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    Best Cruise Ship Activities - What to do on Halong Bay cruise

    Best Cruise Ship Activities - What to do on Halong Bay cruise

    • Phuong Ha
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    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise? Apart from romantic dinner and tasty food, onboard activities will provide tourists with a memorable holiday. There are many optional onboard activities that are included in Halong Bay Cruise. Depending on your budget, you should plan ahead to have an amazing cruise tour. Here are some recommendations that you can follow:

    What is Halong Bay Cruise?

    With Halong Bay Cruise and its convenience, tourists can gaze at the breathtaking views of Halong at any time of the day, including the sunrise, sunset or even a sparkling night. Halong Bay is an imposing terrestrial formation in the North of Vietnam. It has around 2000 islets with natural limestone caves, beaches, and floating villages. Regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay can be witnessed by the cruise which is the best way to experience the beauty of this landscape.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Based on your budget, Halong Bay cruise tour separates into numerous types such as daily cruise, 2-days-1-night cruise, 3-days-2-nights cruise,...etc. Scruise recommends you should stay at least an overnight cruise because there are various things to do and see here. Halong Bay cruise tour mostly includes English-speaking tour guides, on-board entertainment, hotel transfers, and meals, entrance fees. There is every activity you need to know when booking a cruise.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    What to pack for Halong Bay Cruise?


    Tourists and their devices seem to go hand in hand in the days on Halong Bay cruise. You should bring your smartphone with the best camera to capture high-quality images. Furthermore, let’s check by the smartphone about the history of Halong Bay destination that you visit during your cruise tour because it might be an amazing story. Notice that you may not access the Internet because the reception is really weak. However, don’t worry if you have to be available for work, Halong Bay cruise will have Wi-fi for you. 

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise


    Because of the network delay, you will want to have magazines and puzzle books for Halong Bay cruise days, and you can not always depend on the library of the cruise. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a lot of fascinating magazines about romantic holidays topic. If you go with kids, remember to bring toys for them that can be packed and deflated easily. And you should consider bringing your own gear if you have a plan to go snorkeling in every port.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise


    You should know that the beverages on Halong Bay cruise cost three times as much as the normal. Therefore, to make the most comfortable things on cruises, most Halong Bay cruise lines allow you to bring water and soda on board that helps you save a lot of money. Let’s check cruise requirements, however, some cruise lines have banned tourists from bringing beverages onboard. 

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise
    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Soap, Shampoo and Necessities

    Although Halong Bay cruise ship will provide you soap and shampoo at the very least (and sometimes body wash, body lotion, and conditioner). However, if you are careful, pack your own favorite one. Besides, you should consider packaging any medications and lots of sunscreens if passing through in sunny destinations.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    What to wear on Halong Bay cruise?

    For women

    Mornings & Afternoons: jeans, casual skirts, sundress, shorts, smart casual dresses

    The greatest choices for indoor activities are slacks, jeans, walking shorts, sundresses, and casual skirts. However, if you plan for outdoors activities, of course, jeans, a T-shirt and oh-so-casual shorts, or swimsuits are necessary.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Remember that short pants are preferred to keep to the fitness center or the pool deck. Tourists might stretch it by putting them on to lunch in the buffet on Halong Bay cruise. Furthermore, if you plan to have a snorkeling sailor a kayaking expedition, casual clothing is appropriate. However, when women want to capture Instagrammed pictures on Halong Bay cruise, you should prefer nicer smart casual dresses.

    Evenings & Nights: resort casual, cotton dress, smart casual dresses

    On Halong Bay Cruise, resort casual, formal clothes will take effect in restaurants and public rooms from 6 p.m. Women should bring two formal dresses, a couple of smart casual dresses for a luxury dinner and a party overnight. Perhaps, you will enjoy music, dancing, lighting, and this atmosphere.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Notice that the most formal parties (even on 3-star Halong Bay cruise or 5-star  Halong Bay cruise), the common dress code is resort casual. A nice restaurant and a great concert are preferred silky pants or cotton dresses, therefore, remember to bring them in your luggage

    For men

    Mornings & Afternoons: khakis, short pants, jeans, T-shirt, tank-tops

    Jeans, short pants and casual khakis are pretty flexible (suited to wander around the pool deck and participate in indoor activities). However, if you want to enjoy outdoor activities or contemplate the beauty of Halong, T-shirts, and sports shorts are required. 

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Remember that if you are wearing too casual like scruffy jeans, tank tops and any type of athletic garb, it will be considered impolite in many situations. In fact, You will mostly be more kindly welcomed in shops, restaurants, and parties if you get dressed attractively.

    Evenings and Nights: Khakis, short, tank-top, polo shirt, jacket, suits, tuxedos.

