour description and booking policies on the Northern Helicopter company website. In order to pick the golden time to take off, just remember to book about a day in advance.

    On the peak of the mountain

    Halong already provided itself with many nature spots to view the whole landscape below. Once you come to Halong you will notice that there are thousands of limestone mountains and green peaks all over the bay. The top two mountains with a beautiful view of the Bay are Bai Tho mountain and Ti Top mountain.

    Bai Tho mountain

    The famous mountain is located at Hang Noi street, right in the heart of Halong city. The entrance hides behind some houses but you will definitely find it with the help of the locals. After spending about 30 minutes climbing the 200 meters high stair you will reach the top of the mountain.
    Bai Tho mountain is an ideal place for anyone who loves a little challenge and wanting to find the best way to see Halong Bay from above. Climbing to the peak of Bai Tho mountain is not so easy but also not a hard task, it will all pay off with a gorgeous expanded vision of Halong city and the front of Halong Bay. So do remember to bring a camera with you as the wonderful nature Halong Bay view will not be a disappointment. Who knows, you may become a hot travel blogger with these breathtaking photos of Halong Bay.

    View Halong Bay from Above


    However, you should check the climate before starting this journey. If there is a chance of rain, think second before going up as there is no shelter on top of the mountain, and it would be hard for you to see the sight below if it is too cloudy.

    Ti Top mountain

    Located at the center of Halong Bay, just 8km from the south of Bai Chay harbor, Ti Top island will give you a perfect spot to photograph the beauty of Halong Bay and the tip of Bai Tu Long Bay. While your cruise stops at Ti Top island, you just have to take about 400 steps more to reach the peak of the mountain.
    Ti Top is rather small and less crowded than Bai Tho mountain as tourists do not frequent here. Because of that, you will have a great opportunity to take a shot of the white sand and the blue sky with no one in front. However, the journey to the top will be much harder compared to climbing Bai Tho mountain as the stairs here are all different in shape and size. So water and some sweets are recommended to be brought with you throughout the trip. Along with a little push from yourself, you will reach the observation deck in no time. The 360-degree view at Ti Top mountain is worth every single breath and tear.

    View Halong Bay from Above


    Choosing the right time to climb up these mountains is also important. People tend to gather around here at sunrise and sunset, about 6 am and 4.30 pm. It is when the view wears its best clothes. Taking Halong Bay pictures with your loved ones here and it will remain the most beautiful memory of all.


    In Sun World Halong complex

    After getting lost in nature, you can consider viewing Halong from above with a cable car or ferris wheel. These two newly developed engineering works have stolen the hearts of many tourists that had come to Halong with their location and design.

    Queen Telpher

    Put into use in 2016, the Queen Telpher cable car system has received two Guinness World Records. It was designed by a famous telpher Swiss company. The system is 2300m long and 190m high. Each cabin has a capacity of 230 persons.
    You can find Queen Telpher at Sun World complex. Its route runs between Bai Chay and Ba Deo Hill. Since its opening, the Queen Cable Car has become the new check-in place for both international and domestic tourists. Guests coming here will be provided with the chance to glide over the water and take as many photos of the magnificent Halong Bay below as possible. Large windows at both sides is another great point for photographing the Bay.

    View Halong Bay from Above


    Sun Wheel

    Standing side by side with the Queen cable car is the Sun Wheel. Located in the Mystery Hill of Sun World complex, once you land on Ba Deo hill with the cable car, you can continue the journey with Sun Wheel.
    This enormous wheel was built on a 215 meters high area and is considered one of the biggest wheels in the world. It has 64 cabins and can hold up to 384 persons in one ride. In one hour, the wheel can welcome about 1200 guests.
    You can easily see it from afar day and night from every point of Halong city. If you had spent all your daylife on a beach or cruising on the ocean then taking the chance at night to view Halong from above on a ferris wheel is not so bad of a choice. At night, the Sun Wheel will be lightened by thousands of dazzling led lights as it becomes a great spark of Halong.

    View Halong Bay from Above


    The Queen Telpher and Sun Wheel area are open from 2 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 10 pm on weekends. So viewing the city and the bay from above can get more lively as the lights are all turned on at night. You are guaranteed to get back to your hotel with some great night view Halong Bay photos with just 15.5$ per ride. As for the ticket, just buy them right at the entrance or buy online for a better price. For a day tour of Sun World Halong complex, visit our website for further details.

    Over the historical site

    Height 177, also known as Cannon Fort, is another great place to view Halong Bay from above. Located in Cat Ba island, this spot used to be a French military defense fort. It still displays the old cannons and shelter systems built in the 1940s from the Vietnam War period.
    From Cat Ba centre town, you just have to walk around 10 minutes to get to the gate of the site. Or just call for a cab or “xe om” for just about 1$ and you will reach the entrance in a blink of an eye. From the entrance to the top of Height 177 there is about 20 minutes walk but not so hard as climbing the mountain. But if you are tired, there is a cafe with a great view of the bay over its terrace for you to relax upon.

    View Halong Bay from Above


    For the best sight from this Cat Ba viewpoint, you may go to the Fort around the late afternoon and wait there for sunset. After climbing to the top of this historical site, you will get a full view of Lan Ha bay and a part of Halong Bay. The green sea, the orange sky, and some blue fishing boats far away, all make up a quiet and romantic Halong Bay picture.

    Addition Halong Bay tips:

    1. Safety first. Follow the safety rules in every place.
    2. Remember to bring your best camera or else, bring a best friend with a good hand with photos. For solo travelers, a tripod is your friend.
    3. Water and snacks are recommended to follow along all the trip, as you may get air sickness or feel tired after some climbing. However, bring lightly.
    4. Also, wear lightly as these places will never get cold.
    5. To make the best out of the Halong trip, make sure to view Halong from above the sky. You will see Halong in a different light.