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    Top 10 things on the checklist of what to pack for Halong cruise

    Top 10 things on the checklist of what to pack for Halong cruise

    • Phuong Ha
    Article headline

    Finally decided on when and where to enjoy a Halong cruise trip, but here comes another tricky question: What to pack for Halong cruise? Packing, especially with small luggage, requires so many thoughts. How can you optimize your luggage space, while still making sure that you do not miss anything? In this topic, we suggest the top 10 things you for sure need when going on a Halong cruise.

    1. Passport/ID

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    The first thing you cannot miss when thinking of what to pack for Halong cruise is your personal document. You can only embark on the cruise with your passport. Moreover, when going to a foreign country, you need a passport to prove your identity: who you are and where you are from. Therefore, please make sure you keep your passport in a safe place. 

    2. First aid and medicine

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    As you will be in the middle of the sea, it is better to bring your own first aid kits and medicine in case of an emergency. Especially if you have special medical needs, please bring your medicine along since it might be hard to get it on the cruise. 

    Remember to also prepare medicines for seasick and food poisoning. They are common illnesses for tourists when going on a cruise.

    3. Clothes

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    a, For female

    Onboard: Casual shorts or skirts mixed with a comfortable T-shirt will give you a sporty, active feeling. If you want a more feminine, sweet look that is stunning in photos, a maxi dress should be a perfect choice. If you go on a 2 - day - 1 - night or 3 - day - 2 - night trip, you might want to bring 1 or 2 pajamas for a comfortable sleep at night. 

    Dining: When going for dinner, a somewhat formal piece of clothing will do. You can go with your favorite dress to enjoy the special night. 

    Offboard:  A Halong cruise agenda often includes activities offboard such as kayaking, hiking, and swimming. Therefore, a swimsuit cannot be missed since swimming is one of the most exciting activities in Halong. For kayaking and hiking, a combination of shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers should be perfect.  

    Footwear: sandals, shoes, high heels should be on your list of what to pack for Halong cruise.

    b, For male

    Onboard: A sporty look on a man can never go wrong. You can wear polo shirts or T-shirts with a pair of Bermuda shorts. For a more formal look, you can change the shorts into a pair of chino pants.

    Offboard:  For swimming, you can wear a swim trunk. You can then put on T-shirts and sandals to go kayaking. 

    Dinner: You can be on top of your game with a formal suit. Shirts and long pants are a more relaxed choice.  

    Footwear: sandals, sneakers and leather shoes.

    4. Flip-flops

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    A pair of flip-flops is necessary for a walk on the beach. It is easy to clean the sand out of the flip-flops. They are also more comfortable for a beach walk.  

    5. Sunscreen

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    There are also many stops at beaches on the agenda, on which you will endure much harsh sunlight. Therefore, protecting your skin with sunscreen is non-negotiable. You should choose the sunscreen with SPF 50+ for better protection. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen when going to swim and kayak or else you might get sunburnt.

    6. Electric devices

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    It would be such a pity if you can not capture the breath-taking view of Halong Bay on your phone or camera. Beautiful scenes are waiting for you to capture and share with your friends and family. So don’t forget to bring electric devices!

    Moreover, there should be Wifi on the cruises. So with smartphones and laptops, you can connect with your friends and family at any time. However, the connection might be unstable since you will be in the middle of the sea.

    7. Back-up batteries and chargers

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    Back-up batteries and chargers are important for making the best use of the electric devices you brought. Especially if you go on a 2 - day - 1 - night or 3 - day - 2 - night cruise, it is important to charge your phones and cameras so that you can use them for the whole trip.

    8. Cash

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    While going on the trip you might need to pay for small things like drink, snacks, or tips for the waiters. Therefore it is necessary to bring some extra cash with you in case the credit card is not accepted. 

    9. Boardgame or books for entertainment

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    In case your agenda is no rush, you might have some free time, normally at night, to relax. It would be super fun to have boardgame to play with your friends and family. If you want to chill by yourself, a good book should be your best friend. Lying on the bench, enjoy the breath of the sea while reading a good book will surely bring you extra relaxation.

    10. Toiletries

     what to pack for Halong cruise

    While the cruise also prepares the toiletries for customers, the quality of them is usually not good. The toothbrush might be made of cheap plastic. The toothpaste might have weird taste. The shampoo might not make your hair silky. Therefore bringing your own toiletries will make sure that you have the best experience taking care of yourself after a long traveling day.

    Other than the 10 things above, you might bring additional stuff due to personal needs. However, those 10 things are those you should never leave at home when thinking of what to pack for a Halong cruise