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    Have the vacation of your life with our Halong Bay luxury cruises

    If you decide to travel to Vietnam one day, you should better find a reliable agency that can provide you with the best tour packages at prices you will be astounded by. Here at the S-Cruise travel platform, we put a premium on 100% customer satisfaction. That is why each Vietnam Halong Bay cruise we sell is thoroughly thought-out and contains a variety of different entertaining activities for both adults and children. When booking our tours, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your vacation. We have got everything it takes to fulfill your needs and even exceed your expectations.

    Book our cheap Halong Bay cruises to benefit from the following:

    • competitive prices
    • free consultation
    • fast response 
    • ultimate customer care
    • variety of secure payment options
    • impressive discounts up to 50%, and many more

    Book Halong Bay cruises from us to discover a whole new world of traveling opportunities

    Being the number one tourism hub in Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe annually. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a real treasure of nature that features numerous tiny islands dotted with grottoes and limestone karsts. Surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, this picturesque bay will certainly impress you with its magnificence. So, if you’re going to visit Vietnam, do not miss out on one of our Halong Bay overnight cruises. It is the perfect opportunity to spot the pristine nature of this place in all its glory. 

    All our tours are designed by experienced guides who know all the ins and outs of water tourism. We are always ready to go the extra mile to provide you with an adventure full of emotions and exciting activities. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for – a classic voyage in a deluxe cabin or a party cruise - here at the S-Cruise, we have got you covered with everything. We guarantee that you will be amazed by the beauty of Halong Bay tour as well as the rich itinerary we provide. The local gorgeous natural scenery will leave no one indifferent, no matter whether you travel with family, friends, or all alone. We also offer special tours where you can join groups of other friendly tourists not to feel lonely during the journey.

    Those who are seeking some wonderful emotions and want to admire Halong Bay not only by daylight but also at night should opt for our special overnight cruises. They might cost a bit more than the standard ones, but you can rest easy knowing that they are worth every cent you spend. Book one of our Halong Bay 1 night cruises and enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin. We will do our best to make your experience never-to-be-forgotten. 

    Do not miss your chance to get a Halong Bay Cruise price that couldn’t be any lower

    From classic cruisers to legendary and deluxe ones, you can find a great variety of options on our website. Many of them are rated and reviewed by previous clients so that you can view their opinion and choose the tour that suits you best. What is more, we always have some cruises on sale, so hurry up to take your pick until everything is bought up! Make your trip to Vietnam never-to-be-forgotten, by saving up to 50% on our exclusive tours.

    halong bay cruise today

    Book Yourself a Halong Bay Cruise Today!

    One of the best things you can do at Ha Long Bay is to book yourself a cruise! These Cruises are inclusive of many activities, and you can see the entire Bay all in one go. There are activities that great for ages and groups.

    The tours are inclusive activities like stopping at the nearby caves, exploring the many islands that sound you, and a great set of activities for thrill-seekers.

    Some of the popular options include picking the Genesis Halong Bay Cruise! It has the comfort and luxury with the scenic views that surround your hotel.

    Visitors can choose to go kayaking, boating, hiking, or merely dipping their toes in the fresh, clean waters! There are gorgeous rooms that overlook the calm ocean. You can enjoy some peaceful time with your significant other, friends, or family.

    The cruises also have drinks, food, and music! You can dance under the moonlight and enjoy the natural sounds of the sea.

    Here are some of the many perks you get to avail yourself if you book yourself a Halong Bay Cruise 1 night, or even a Halong Bay Cruise 2 nights depending on what you prefer!

    • Book Yourself Honeymoon Suite

    What is excellent about these honeymoon suites is that they are one of the most romantic places you ever go to with your significant other! With the red themes, cozy bedrooms, and a chilly breeze from the sea, nothing- the ambiance is just right!

    The best honeymoon cruises have vintage themes, and classic ship styles or are often very modern and luxurious.

    Apart from the aesthetics of it all, there are activities that you can do with your partner as well! Many people wonder how to budget a Halong bay cruise, but there are many cheap and luxurious options that people can avail of.

    Doris Cruise is the best Halong Bay cruise for solo travelers! It is mid-range and has a lot of fun activities and cave visits.
    • Great Fun for Families

    The Halong Bay cruise is not only great for couples, but for families as well! This place has a lot to offer for all ages and groups. You can explore the food, the people, and the many different Islands around you.

