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    Halong Cruise Checklist: What to wear on Halong Bay Cruises

    Halong Cruise Checklist: What to wear on Halong Bay Cruises

    • Phuong Ha

    Knowing what to wear on Halong Bay cruises can make a difference between feeling comfortable and stylish or feeling out of place on your vacation in Halong. If you are currently scratching your head over what to wear on your visit to Halong, don’t worry! Most cruises are really relaxing, so you just need to dress up in a smart-casual style. What to bring on halong bay cruise? Here is some useful information on what to wear on a cruise.

    What to wear on Halong Bay Cruises: Daytime Dressing

    During the cruise, you will be contemplating the sunrise, enjoying a fantastic glass of wine, eating lunch in the cruise restaurant and doing many other very relaxing activities. You don’t need to be dressed up! Resort wear suits you best. It brings the perfect summer vibe with light blue tones and lightweight material.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Shorts, casual skirts, sundresses and jeans, capris, cropped pants or sporty tops are entirely acceptable to wear while cruising. You may feel good in your bathing suit, with a nice kaftan covering your body when you walk around. Flip-flops and sandals are common footwear on a cruise ship. Comfort is the most important criteria when choosing what to wear onboard during the day.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Recommended clothes: Resort wear

    What to pack in your cruise bag: Waterproof phone case, dry clothes, flip flops, room key card, cash, sunglasses, sun hat or cap, swimsuit, water bottle, sunscreen.

    Casual Option: For dinner with an even more relaxed vibe, a nightly buffet, where casual attire rules, is suggested.

    Halong Bay cruises - What to wear to dinner?

    There are two types of dinners that the Halong Bay cruises offer in the main dining rooms. For this reason, I will recommend you the dress code depending on each decoration: So Halong Bay cruise what to wear?

    Casual dinner dress

    what to wear on Halong Cruises
    The casual dinner is normally on the first night of the Halong Bay cruises since tourists are tired of getting settled on board. Also, it is usually on the last night as well, since tourists are busy packing up their stuff. In this dinner, you can wear casual resort wear such as relaxed pants, a summer dress, and dark jeans or a nice top. Men should wear jeans, pants or nice shorts with a smart short-sleeved tee-shirt, polo or print shirt. Besides, you may like a sweater if you go sleeveless. Sometimes it is cool with the air conditioning inside. 
    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Recommend clothes: Casual dress

    What to pack in your cruise bag: key card, cash, water bottle, light scarf.

    Casual Option: Room service is the only choice for a casual option since the evening dress code applies in all public areas after 6 p.m.

    Smart casual dinner dress

    Smart casual steps up from casual style. You would wear smart casual in most nights which means a little dressier than straight casual. 

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Halong cruise outfits for a smart casual dinner could be a nice skirt, a dress and pullovers or sporty cropped pants with a classy top. I recommend you wear white pants with a pretty top which always looks fabulous on a cruise. Moreover, you may even put on your favorite black and gold sequin dress or a cocktail dress.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Men look more stylish when they wear casual pants and a collared top like a shirt or a polo with sports jacket. Smart Casual is required if you have dinner in one of the specialty restaurants on board, too.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Recommend clothes: Smart casual dress

    What to pack in your cruise bag: key card, cash, water bottle, phone, light scarf

    Casual Option: The buffet will serve passengers seeking a more low-key dining experience.

    What to wear on Halong Bay Cruise: Sparkling Night

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    A sparkling night during the Halong cruise is perfect for formal Halong Bay cruise clothing. This is the night that you may meet the captain and crew, and there will be a lot of excitement and festivities. This is when you can look around and see the glitz and glam everywhere. Women can wear a charming cocktail dress or just an elegant dress and evening gown or even a long maxi dress. Don’t forget to wear your fancy accessories and jewelry. For the gentlemen, you should wear a dark suit and tie or a tux.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    If you are not a fashion enthusiast, you might want to skip the formal dinner on board. But if you want to take pictures on a sparkling night on Halong cruise, wearing a very nice dress, beautiful shoes and a lot of jewelry should do just fine. Remember that there are various ways to wear a dress depending on the formality of the ship. So, you should check with your cruise line before you depart.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Recommend clothes: Formal dress

    What to pack in your cruise bag: key card, cash, light scarf, phone, camera.

    Casual Option: Come at nighttime, in the clubs or at the parties on board.

    In Short: Halong Bay Cruise What to wear on by Season

    However, what you wear on a cruise also depends on when you visit Halong. Here are some tips that you should follow:

    Cool season

    During cool days, dry weather with beautiful sunshine and a smooth sea is very common, which will give you a wonderful travel experience. Sometimes, it will be chilly because the weather suddenly changes.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    For gents, layering is the key. Pack an overshirt that will make you look stylish. For more humid weather, sturdy shoes and a lightweight waterproof jacket are essential. Besides, you should bring your walking boots, which will keep you dry and safe traction for that vertiginous walk.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    For ladies, high necks and relaxed shoulders are perfect for a chilly Halong cruise. Moreover, you should wear cargo pants to avoid a cold day. Also, walking boots, which are lightweight and look great, can make you comfortable

    Warm season

    Summer in Halong is really hot during the day and cool at night. So apart from T-shirts and shorts, you should bring a half-zip sweater in your bag in case of the changing weather.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises

    Men should bring short-sleeved shirts together with sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. Women should wear tank tops and different styles of shorts. Moreover, girls cannot forget sundresses or skirt-and-top outfits.

    what to wear on Halong Cruises