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    Ultimate guide: Airport near Halong Bay. Which one is right for you?

    Ultimate guide: Airport near Halong Bay. Which one is right for you?

    • Phuong Ha
    Airport near Halong Bay

    Let's just say you are tired of scrolling websites but can not find the best route to fly to Halong, we are here to provide you with an ultimate guide to the airport near Halong Bay. Travel by plane is essential for all of you who are miles away from? But choosing the right airport to land is also of much importance. So why not start your journey preparation by touring all the nearest airports to the stunning Halong with us.

    Till this day, there are three airports near Halong that are still on the run

    The three major airports are Noi Bai, Van Don, and Cat Bi. Throughout the years, these international airports have made many expand on their services to meet the demands of both national and international guests. You can easily get information about your desired destination in each airport, take a break at the lounge room or even find something to cover your stomach after a long flight. And of course, all of them offer direct transfers to Halong.

    Knowing the name is surely not enough, the big question still remains - Which of them is best for your trip? We will give you some guidance about the airports surrounding Halong based on your travel plan.

    Taking time and distance into account

    We will list below the three airports by descending order from the farthest to Halong to the nearest. And coming with it is the information about how to get there.

    Noi Bai International airport (HAN)

    Located in Soc Son, Dong Anh District, Noi Bai Airport is less than 200 km far from Halong and around 29 km travel by car from the city center of Hanoi. It is one of the main airports in Vietnam, the 2nd biggest precisely, and it plays its role as the business serving airport of the capital. This international airport stands on a 140 thousand m2 land with approximately 15 million passengers checked in annually.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    Among the three mentioned, Noi Bai is the farthest airport from Halong. However, transportation here is quite convenient. You can run your way to Halong directly from Noi Bai airport or transfer to Hanoi. There is a variety of means of transport for you to choose from.

    • Travel by motorbike or by car is the most common way. You can rent vehicles through the local company and turn on the google map to drive to Halong. Some companies such as Motago, Phùng Motorbike, Linh An company, TaxiGo… offer rental service from 10$/day for motor to 200$/day for car. You can contact them through their official website or directly call them via phone number. For a better option, you can even hire a driver or a taxi. It will take about 3.5 hours to arrive at Halong Bay. And for Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, just approximately 3 hours. The price ranges from 56 to 66$ one way. You will find the taxi line right out of each terminal gate.
    • Wanna cut on budget, Hanoi local bus is here to help you. Choosing the route wisely as the bus departs at different times and stops at different stations (My Dinh, Giap Bat, Nuoc Ngam, Gia Lam) in Hanoi. For your consideration, travel by bus from Hanoi to Quang Ninh province will take less than 4 hours and the price would be from 4 to 22$ for one passenger.
    • Don’t want to search for the way, then you can book a cruise both online and offline. All the cruise offers direct transfer to Halong, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha bay. But do keep in mind that some tours will take longer to get to the destination compared to travel by private car as it will make some middle stopping rests.
    • If you are prone to car sickness, then another option you can try is to take on seaplane travel. The service is provided by Hai Au Aviation, right at Counter E09, Lobby E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai airport. You don’t need to spend a long time on the highway, just for 45 minutes on a seaplane you can reach Tuan Chau Marina - one of the entry gates of Halong Bay. But of course, the time decreases meaning the money will increase. The seaplane price for 1 person ranges from 300 to 425 $. In return, you will have the chance to explore Halong on the aviation of 150 to 3000 m above sea level. The company also provides a daily service to view Halong Bay on air for 2 persons at a time. Sound like a great choice, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, if you are considering taking a night off or even a few days to relax after getting off a plane, to discover a different location on this occasion, keep in mind that Noi Bai is located in the amazing Hanoi. After landing at Noi Bai airport, you can visit the thousand-year-old Hanoi before going to Halong. There are a thousand ways for you to stand your feet in Hanoi from Noi Bai. Taxi, bus, or even Grab. And when exploring the beauty of Hanoi, there are a million ways for you to reach Halong. Hire a motorbike, rent a car, take a bus, or the special safety option, take a train. Although travel by train can cost you up to 6 hours but once sitting on it, you can enjoy the cozy feeling and the wonderful view of Vietnam countryside that no other transport can give.