    A navy sport coat and Khakis are a must-have cloth when combined with everything from a tank-top to a polo shirt. Tourists could wear this kind of outfit anywhere but dinner on a formal night on Halong Bay Cruise.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    For those who love luxury evenings, you should bring a tuxedo which can make a great experience of overnight cruises. However, tuxes are more and more outnumbered by a jacket or suits, slacks. For most folks, Scruise recommends that men should bring at least a suit and tie because some Halong Bay cruise restaurants are so formal that tourists might feel out of place without them.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise at Night?


    Having a romantic dinner on a cruise is the most impressive thing to do on Halong Bay at night. You will be amazed at delicious food which is prepared by the great chief. Furthermore, passengers may create a menu by yourself as a favorite though Vietnam specialties are highly recommended.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Live Music & Karaoke

    Halong Bay cruise lines provide live music as a part of their entertainment. A resident band and musical shows play common radio standards in the public room to cruise bars. Whether your favorite is indie rock, country, jazz, R&B, heavy metal, the oldies, they will serve your order in separated rooms.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Moreover, karaoke is the most favorite thing on Halong Bay cruise ships. Generally, Halong Cruise karaoke is always together with a cocktail or alcohol. Whether you are interested in singing or enjoying the vibrant vibe of bars with your friends, karaoke cruise will make you satisfy.

    Squid Fishing

    Squid fishing is regarded as the greatest activity at nights on Halong Bay cruises. However, squid fishing is only organized if the weather is well. Generally, the ideal time to hold this activity is from April to December because from January to March, squid is really small.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    During the nights, after enjoying a romantic dinner and live music on cruises, you will be interested in squid fishing. The experience and lucky passengers may catch 20 squids per night. Let’s book a Halong Bay cruise tour to get this amazing experience.

    Play Cards

    If you keen on playing cards, Halong Bay Cruise will be the most perfect place for you. Instead of visiting casino Macaw or Singapore, you will have your own spot to play with many passengers who have the same interest as you. Imagine that you are sitting on a cruise deck, enjoying a delicious cocktail and playing cards in a luxurious room, you will have the best experience on Halong Bay cruise. 

    Enjoy a tasty cocktail at Bar 

    After participating in squid fishing, tourists are entirely engaged in a cocktail and also interested in gossiping about anything you feel love at Halong Bay cruises. It will be a great chance to relax on the sundeck with music and some cocktails. Also, you can take a lot of photos with a tasty cocktail and attractive dress under a sparkling night. Let’s enjoy the luxurious Halong Bay cruise for a few nights with fresh air.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    The most spots tourists expect on Halong Bay Cruise

    Halong Bay

    The central Halong Bay is the primary area around Bai Chay and Hong Gai where most beautiful caves and caverns stay there. Caves include Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Trinh Nu Grotto, and Sung Sot Cave. Furthermore, travelers can visit numerous floating villages and explore their daily life. According to the locals, Halong Bay is home to plentiful birdlife and over 1000 marine animal species.

    Recommended cruise tours passing through Halong Bay: 

    Wonderbay Cruise - Day Cruise:

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    Lan Ha Bay 

    Positioned in the south-west Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay includes 400 islets such as Cat Ba Island. Many spectacular beaches in this space offer great places for exploring caves and swimming. This pristine area is suited to snorkel and dive, and the mountains in Lan Ha Bay offer a great chance for rock climbing.

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise

    Recommended cruise tours passing through Ha Lan Bay: 

    Calypso Cruise - Deluxe Cabin - 2D1N:

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    Cat Ba Island 

    Cat Ba Island is home to the remoted Cat Ba National Park and the lively Cat Ba town. It has the beautiful floating villages, caverns, therefore, before your cruise, you should spend a lot of time planning to some destinations that you want to pass through on Halong Bay cruise tour.

    Recommended cruise tours passing through Cat Ba Island: 

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    Bai Tu Long Bay 

    Bai Tu Long Bay is an amazing attraction with much public attention. Generally, it consists of a range of islands in which stunning landscapes and magnificent beauty are undeniable. Visiting Bai Tu Long Bay, travelers may enjoy breathtaking views and pristine scenery. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to gaze at many impressive destinations such as Tra Gioi Beach, Vung Vieng fishing village, Da Xep Park, Cong Do area, Thien Canh Son cave and Cong Dam area.

    Recommended cruise tours passing through Bai Tu Long Bay: 

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    Starlight Cruises - Deluxe Cabin- 2D1N:

    What to do on Halong Bay Cruise? If you keep many plans on a cruise to spend money, Halong Bay Cruise is nearly all-inclusive. Therefore, the total cost for Halong Bay Cruise depends on your plans. If you stick to the budget, Halong Bay Cruise is also an awesome value to experience a number of outdoor activities. Don’t forget these famous points on Halong Bay when you book a cruise: