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    When to book Halong Bay Cruise? Right Now or Wait for Flash Sale?

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise? Right Now or Wait for Flash Sale?

    • Phuong Ha

    Nowadays, Halong Bay Cruise is the most interesting way to enjoy a holiday, however, when to book Halong Bay Cruise has become a tough question for almost tourists. Don’t worry if you are cruise newbies, Scruise will help you to carefully prepare your holiday. To answer this question, read this post to deeply know the best way to book Halong Bay Cruise!

    Let’s follow 3 steps before book a cruise in Halong Bay

    Step 1: Think about where you want to travel

    To make a great holiday, you should have a detailed plan for when you visit, where you stay, and what you will do in Halong Bay. Actually, there are numerous options for your cruise tour, therefore, if you don’t prepare for your destinations, you will have trouble choosing Halong Bay Cruise. There are a lot of locations that you may be interested:

    • Lan Ha Bay
    When to book Halong Bay Cruise
    When to book Halong Bay Cruise
    When to book Halong Bay Cruise
    when to book Halong Bay crusie
    • Co To Island

    when to book Halong Bay crusie

    In each location, you can enjoy its fishing villages, islets, beaches, and pagodas - there are many places of interest that you can take a lot of Instagrammed pictures. Besides, let’s check the weather for the day you go to choose what kind of cruise suits you best.

    Step 2: Search the information about your Halong Bay Cruise tour 

    After reading this post, you can visit to find the most suited cruise for you and your holiday. There are many kinds of Halong Bay Cruise from a luxury to a cheap cruise for those who are on a tight budget. Whether you want to choose a cruise for a weekend holiday or for a special event, you can check the detailed tour of each cruise on our website. Cheap halong bay cruise will be always available.

    when to book halong bay cruise

    When you have prepared the destinations for your days, you can also check out the schedule to choose the cruise that fits your plan.

    Here are some recommendations for you to choose Halong Bay Cruise:

    5-star Halong Bay Cruise

    Stellar of the Seas

    Rosy Cruise

    Halong Emperor Cruise

    when to book halong bay cruise

    4-star Halong Bay Cruises

    Regal Cruise

    Oasis Bay Classic Cruise

    Halong Majestic Cruise

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    3-star Halong Bay Cruises

    Halong Lavender Cruises

    Sunlight Halong Cruise

    Oriental Sails

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    Step 3: Fulfill the information and use the discount code to have Halong cruise booking within your budget

    After researching the best cruises in Halong, let’s enter “Buy it now” to have a Halong Bay Cruise in advance. Remember to write down your real information, staff will check it to book a cruise tour for you. Furthermore, if you have a discount code, please apply it to save money.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    When to book Halong bay cruise package? Whether we wait for a flash sale or book Scruise right now?

    Halong Bay Cruise book in advance

    Most Halong Bay Cruises come out with their best price when the travel itineraries go on sale at first and then raise the fares since the cruises sell out. This is especially true with new, popular mainstream ships and luxury cruises. Booking Halong Bay Cruise in advance also gets you more options for cabins.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    Besides low introductory price, Halong Bay Cruises can also offer extra perks for those who book the cruise early, such as a complimentary upgrade, free airfare or onboard credit. Furthermore, a lot of Halong Bay Cruises require a refundable deposit to hold your cabin. However, if your schedule alters in the next months, tourists can cancel easily without this deposit.

    However, notice that the plans may also alter among the time when you book and when you enjoy the cruise. Feel free if the schedule changes because perhaps you will find the greatest place on this cruise.

    When to book Halong bay cruise vacation - Booking early if you plan on:

    • The weekend break
    • The package holiday
    • The group tour
    • Long term slow travel
    • Event travel

    Late booking Halong Bay Cruise

    Late booking of a cruise will make you waste more money, especially in peak season. However, if you do Halong Bay Cruise in a low season, it will be lucky for you because it may offer you a flash sale. However, the price of booking late is much higher than the normal price.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    When to book Halong bay cruise tour? - Booking late if you plan on:

    • Business trip
    • Visiting relatives or friends without any plan

    Best time to do Halong Bay Cruise booking

    Spring is the best time for Cruise

    Whenever there is hot or chilly weather, booking a Halong Bay Cruise Tour is still great. Normally, the best time for Halong Cruise is between February and April because it has sunlight for outdoor activities such as enjoy the beauty of Halong, do Taichi or Yoga exercise.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    Winter is also a peak time for enjoying Halong by Cruise

    November till January is also a great time to do a Halong Bay Cruise. During this time, the temperature is around 13°C - 20°C which is perfect for relaxing and refreshing yourself. However, fog and drizzle will appear at night because of the effect of late winter.

    Following the points below to save money for booking Halong Bay Cruise 

    Check Cruise Pricing in all seasons and watch for Flash Sale

    Remember that not all promotions mean big savings off your cruise price. In fact, the savings are dependent on the original fare that no one really wants to pay. The best way to ensure a sale is by checking this price continuously in several weeks. You will catch the best time to buy this ticket if you actually know what the fare is averaging. The best value usually comes from sales that add more offers like beverage packages or dining and included gratuities.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    When to book halong bay cruise in vietnam ? - Book in advance if you go in a high season 

    During a peak season, it is really hard for you to have a Halong Bay Cruise in a tight budget. The greatest choice for you is booking early or you can look for early-bird sales which offer more value like free upgrades or onboard credit. However, remember that Halong Cruise Tour in peak season will sell quickly, you have to pay for higher fares if you wait for sales.

    When to book Halong Bay Cruise

    I am sure that after reading this post, you will understand when to book Halong Bay Cruise. Book right now or wait for flash sale depends on your plan. Whether you want to book a cruise for a business trip or a weekend break, you can choose the best cruise that suits you. Follow us to have more information!