    There are many HaLong Bay cruises from Hanoi as well, and families can enjoy their weekend getaway, all the while exploring the beauty of nature.

    Some of our Halong Bay cruise recommendations for families include the Rosy Cruise Halong Bay,  which is easier on the pocket and has a lot to offer as well.

    • A Wonderful Place for Adventure Seekers

    It’s really not all calm and quiet over there! There are many thrilling activities that any adventure seeker would love to explore.

    More shockingly, about 2000 islands are surrounding the Ha Long area. Imagine the possibilities you can explore. The larger islands can be crowded during peak season. There are activities there like cliff diving, hiking, and exploring lush green forestry.

    However, if you aren’t into that, then you can also go explore some of the smaller, more secluded islands that are just as exciting to explore on your own.

    The best Halong bay cruises also offer calming activities like kayaking, boating, stopping at different beaches, and enjoying the gorgeous shores and some vitamin D!

    • Spend the Night on The Ocean

    Imagine waking up to the beautiful sun rising from the horizon, and it will definitely be a sight to see. These gorgeous memories are something you want to keep with yourself forever.

    Along with this, there is also the incredible Vietnamese cuisine that you can enjoy on the different cruises.

    All this sounds almost too good to be true! But the shocking part is that the cost of HaLong Bay packages is as lower as 145 Dollars per person! These are inclusive of excellent, mouthwatering buffet meals that you can enjoy to the fullest!

    There are drinks, music, and a lot more you can enjoy on the deck. The Stella cruise Halong Bay has many amenities on board. Other cruises offer you a spa, bathtubs, saunas, and a completely luxurious experience.

    • Learn More about the Vietnamese Culture

    When you are on your cruise, you also tend to learn a lot more about the Vietnamese people and their culture!

    Vietnam has a growing tourism economy, and many jobs are now based on catering to foreigners that come to visit their land.

    There are many cruises and hotels with many tour guides, who are incredibly knowledgeable. They talk about Ha Long bay and how these many islands came about.

    One of the best cruises includes the Emperor Halong Bay Cruise. It is renowned for its delicious cuisine, catering to people as well as skilled guides and local people.

    Many tours also show you sites where economic activity takes place like a pearl refinery, fishing tours, and a lot more.

    Things You Can Do At Ha Long Bay

    The area is truly gorgeous, and there are endless activities you can do there! After getting all the HaLong bay cruise reviews, we have curated a list of fun activities you go around and explore.

    1) Go Diving or Kayaking

    If you are someone who enjoys water activities, then you surely will enjoy diving or kayaking. Whether it is cliff diving or scuba - this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Vietnamese waters are home to many gorgeous species that you can explore firsthand. It allows you to enjoy clear visibility in the water, which is now difficult to find in the world.

    More importantly, many experienced professionals offer diving schools & kayaking training courses that are happy to welcome visitors to explore Ha Long Bay. You can simply rent a boat and go to the snorkeling side as well.

    best halong cruise today

    2) Visit the Gorgeous Cat Ba Island

    If you plan to go to Vietnam, then you must visit one of the most popular attractions in Halong bay, which is Cat Ba Island. It is one of the biggest islands in the entire region and home to a lot of great treasures.

    The great part about these islands is the ancient fisherman port, and it has a gorgeous atmosphere to explore and distress with your friends and family. You can either enjoy a peaceful afternoon or even rent yourself a bicycle.

    There are a lot of areas to explore, especially in the countryside. Taking a bicycle tour will be refreshing and a high activity to do with your children, friends, or family. This stop is usually included in many Halong Bay cruise packages.

    halong bay cruise today

    3) The Me Cung Cave

    The Me Cung cave also has another name; it is known as the Bewitching Grotto. This cave is honestly a site you need to see when visiting Halong Bay.

    Its scenic views are something you do not want to miss. The entrances are narrow, and people really enjoy squeezing throw the gateways.

    As the chambers open up, there are gorgeous wind tunnels, stalagmites, and stalactites. This site is also famous for fossils, and if you take a torch along, you can explore properly.

    halong bay cruise today

    4) Rent A Bicycle!