    Check out our detailed description of how to get to Halong from Hanoi here. It will help you find the best way to get to Halong from Hanoi airport. Along with it are some of our recommended activities for you to enjoy a fun and comfortable trip.

    Cat Bi International airport (HPH)

    Cat Bi airport located in Hai An, Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Although the area is rather small and it mainly received flights from Ho Chi Minh city, Cat Bi is still an international airport serving the third largest city of Vietnam. The airport scheduled many flights to carry passengers from and to a huge number of different countries. HPH connects more than 14 cities and 6 countries in total. The three most popular global routes to Haiphong are from Bangkok, Seoul, and Shenzhen.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    The total distance from this airport to Halong is less than 60 km, almost half the distance from Noi Bai to Halong. The distance from Cat Bi to Hon Gai - Bai Tu Long Bay is the farthest and for Tuan Chau - Halong Bay it is 10 km shorter. By means of travel, you can share a car, take a bus, or directly hire a taxi. The option here is never limited.

    • With the bus option, first, you need to arrive at the bus station - Lac Long in Hai Phong city. After that, buy a ticket to Hon Gai or Halong. Hop on the bus and it will take you almost 2 hours for less than 14$.
    • The price for taxis, of course, is not so budget if you travel alone. You will spend about 30$ to 50$ for approximately 2 hours trip from Cat Bi airport to Halong’s travel sites, depending on the taxi brand. However, do keep in mind, taxis are always available with a large number of empty cars outside the airport gate all day round, ready for your services.
    • To reduce the budget but don’t want to spend so much time moving by bus, the shared car option is opened for you. Sharing a car means you can have the chance of meeting new friends, who know one of them could be your future soulmate. Many companies offer shared car service right at Cat Bi airport outdoor arrival. You can easily find some of their websites online, such as dichungtaxi, vietnamprivatecar… The price for the whole journey would swing around 20$/person for 1 hour.

    Van Don International airport (VDO)

    The nearest airport to Halong is Van Don airport. It was put into use not so long ago, dated back from December 2018. And since then, it has remained its position as the newest commercial airport in Vietnam. The technology and services are both advanced as it has received so much investment throughout the year.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    Located in Van Don, Quang Ninh province, the airport is just 50 km from Halong. Depending on your choice of transport, the total transfer time would range from 60 to 90 minutes. Traveling is now much faster and easier with Van Don airport.

    • Passengers travel to Halong from Van Don will be presented with a free one-way bus ticket. Phuc Xuyen company provides two transfer buses that you can choose from, the 14A and the 14B. Just walk out of the airport gate and you will see the waiting area right in front of your eye. We would like to recommend booking 60 minutes beforehand in order to avoid unwanted circumstances.
    • As for taxis, the cost is not too high, just from 3 to 4$ in total, as the airport location is much closer to Halong. And if yours or your group’s luggage is too heavy, choosing a taxi is not so bad of a choice either. You can always come to the help counter to get information about taxi lines and other transport if needed.

    Talking about destinations

    From Noi Bai, Cat Bi, and Van Don airport, you can reach many great attraction sites in Halong. We will list out a few of them for your references or you can take a look at our website for a detailed destination guide.

    Ha Long Bay

    The first to note down is Halong Bay - UNESCO World Heritage. Halong Bay has attracted many tourists, both domestic and foreign for a long time for its natural beauty, huge system of islands and extraordinary caves. A few caves worth mentioning are Sung Sot (Amazing) Cave, Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave, Thien Cung (Paradise) Cave, … All Halong Bay cruises offer tours to these amazing places.
    Noi Bai airport is from 170 to 196 km, 3 to 3.5 hours to Halong Bay while Cat Bi and Van Don airport are just around 62 and 51 km far from the bay itself, which shortens the time to 1 to 1.5 hours travel on the road.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    Bai Chay

    The second destination is Bai Chay beach. The beach has its name Bai Chay - literally translated as burning beach - because when you stand from Hon Gai, you will always see a burning red color. Bai Chay is a 500 m long and 100 m wide sandy beach, an ideal place for swimming. Nature here is still well preserved with green casuarina groves running along the coastline. Moreover, the sea breeze also gives this place fresh and warm air all year.
    Noi Bai airport is about 180 km, Cat Bi airport is 50 km and Van Don is 53km from Bai Chay. Bai Chay is accessible with all three airports through highway travel.

