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    Discover What to Do in Halong Bay Besides a Cruise

    Discover What to Do in Halong Bay Besides a Cruise

    • Phuong Ha
    Blessed with countless unspoiled natural limestone islands, Halong Bay is an ideal place to enjoy a cruise. Indeed, coming to Halong without a cruise is such a pity. But did you know, besides a cruise, there are also so many other interesting things to do in Halong Bay that should not be missed? Let's check out the article below to explore what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise!
    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    1. Discover caves in Halong Bay

    If you are confused about what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise, there are many famous caves for you to discover. Let’s enjoy new experiences through the following caves in Halong Bay tour below:

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    Check-in Sung Sot Cave

    Locating at Bon Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave’s entrance is relatively high, so you have to get there by a long steep path. Forget the tiredness because the inner views are worth your effort. The name ‘Sung Sot’ means ‘Thunderstruck,’ which promises to make you flabbergasted when visiting the cave.

    An interesting detail here is in the inner chamber. There are lots of stone shaped look like guards lining up, and there is a big separated stone located in the center that looks like their commander.

    Although it was discovered a long time ago, it still has its own mystic besides the human-made light decorated across the water stream and inside the cave. The cave has guided paths available, so it is convenient for people to wander around the cave. However, for anyone who is passionate about adventure, it is not sure that it is a good option.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

    Visit mysterious Trinh Nu Cave’s shrine

    Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave) is at Bon Hon Island. The cave’s name originated from the legend that the local guide will introduce to you when you get here.

    The story about a young woman who committed suicide here after she had an unhappy and even nightmare marriage, and after she died, her body turned to stone. Another story about the cave has been passed from generation through generation that after she ended up her life here, and the local angler buried her body at the cave.

    There is a shrine inside the cave to memorialize the legend. Trinh Nu cave is one of the Halong Bay alternative spots.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    Discover Me Cung Cave

    Me Cung Cave is known by international friends through the name Bewitching Grotto. It is one of the most renowned caves in the Bay, which is worth discovering.

    Through such a narrow entrance that you may have to squeeze into, then you will find the chamber with many tunnels covered by magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. Besides, there are also ancient fossils for those who are spelunkers. Thus, this is an excellent spot for mystery discovery.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

    Explore Thien Cung Cave

    Thien Cung Cave (The Heaven Palace) is the most spacious and magnificent cave in Halong Bay. The cave has a significant number of rocky islands with varieties of unique shapes. Thien Cung Cave’s width is about 10.000 square meters with a complicated structure, various abnormal stalactites, and gemstones. Then, the landscape in Thien Cung Cave will send your feeling to the labyrinth in the fairy tale.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    2. Explore nearby islands

    Well-known for the number of pristine islands, what a shortcoming when visiting Halong Bay overlooks the surrounding islands. You can not miss the pure and attractive beauty of these islands. Take your camera, and you will have tons of wonderful Halong Bay photos on these islands. Let’s check out some destinations below.

    Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba Island will absolutely be the first suggestion for the Halong bay alternative. It is considered the most popular destination for tourists coming to Halong. Also, it is one of the biggest islands with the most diversified ecosystem in Vietnam. Around the island, there are many ancient and modern fishing villages. Furthermore, Cat Ba has such a relaxed atmosphere that spending an afternoon seems not enough for visitors.

    One of the best things to do here is renting a bicycle or a tandem bike if you have a partner and ride around the island. This is also the right spot for enjoying sunrise and sunset in Halong Bay.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    Monkey Island

    Visiting Monkey Island (Cat Dua in Vietnamese) is an excellent idea if you are looking for things to do in Halong Bay. There is a peaceful seashore here, and you can lie down and take a sunbathe on the white sand, watch the funny monkeys. Besides, you can go swimming and diving in the azure seas.

    If you love adventurous feeling instead of a relaxing feel on the beach, you can also try kayaking or hiking around the island to discover scenic hiking trails.

    What to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    Dau Be Island

    Dau Be Island is an ideal spot for those who love swimming or diving and look for what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise. The reason that makes it become a perfect place is the fantastic and diverse coral gardens here and deep caves located inside three large lakes.


    3. Try a biking tour

    Halong Bay is attractive for its fresh atmosphere, and if you want to enjoy the natural atmosphere there by yourself, you can rent a bicycle and start your own journey. Biking is one of the best ways to see Halong Bay’s beauty as closely as you can. Therefore, a biking tour seems to be a suitable answer for what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise package. You can refer to the Halong Bay alternative destinations as  below for bicycling at Halong Bay.

    Cat Ba National Park

    Cat Ba is a bountiful national park with hundreds of different kinds of fauna and flora on the island. There are many langurs on the island. In recent decades, they are in the list of the most endangered primates that need to be preserved.

    You can also find some biking trails here, including an 18-kilometer to the national park’s central peak. If you love immersed in nature and have a tremendous amount of time to try things to do in Halong Bay, then this is the right choice for you.

    If you want to arrive at Cat Ba National Park, you may need to travel by ferry or cruise. Then, find accommodation and rent a bicycle to start your journey.

    what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise

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    Ban Sen Island - A peaceful destination

    Anyone looking for a biking adventure should head to Ban Sen Island. This is one of the islands that have a peaceful atmosphere with very few visitors in Halong Bay. Moreover, it also is covered with thick forests that bring you a fresh mood. Biking under the trees will be a wonderful experience that you should try on Ban Sen Island.

    4. Experience Halong Bay diving

    On the what to do in Halong bay besides a cruise checklist, Halong Bay diving is one of the top activities you should try. It is a beautiful and appealing spot to enjoy the undersea world in the North of Vietnam.

    Clear blue sea water and diverse marine ecosystems promise to bring you a delightful experience when diving in Halong Bay. To have the safest experiences, you should choose some of the diving schools here. They will provide guidelines and diving suits that need for your diving activities.

    5. Take a food tour in Halong Bay

    Coming to Ha Long, you have the opportunity to explore the landscapes of limestone mountains rising out of the calm sea, beautiful limestone caves, and incredible Halong Bay pictures and enjoy the famous seafood here such as clam, Stomatopoda, crab, shrimp, squid,... Just hearing those names makes us swoon by the unique flavors they bring us.

    It can be said that the environment of Ha Long Bay creates unique cuisine that only when arriving in Halong Bay can we feel that uniqueness. Thus, don’t hesitate to discover Ha Long Bay food by yourself? I am sure that when you come here, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature and the products that nature has bestowed on Ha Long.

    Let’s fill your pocket and be ready to discover all the delicious things in Halong Bay.

    The bottom line

    Finally, it would be a pity if you miss visiting Halong Bay. It is where you can enjoy the diverse marine life, stunning landscapes, mysterious caves. Besides cruising, make your own plan to try other things above. I’d love to know if this guide on what to do in Halong Bay besides a cruise has helped you. Check out more at