    If you enjoy some adventure, then rent yourself a bicycle for a great bicycle tour of Ha Long bay. Many larger islands allow visitors to rent a cheap bike that they can use to explore the area.

    Renting a bicycle allows you to explore things while taking your sweet time. You can stop and enjoy the view or just simply cycle through the lush green views that surround you.

    You can also ask your guide to arrange for a bicycle when booking a Halong Bay Vietnam overnight cruise!

    5) Enjoy The Company Of The Monkeys

    If you adore monkeys, then make sure to visit the Cat Dua, or in English- the monkey cave! You can feed the monkeys with different items and watch them fool around the entire area.

    This is one of the must-do activities in most Halong Bay cruise itineraries. Monkey Island also has a gorgeous white-sand beach where you can refresh your tan or even enjoy some of the events around the area like kayaking.

    The island is lush green, and there are many trails you can enjoy of course- the company of the monkeys.

    halong bay cruise today

    6) The Virgin Cave Shrine

    The Virgin cave is a part of Bon Hon Island. The cave is also known as Hang Trinh Nu, and it attracts many visitors.

    Another fascinating thing!

    Many legends are associated with the cave. The mysterious story behind it is that that a young woman committed suicide in these caves, and she was a part of an unhappy marriage, and then her body turned to stone.

    Other locals believe that she chose to end her life here and where she was also inevitably buried. Later some local fishermen found the body and turned it into a shrine.

    There is a shrine to commemorate the legend and why people to this day visit to hear the tale for themselves.

    7) Some Squid Fishing Is Fun!

    Are you looking for a fun activity to do at night? Then squid fishing should be the first on your list. Most 5-star cruises have this on their list of planned activities.

    You are provided with a rod that you can use to catch the squids that come up to swim during nighttime. Once you find yourself one, the crew on board also has a live barbeque.

    You can enjoy the fun of catching one as well as see how they are turned into delicious barbeque.

    8) The Cat Ba island Market

    If you are someone who enjoys shopping and collecting souvenirs, then the Cat Ba Island market is something you will definitely enjoy during your stay.

    You can get amazing and juicy local fruits and vegetables. There are many delicious fruits that you would love to have on your tour to energize yourself.

    In addition, there is some amazing seafood as well! You can enjoy crabs, lobsters, oysters, and shrimp. This is a fantastic place to get supplies if you want your own private barbecue.

    9) The Infamous Seafood Barbeque

    Speaking of mouthwatering barbeque, the Ha long bay tours are most known for their fresh cuisine!

    From the ocean to the stove, then onto your plate. The seas are home to the most unique sea creatures that all contribute to Vietnamese delicacies.

    The most famous is the king prawns that people love to eat; in addition, there are the delicious crabs, lobsters, and freshly caught squids that are also enjoyed by the people.

    You can also arrange for your own barbeque pit, source your seafood from the local markets, and arrange a completely private barbeque!


    10) Cliff Walking Might Be Your New Favorite Activity

    This is another one for thrill-seekers! Near Cat Ba town, is the Cat Co 3 a great site to visit on your tour there. It is home to picturesque cliffs that are found nowhere else in the world.

    The cliffside also has a trail on the side, and you can go around and explore the path while enjoying the gorgeous view.

    The trail further leads to the beaches like Cat Ba 1 and 2. You can enjoy typical beach activities like sunbathing, enjoying the water, or just relaxing on the beautiful shores.

    11) The Hospital Cave

    If you want to look at something fun and interesting, you should also add the hospital cave to your list of must-see sights.  So how did this cave get its name, you must wonder?

    This area was used as a secret makeshift hospital during the Vietnamese war. It was an excellent place for the navy fleet and could not be bombed or discovered as easily.

    This cave is a mix of natural and human-made wonders. The hospital has three floors and 17 rooms! You can explore around as well as look at the real operation theatre from that time.

    It is definitely an impressive sight on your best luxury cruise in Halong Bay, which reflects its rich history.

    12) Enjoy Some Drinks

    Another beautiful thing to do on your Halong Bay cruise 5 star is enjoy the nightlife. You can take a drink at the Bai Doi stalls on Cat Ba Island.

    These stalls sell local draft beer and it is something tourists tend to enjoy, describing it as a refreshing energizer.

    Overall they can cruise music as well as and have the time of your life. This is truly a place where you can enjoy your time to its fullest.

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