    Airport near Halong Bay


    Tuan Chau Island

    The third and simply the best for entertainment is Tuan Chau island. This famous island lies on a 400 ha area surrounded by smooth white sand and green pine forest. From the open day, Tuan Chau has always kept its reputation as a promised entertainment and resort destination of Quang Ninh.
    To travel from Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau, you can choose between air and road travel. Head to Tuan Chau by seaplanes will take you about 45 minutes. And with a motorbike, car or bus it will take you 2 to 3 hours depending on what route you choose. The total distance also differs from 148 km to 171km. From Cat Bi airport you will have to spend about 50 minutes to cover the 42 km trip. For Van Don airport, it is about 72km from Tuan Chau island.

    Airport near Halong Bay


    It’s finally time to answer the question: which airport near Halong is best for you?

    Through the basic guide above, have you somehow popped a vague idea on an airport suit for your Halong journey yet? If not, we will sum up the information for you right away.

    Noi Bai international airport

    Pros: Noi Bai is not the closest but by far, it is the most popular choice when considering travel to Halong. The reason mainly lies in the fact that among the three, it offers plenty of domestic and international flight options. As many Vietnam airlines develop routes all around the world, you can now easily search for a flight to Hanoi from your city, as well as guide and information about it. Moreover, it is possible and advisable to make a few day tour in Hanoi before heading to Halong.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    Cons: However when putting on a scale, the transfer time on the road to Halong from Noi Bai is almost double the time it takes when choosing to fly into Cat Bi or Van Don. You need to choose wisely between convenience and time spent moving.

    Cat Bi international airport

    Pros: Direct flight from Seoul, Tokyo or Bangkok are frequent at Cat Bi. Passengers arriving at Hai Phong can also visit Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay as it would just take 30 minutes to drive there.

    Airport near Halong Bay


    Cons: But compared to Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Cat Bi is rather small with the number of flight options still limited.

    Van Don international airport

    Pros: You can not ignore the fact that Van Don is the closest airport to Halong and the most advanced. By all means, the time and the distance required to travel is 100% the shortest. You can save plenty of time to experience more about Halong. Passengers will also receive a free bus ticket for the Van Don - Halong route.

    Airport near Halong Bay

    Cons: While being a newly built airport has brought many advantages to Van Don international airport such as modern technology, state-of-the-art design, up to date facilities, the number of flights exploited still pose a problem. Because of the limited flight option, ticket prices would be high and you will be cut down on choices of departure airports.

    Some additional tips on how to book a flight to Halong

    As flight to Halong is not fixed on one airline or period, there are things you should do before entering the booking phase.

    Search for Airport near Halong Bay
    1. List out major airlines offering flights from your city to Halong. Note that Noi Bai has the most number of international flights among the three airports near Halong.
    2. Follow their updates on discounts and promotions as popular brands like Vietnam Airline, Vietjet, Jetstar… may have good deals on some special time of the year. On Vietnamese Holiday such as Independence Day on 2nd September, Reunification day on 30th April, International labor day on 1st May… the ticket price would be high as it is the peak time for group travel. Also all destinations would be crowded with people on these occasions. On the other hand, you can consider booking on weekdays as some airlines like to drop the price on these days and then again raise them on weekends.
    3. Select a reputation website to gain a better price offer. Some of them are, Traveloka, Kayak…When you are tired of booking flights, or even get bored with searching for the right cruise all by yourself, you can consult a travel agency for help. A local agency such as S-cruise will provide support from the first stage of your journey. Book a flight, send notifications immediately if there is a change in flight schedule, or if you are not familiar with the custom of a brand new country, you are free to contact them for detailed support.
    4. Have a basic plan on when to start your trip, where you would like to visit in the right order… It will make it easier for you to pick the most suitable flight and the right airport to land.
    5. Book early for about a month. Book a flight in advance will save you a lot of time and budget.

    We hope you can choose the right airport for your Halong trip to save time and money with our ultimate Halong airport guideline. And if this does help, come back again to experience many more amazing vacations.